10 Best Mystery Board Games

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Looking for a board game to play on your next night with friends? Worry not, because we have come up with the best mystery board games money could buy.

We understand how hard it can be to choose the best mystery board games, but worry not because we have done all the hard work for you.

People playing the Mysterium board game. (Source: Amazon)

Besides, although mystery murder board games dominate the market, we have included other interesting mystery games in the listing. So, keep reading; some interesting ones are waiting to be discovered. 

10 Best Mystery Board Games 

Our ranking is based on the research done by My Best. Similarly, our ranking might not be agreeable to everyone, so it’s up to you to choose your best one. 

So, here’s a quick look at today’s ranking.

Rank Name of the Board Game Price
10 Suspicion $19.99
9 Clue Retro Series 1986 $19.99
8 The Resistance $18.60
7 Death at the Dive Bar $29.99
6 Exit: The Sinister Mansion $13.70
5 221B Baker Street $47.51
4 Mysterium $43.97
3 Salem $24.99
2 Deception: Murder in Hong Kong $31.65
1 Betrayal at the House on the Hill $29.49

10. Suspicion

Are you into mystery games but not interested in terrifying stories about ghosts, crime, or murder? Because if so, you’ll enjoy this one.

Talking about the game, the story is about a wealthy art collector’s masquerade party. However, there’s a jewel thief among the visitors at the party. So, to figure out who it is, the players will have to apply detective skills.

Family board game, Suspicion. (Source: Amazon)

Also, although the game is exciting, some reviewers complained that the game became boring or too simple. On the other hand, other reviewers praised the game’s simplicity and story plot.

According to the reviewers, it is a fun game for families with kids to enjoy, and even kids younger than the required age can play it.

9. Clue Retro Series 1986

Without mentioning the most renowned and one of the best mystery board games, our list would be incomplete.

Besides, let’s not forget that this game has been successful for 35 years. With the characters having memorable names, it’s simple for kids to play without much trouble.

Image of Clue Retro Series 1986 board game. (Source: Amazon)

In the game, As Colonel Mustard or Mrs. Peacock, we must name the weapon, the chamber, and the individual who committed the crime.

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8. The Resistance

Coming at number 8, we have The Resistance. This is one of the best mystery board games you can buy at a fair, reasonable price. In this game, you get to play as a spy or a resistance member.

The resistance will have to pass missions to overthrow the government, while the spies will do all possible to prevent this. However, no one knows who the spy or rebel is.

Also, one of the best advantages of this game is that because of its size; it’s easy to transport if you’re the one who takes it to the party.

Mysterious board game, the Resistance. (Source: Amazon)

Now, talking about the critics, some complained that the game’s mechanics rely heavily on people chatting and that silent players can become disoriented. Whereas the other reviewers said, it was enjoyable.

7. Death at the Dive Bar

It wasn’t a surprise to see this one on the best mystery board games ranking. Talking about the game, Hunt a Killer is a mystery board game designed by the developers of the renowned murder mystery subscription box.

In contrast to other games that use cards and boards, this one uses actual objects to make you feel more immersed as a true detective.

Death at the Dive Bar. (Source: Amazon)

Unfortunately, you cannot play the game after solving the riddle. It’s fantastic for special events, though!

Now, moving on to the critics, some express dissatisfaction with the amount of reading required, claiming that this resulted in less debate.

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6. Exit: The Sinister Mansion

Most board games need more than one player to play, but, Exit can be played by one person or up to four people. This is what makes Exit unique and different from others.

Mystery board game, Exit: The Sinister Mansion. (Source: Amazon)

Here, players arrive at a spooky home to uncover a mystery but then become trapped within it. So, to escape before the time runs out, they must answer puzzles and clues.

However, we must damage some elements to discover the answer, so you can only play it once. 

Some reviewers complain the riddles are too challenging. At the same time, the game’s plot and thrill enthralled other reviewers.

 5. 221B Baker Street

This game is the best choice when it comes to keeping the participants from becoming over-competitive. In other words, the participants are given a riddle that needs to be investigated by a sequence of clues to solve the case.

In addition, you can play the game in groups or even solo. Expect lots of repeats because there are 200 riddles.

Deluxe 221B Baker Street Board Game. (Source: Amazon)

But, some reviews claimed that components were missing from the game. On the other hand, the other critics complained the rules were too simple. Similarly,  positive reviews applaud the game’s simplicity and straightforwardness. 

4. Mysterium

Mysterium is a good choice if you want to stay away from competition yet have a larger circle of pals to play with casually.

Speaking of the game, it consists of characters who are all mediums or spirits needing to work together to investigate a crime at Warwick Manor.

Also, Depending on the participants, the game varies every time. Nonetheless, the game has been promoted for two to seven players; the standard rules apply for four and above. Besides this, specific restrictions apply in two and three-player modes.

Mysterium Board Game. (Source: Amazon)

However, according to reviews, the game takes a long time and a lot of room to set up. On the other hand, positive reviewers praise the game’s artwork and high-quality components.

3. Salem

If you’re more into fantasy, magic, and the witch-type thing, then this game is for you. Ranked as one of the best mystery board games, Salem is a witch hunt where the witch may be any one of your friends.

This game will make you distrust everyone because, although most of the participants are ordinary citizens, witches remain hidden among the mass who will attempt to murder or convert the others to win the game.

Salem 1692 Board Game. (Source: Amazon)

The critics, however, pointed out that the rules are more challenging to grasp. But, the majority agreed that once you got the hang of it, it’s pretty addicting.

For 45 minutes, it may turn even the kindest of your pals into savage liars.

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2. Deception: Murder in Hong Kong

Now, moving on to the 2nd board game, Deception is a beautiful alternative if you enjoy a shorter duration game. The game’s mission is to find the culprit and the weapon to commit the crime, featuring a killer and a forensic scientist.

Each game lasts around 20 minutes, is played with 250 cards, and is very easy and fun to play.

Grey Fox Games Deception. (Source: Amazon)

Now, talking about the critics, they complained that the game was too basic and wasn’t much fun with only a few players. They recommended that having six or more players make the game more fun.

1. Betrayal at the House on the Hill

We have Betrayal at the House on the Hill for the best mystery board game. With massive popularity, this is a game that makes its players play the game repeatedly. 

Here, players attempt to find additional chambers to escape the omen-ridden mansion on the hill. At any given time, one of the players becomes a traitor. When a traitor is unveiled, a tale emerges.

Board game, Betrayal at the House on the Hill. (Source: Amazon)

As the traitors try to utilize their powers to attack the entire squad, the team must work together to defeat the traitor.

The game’s large amount of rules seems to irritate many players. Because most of them stated that they had to read them several times to understand it, others have mentioned that the topic is rather gloomy, which can upset many people.

However, other reviewers praised the game for its excellent story plot and replayability. This game has a high positive review compared to other mystery board games.


There are multiple selections of games with endless stories and mysteries hidden behind them. Each with a different story plot and a different twist. Therefore, it is in our hands to choose the best one. After all, it’s our dime to spend, so why not go a bit picky with it?

So, out of all the awesome games mentioned above, which was your favorite one? Also, why did you like it the most out of all the available choices? Feel free to let us know. 

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