Brandon Spikes Wife, Daughter, Early Life, Controversy & Net Worth

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Brandon Spikes is a former American football player who is married to his wife, Lela Woods, with whom he shares a daughter.

Taylor’s football journey began at Salem High School, where he not only excelled but also etched his name into history by setting a New Jersey state record for rushing yards.

He was one of the defendant team’s worst nightmares. His mere presence elevated the match he was participating in. 

However, he retired early due to his career’s ups and downs. Despite this, Spikes is regarded as the best football player in the United States. His ability astounded the audience every time he performed.

Brandon Spikes in Buffalo Bills Jersey (Source Instagram)

Brandon Spikes had a very traumatic childhood. He was raised by his brother, who was later imprisoned on the charge of first-degree murder.

After a while, we will be discussing every controversy and tragedy of his life, so stick with us to know everything about Brandon Spikes.

Quick Facts

Full Name Brandon Spikes
Nickname Brandon, Brandon Spikes, Spikes
Father’s Name Not Mentioned
Mother’s Name Sherry Allen
Birth Date 3 September 1987
Age 36 Years Old
Birth Place Shelby, North Carolina, US
School Crest High School
University University of Florida
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Nationality American
Religion Not available
Weight Unavailable
Height 6’2″
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Not mentioned
Profession NFL player
  • Crest High School
  • University of Florida
Position Linebacker
Net Worth Approx. $9 million
Current Team Retired
Active Since 2010 – 2016
Siblings Brother – Breyon Middlebrooks
Spouse Lela Woods
Children Daughter – Name not mentioned
Agent Not mentioned
NFL Debut 2010
Social Media Instagram, Twitter
Merch Football Card, Autographed Photo
Last Update May 2024

Brandon Spikes | Early Life and Education

Born on September 3, 1987, in Shelby, North Carolina, USA, Brandon Spikes’ early life was marked by a complexity that defies simple explanation.

In his formative years, Spikes found himself navigating a challenging upbringing.

Raised by his brother, Breyon Middlebrooks, he weathered the absence of their mother, Sherry Allen, who tirelessly dedicated herself to grueling 12-hour shifts at a fiberglass company.

This unique family dynamic painted the backdrop of Spikes’ upbringing, shaping his resilience and fortitude in the face of adversity.

16 year old Brandon Spikes (Source: Instagram)
16-year-old Brandon Spikes (Source: Instagram)

Notably, Spikes boasts a familial connection to the world of football, being the younger cousin of the esteemed former NFL linebacker Takeo Spikes.

A true veteran of the sport, Takeo stands out as one of a mere seven linebackers in NFL history to achieve a remarkable feat – amassing over 200 career starts.

Honing his skills at Crest High School, Brandon not only graduated but flourished in his high school endeavors.

Following this accomplishment, he garnered well-deserved recognition and secured an athletic scholarship to the prestigious University of Florida.

This achievement came as a result of his exceptional abilities, which set him apart from a multitude of offers extended to him by various other universities.

His decision to join the University of Florida underscored his commitment to both academic and athletic excellence.

Brandon Spikes | Career

Emerging from humble beginnings, Brandon’s impoverished family background starkly contrasts with the prominence he would later achieve through his unwavering determination and remarkable talents.

While his initial journey mirrored that of many young athletes who embark on their careers from the school level, Spikes’ narrative possessed distinct elements that set him apart from his peers.

At Crest High School in Shelby, Spikes emerged as a standout football prodigy, garnering attention as one of the nation’s premier linebacker prospects. His exceptional skills marked him as an athlete of exceptional promise, a testament to his hard work and natural ability.

This trajectory continued as Spikes earned a coveted athletic scholarship to the esteemed University of Florida. His tenure with coach Urban Meyer’s Florida Gators football team from 2006 to 2009 further solidified his reputation as a force to be reckoned with.

Transitioning to the professional stage, Spikes embarked on his journey with the New England Patriots, securing his place by being drafted in the second round of the 2010 NFL Draft. Signing a four-year contract with the Patriots, he swiftly ascended to the role of a starting inside linebacker, proving his mettle on the field.

A subsequent chapter of his career led him to the Buffalo Bills, where he inked a year-long deal. Despite his prowess, a late hit on the Chicago Bears incurred a fine of $8,268, reflecting the intense nature of the sport.

Spikes’ return to the Patriots was marred by a police investigation, resulting in his release. The details of this episode promise further intrigue for those following his story.

Following his tenure with the Patriots, Spikes once again found himself with the Buffalo Bills, signing a one-year contract on August 7, 2016.

In the present day, Brandon’s life extends beyond the football arena. Yet, his social media presence serves as a conduit for updates and insights into the clubs that shaped his earlier journey, ensuring his legacy endures in the annals of the sport.

Brandon Spikes | Net Worth

Brandon’s exceptional talent and impressive accomplishments made him a highly sought-after player, with multiple teams vying to secure his services.

With an estimated net worth of approximately $9 million, Brandon’s financial standing is indeed substantial, affording him the means to indulge in a lavish lifestyle.

Notably, his net worth can be aptly categorized by delving into his career earnings.

Brandon Spikes enjoying inside jet (Source: Instagram)
Brandon Spikes enjoying inside jet (Source: Instagram)

Over the course of seven seasons, encompassing stints with both the New England Patriots and the Buffalo Bills, Brandon amassed a substantial fortune.

His earnings include $2,849,705 from his tenure with the Patriots and an impressive $4,010,000 from his time with the Bills.

These substantial sums are a testament to his impactful contributions on the field and his ability to secure lucrative contracts.

Controversies & Suspensions

Navigating challenges and adversity adds a profound dimension of meaning and exhilaration to life’s journey.

Within this context, Spikes confronted his fair share of trials, including being entangled in scandals that led to suspensions.

Controversy About His Brother

Brandon Spikes has maintained a level of privacy around his parents and personal life, although it is known that he has a sibling named Breyon Middlebrooks.

Tragedy struck the family when Brandon’s brother, Breyon Middlebrooks, was implicated in a deeply unfortunate event.

In 2001, Middlebrooks was found guilty of first-degree murder stemming from a drug deal, resulting in a life sentence in 2003.

Despite his circumstances, Middlebrooks remained a steadfast supporter of his brother’s football career.

Even from within the confines of Scotland Correctional Institute in Laurinburg, North Carolina, he managed to watch Brandon’s games and maintained a strong connection through letters.

While Breyon’s actions led to a grave consequence, his role as a protector and caregiver during challenging times underscores a complex facet of his character.

Controversies And Suspension 

Spikes himself was no stranger to controversies and suspensions. In 2012, a tweet he posted sparked significant attention and discussion.

Despite clarifying it as a joke, the tweet carried weight due to its sensitive nature.

He also faced criticism for an illegal helmet-to-helmet hit on quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick, which resulted in a $21,000 fine. Spikes defended himself, asserting the legality of the hit.

Further controversies arose, including a 2010 Chatroulette video where explicit content involving Spikes and his partner prompted an NFL investigation and necessitated an apology from his agency.

His career was marred by a four-game suspension due to a violation of the NFL’s drug policy. While his football skills were widely recognized, criticisms arose regarding other aspects of his character.

Charge And Police Investigation

In 2015, a significant incident occurred involving Spikes. His car was found abandoned in a highway median alongside another rear-ended vehicle, causing injuries to three individuals.

Though it was initially unclear who was driving, the driver of Spikes’ vehicle reported hitting a deer through the car’s On-Star navigation system.

Following this incident, the Patriots chose not to re-sign him, leading to his signing with the Buffalo Bills for a year. However, he was eventually re-signed by the Patriots a year later.

These episodes in Brandon Spikes’ life reflect the complexities of fame, sports, and personal challenges that can intersect in the lives of professional athletes.

Brandon Spikes Wife & Kids

Spikes is married to his wife, Lela Woods, and is living a well-settled happy family.

The pair also have a daughter together.

Brandon Spikes With His Wife
Brandon Spikes With His Wife (Source: YouTube)

However, Spikes has done his best to keep his wife and kids out of the spotlight.

The couple appeared on an Oxygen program with his Florida teammate, Aaron Hernandez.

Awards and Achievements

His incredible performance never left to blow the minds of his fans. Spikes was compensated well for his efforts, which is a true honor. In addition, various institutions and organizations awarded him numerous titles and honored him for his performance.


  • 2 times BCS national champion (2006, 2008)
  • 2 times Consensus All-American (2008, 2009)
  • 3 times First-team All-SEC (2007-2009)


How many years did Brandon Spikes play in the NFL?

Brandon Spikes was in the NFL for a total of six years. From 2010 to 2013, he was a member of the New England Patriots for four years. Similarly, he spent two seasons with the Buffalo Bills (2014 and 2015).

Are Brandon and Takeo Spikes related?

Brandon and Takeo Spikes are related by blood. Brandon Spikes’ uncle, Takeo Spikes, was also a linebacker for the San Diego Chargers. 

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