The Top Ten Best Autobiographies of All Time 

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Having grown up watching athletes star on the field, we have at least once imagined ourselves on that platform. Well, we try to experience the similar feeling that our favorite athletes go through and try to learn about their life. 

Alongside live documentaries and movies to learn about the life, books stand as one of the best media. As readers and sports come together with similar motives, they can get highly addictive. 

Simply, it’s about how your favorite athletes’ life plays right in front of your eyes. As you turn every page, you get that every champion was once a strong-willed contender who didn’t give up.

Books and Sorts in one
Books and Sorts in one

We will take you on a short trip around some of the best autobiographies. The best part? It connects every sports fandom from all ages, backgrounds, or locations. 

The Top Ten Best Autobiographies of All Time 

Discover all the highs and lows, hurts and heals, behind the legendary players, told by themselves. It is just a way to get closer to your favorite athlete. 

Able (by Dylan Alcott)

Published by: ABC Books, 2020 (320 pages)

Dylan Alcott is the legendary Australian hero with three Paralympic gold medals. Well, it’s not just in one sport but two; wheelchair basketball and tennis. Glancing back in his life, Dulan struggled physically when he was just ten years old. 

At present, Dylan is not only just an athlete but also a radio host, television personality, keynote presenter, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, music festival owner, and philanthropist. 

Able by Dylan Alcott
Able by Dylan Alcott (Source: Booktopia)

Herewith, this story depicts an inspirational and heartwarming journey to his achievements. But, like it’s always said, there are no barriers for those who persist. 

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Butterfly (by Yusra Mardini)

“From Refugee to Olympian — My Story of Rescue, Hope, and Triumph”

Butterfly (by Yusra Mardini)
Butterfly (by Yusra Mardini)

The Butterfly is the storytelling of Mardini’s joinery to the 2016 Rio Olympics. Mardini has spoken in her own words about how she fled her country and swam to get to the Olympics. 

The journey starts in her war-torn suburb of Damascus, Syria. The events in the story take so fast that you won’t get time to reflect on your decisions, just as Yusra felt in reality. 

Hence, it is a story of survival, dedication, and braveness. In short, it is a memoir that spotlights a refugee’s life and how courage plays a crucial role in decisions. 

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No Limits (by Ian Poulter)

“My Autobiography”

Positivity is infectious. And this book is all about infections! Here, Ian Poulter shares the rejections that kept him going on with the journey. 

Widely lauded as one of the most charismatic athletes, he takes us to his successful European Ryder Cups.

No Limits
No Limits by Ian Poulter ( Source;

Altogether, Ian has extended his hands towards us to lead us all along his journey and events.

No Spin (by Shane Warne)

Every fandom knows one of the finest bowlers in the history of cricket, Shane Warne. Besides his life in glitz and glamour, Shane openly speaks about his normal life as a boy. 

Furthermore, he is frank about his relationships with his opponents and teammates. Likewise, he also opens up about his gambling habits. 

No Spin by Shanes Warne
No Spin by Shanes Warne (Source: Goodreads)

Although he is sometimes controversial, Shane gives brutal honesty about his life. 

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Behind The Mask (by Tyson Fury)

“My Autobiography”

Behind The Mask (by Tyson Fury)
Behind The Mask (by Tyson Fury)

The forthcoming book stars Tyson Fury‘s journey from the start and how he rose from dust to stardom. Not to mention, this book depicts his early life and his addiction to toxic substances.

It gives a compelling ground on how he changed his mentality and overcame his mental health challenges. This story portrays Tyson‘s battle in and out of the octagon. 

Unbreakable (by Jelena Dokic)

The book is about an extraordinary life of a child tennis player, Jelena Dokic starting from her early childhood days. Also, the prodigious talent comes forward to open up about her survival as a refugee and from her Father. 

Unbreakable by Jelena Dokic
Unbreakable by Jelena Dokic (Source: Goodreads)

Also, this is the first time Jelena spoke about her life from Yugoslavia to Sydney to Wimbledon. Besides being a page-turner story, it will pull out every sorrow from your heart and leave you in tears. 

Today, she is the epitome of inspiration for all people all over the globe. 

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The Mamba Mentality (by Kobe Bryant)

“How I Play”

“I don’t want to be the next Michael Jordan; I only want to be Kobe Bryant.” 

Knowingly or unknowingly, Kobe Bryant has given much more to look into basketball through his games. Through his unique talent and words, Kobe has put forward this book to provide insight into this profession. 

Herewith, this story takes us inside the mind of our legendary basketball player. As thrilling as it gets for any basketball enthusiast, it is equally analytical and creative for readers. 

The Mamba Mentality by Kobe Bryant
The Mamba Mentality by Kobe Bryant

Kobe helps us experience the fascination of games and life as an athlete in his own words. Not to mention, he also takes us to the deep abyss of career-threatening injuries. 

My Life: Queen of the Court (by Serena Williams)

Who doesn’t know about Serena Williams, right? Even if you aren’t a huge sports fanatic or have no idea about tennis. It’s the name that has stumbled into your life now and then.

We all know her as the legendary tennis player, the best in the world.

However, is she always that way? This memoir by Serena Williams depicts the “Serena” that not much had an idea about.

My Life
My Life Queen of the Court by Serena Williams 

Yes, we talked about the small girl with just dreams in her eyes though her capability was limited. 

Whether it is her highest point in life, winning recognition, earnings, or her lowest point, like the day she lost her sister. Serena has given her heart and soul to this book, inking her feelings into words. 

My Life and Rugby (by Eddie Jones)

Highly acclaimed as one of the top sports coaches of his generation, Eddie Jones has written about his lifelong experiences in it.

Also, as the top rugby figure, My Life and Rugby depicts all the behind scenes of his success. 

My Life and Rugby
My Life and Rugby by Eddie Jones (Source: Waterstones)

To elaborate, Eddie has taken readers as his friends to share his lifelong journey, which makes it more compelling. With it, he hasn’t flinched from sharing all the hardships and glory days from his days in the working-class suburb of Sydney. 

Hence, this book is an open honesty about his extreme lows and highs. 

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Eleven Rings: The Soul Of Success (by Phil Jackson)

Eleven Rings (by Phil Jackson)
Eleven Rings (by Phil Jackson)

Although this book doesn’t cover all the detailed aspects of his life, it gives a vision of his eleven rings. It is the story of transforming from a little boy to a widely known coach on the field. 

As for the whole book, Phil takes his time to explain each of his rings. Herewith, he also features a new technique to leadership, keeping in mind freedom, authenticity, and teamwork. 


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