Brandon Spikes Brother Breyon Middlebrooks Is His Inspiration

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The talented football player, Brandon Spikes, has an elder brother named Breyon Middlebrooks. His brother was the one to introduce him to football.

In the absence of a father in his life, Breyon, his elder brother, played the role of father figure for his brother.

However, due to his involvement with the wrong people at a young age, Breyon later ended up in prison in 2001.

Brandon Spikes The Former Linebacker
Former NFL Player Brandon Spikes (Source: Twitter)

Brandon Spikes is a former professional football player born on September 3, 1987. He played as a linebacker in the NFL.

The New England Patriots selected Brandon Spikes in the second round of the 2010 NFL Draft as the 62nd overall pick. 

He played for the Crest High School football team and was already considered among the best when coming out of high school.

Later, the linebacker attended the University of Florida from 2006 to 2009 with an athletic scholarship. He received many accolades while representing Florida Gators football for his extraordinary gameplay.

Brandon has professionally represented the New England Patriots and Buffalo Bills from 2010 to 2016.

Overall, the former linebacker was honored two times as an All-American and has been a member of the BCS National Championship team twice.

Brandon Spikes Brother: Breyon Middlebrooks

Brandon grew up with his elder brother, Breyon Middlebrooks. His brother has played a vital role in his life since childhood.

As a hard-working mother, Sherry Allen could not provide time and assistance for her children. She used to work 12 long hours each day to survive.

However, Brandon was not alone, as his elder brother took the role of the guardian. Breyon is just seven years older than Brandon. 

Brandon Spikes With His Daughter
Brandon Spikes With His Daughter (Source: Twitter)

Spikes has time and again credited his brother for introducing football into his life and being the most considerable support while growing up.

Due to his time in prison, Breyon is not available on any social media platform, nor much information in the public domain.

How Did Brandon Spikes Brother End Up In Prison?

In 2001, when Spike was only 13 years old, his elder brother was sent to prison after a drug deal went wrong, and a man died. 

Breyon Middlebrooks was convicted of first-degree murder. He was then sentenced to prison without parole in a North Carolina prison.

Despite being in prison, Breyon was updated and proud of his younger brother’s career. Brandon’s initial motivation for going professional in football was to earn enough money to get a new trial for his elder brother.

The former linebacker believes his brother was not given a fair trial, and he wants to help him in any way he can. Brandon accepts his elder brother’s wrongdoings and involvement with shady people. Still, he believes his brother and refuses his participation in that heinous crime.

However, prison could not stop these brothers from maintaining their brotherly connection. They are in contact and talk over the phone and letters. Even today, their phone talks revolve around Middlebrooks’ admiration for his younger brother.

There is no denying his elder brother shaped Brandon’s life, being a motivation for both good and bad deeds.

Netflix’s College Football Documentary: Untold: Swamp Kings

Untold: Swamp Kings, the four-episode football documentary by Netflix, showcases the unfiltered and personal journey of Brandon Spikes alongside Tim Tebow, Urban Meyer, and Brandon Siler

It is a delight for football fans as Brandon spills exclusive stories about the team. The documentary was released on August 22, 2023.

Brandon Spikes During His Game
Brandon Spikes During His Game (Source: Twitter)

Moreover, Brandon shares raw and intimate details about his life and gameplay in this documentary.

Also, the former football player has been sharing about the documentary on his Twitter account.

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