Brett Favre Daughters: Brittany & Breleigh Favre

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The constant limelight, irrespective of one’s consent, can be exhausting. But the daughters of NFL quarterback Brett Favre, Brittany Favre, and Breleigh Favre have shown remarkable strength and resilience in unwanted public eyes.

Their limelight is because of their father, Brett Favre, who spent most of his career playing for the Green Bay Packers of the NFL.

Brett is the first NFL quarterback to pass 500 touchdowns, throw passes for 70,000 yards, make 6,000 completions, and attempt 10,000 passes.

He holds the record for consecutive 297 game starts and 321 if playoffs are included. He is the third most player among quarterbacks, selected to the Pro Bowl 11 times.

Brett Favre Daughters Brittany & Breleigh
Brett Favre With His Daughters; Brittany & Breleigh (Source: Facebook)

Besides, he is the only player who has won the NFL MVP award three consecutive times (1995, 1996 & 1997).

But sadly, in February 2023, Favre got whirled up in a scandal and filed a legal defamation issue against Shannon Sharpe and Pat McAfee.

Talking about his daughters in 2023, Breleigh is pursuing a doctorate at Baylor University, which will end in 2024.

In contrast, his eldest daughter, Brittany, is already a mother and appeared in the TV reality show “Claim To Fame” in 2022.

Let’s simultaneously know more about Brett and his daughters’ current whereabouts. Before going into the details, let’s go to the facts first.

Quick Facts

Full Name
  • Brittany Favre-Mallion (Elder)
  • Breleigh Ann Favre (Younger)
Birth Date
  • February 6, 1989 (Brittany Favre)
  • July 13, 1999 (Breleigh Favre)
Birth Place Hattiesburg, Mississippi, United States
Nick Name N/A
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Education University Of Southern Mississippi (Both)
  • Aquarius
  • Gemini
Father’s Name Brett Lorenzo Favre
Mother’s Name Deanna Farago Tynes
  • 35 Years Old (Brittany Favre)
  • 24 Years Old (Breleigh Favre)
Height 5’6″/1.67 m/167 cm (Brittany), 6’2″/1.87 m/187 cm (Breleigh)
  • 50kg/110lb. (Brittany)
  • 60kg/132lb. (Breleigh)
Hair Color Blonde (Brittany), N/A (Breleigh)
Eye Color Blue (Brittany), N/A (Breleigh)
Marital Status Married (Brittany), Single (Breleigh)
Spouse Alex Mallion (Brittany)
  • Lawyer (Brittany)
  • Volleyball Player (Breleigh)
Net Worth $300K (Brittany)
Social Media
Children 2 Sons; Parker Brett & AJ (Brittany)
Last Update March 2024

Achievements Of Brett Favre

Brett led the team to two Super Bowl appearances, winning Super Bowl XXXI and losing Super Bowl XXXII with the Packers. He also guided his team to seven division championships and four NFC championship games.

During his retirement period, Brett was the NFL all-time leader in quarterback wins, passing touchdowns, and passing yards, since exceeded by Tom Brady and Peyton Manning.

In 2016, Favre was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Names Tom Brady Peyton Manning Brett Favre
Passing Touchdowns 649 539 508
Passing Yards 89,214 71,940 71,838

Bio & Early Life

Among the Bret Favre daughters, Brittany Favre is the eldest, and Breleigh Favre is the youngest. The sibling duo shares a considerable age difference of 10 years.

Both Bret Favre’s daughters grew up in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, United States. Their ethnicity is Caucasian.

Brett Favre’s daughter, Brittany Favre, was born on February 6, 1989. She is 35 years old, and her zodiac sign is Aquarius.

Brittany was born when her father was just 19 years old. Brett was already an NFL player then.

Favre and the mother of his daughters, Deanna Favre, were high school sweethearts. The couple was in college and wasn’t married when Brittany was born.

Deanna had difficulty studying and caring for Brittany alone while Brett was away playing football. Later in 1995, Deanna moved in with Brett.

But unfortunately, during that time, Brett was into an addiction to Vicodin. Brett admitted his habit in 1996. He went to rehab and overcame the addiction later. Also, Deanna and Bret married in 1996.

Brittany Favre is a close witness to her father’s career growth. She has followed her father’s victory in almost every famous stadium in the Country.

The youngest among the Brett Favre daughters, Breleigh Favre, was born on July 13, 1999. Her zodiac sign is Gemini.

She was born just three years after her parent’s marriage and is 24 years old as of 2024.

Once again, in 1999, Brett was addicted to alcohol. However, he went to recovery and overcame the addiction one more time.

Deanne was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004 but beat the disease and inspired many women to have a timely breast cancer examination.

Later, in 2005 Deanna established The Deanne Favre Hope Foundation, which supports cancer examination, diagnosis, and cancer education for women.

Education & Personal Life

Here the educational background and related information are included chronologically.

Brett’s elder daughter, Brittany Favre, studied law and graduated from Loyola University’s College of Law in 2015.

Similarly, her younger sister Breleigh graduated from Oak Grove High School. She entered the University of Southern Mississippi in 2017 for her higher studies and majored in biology.

Talking about Brett’s daughters’ personal lives and relationships, the eldest daughter, Brittany, had a complicated relationship in her college days.

After Brittany got pregnant at 21 with a son, she married her boyfriend, Patrick Valkenburg. However, the marriage did not last for more than a year.

Brittany& Her Husband
Brittany Favre With Her Husband, Alex Mallion (Source: Instagram)

Brittany’s first son, Parker Brett, was born on April 2, 2010. Back then, she was in her first year of college. On top of that, taking care of a child and focusing on their studies was a daunting task for Brittany.

Soon after the birth of her child, Brittany met Alex Mallion and started dating him. Later, the couple tied the knot in 2011.

Shortly after that, Brittany was pregnant with her second son, A.J. She was in the third year of college when her second son was born.

Nonetheless, being a mother to two children, Brittany completed her studies in 2015. She is appreciated for earning her degree alongside taking care of her children.

Whereas, Breleigh is single. Despite being the youngest child of her famous father, she prefers to stay out of the spotlight, and nothing is known about her love life/personal life.


Brittany Favre

Back in high school, Brittany was following in her father’s footsteps. She was into several sports, and soon after graduating in Law from Loyola, she immediately launched her career as a lawyer.

Brittany pursued a different career path than her father. Nevertheless, she could not escape her dad’s career line, as she specialized in sports and entertainment in her law career.

Having already been exposed to the sports field must have been a plus point to her choice of specialization.

Brittany was a former partner at “Lockley, Slawson & Mallion,” Law Firmlisted. Also, she was listed as an associate attorney at Green Law Firm.

Oldest Daughter Of Brett Favre Is Brittany Favre
Brittany Favre’s Father Is Brett Favre (Source: Claim To Fame)

Besides her successful law career, Brittany also appeared in a documentary series named “A Football Life,” which covered the lives of the most famous NFL players.

Brittany appeared in season six alongside her father, and the documentary covered Brett Favre’s significant achievements.

In 2022, Brittany was part of Claim to Fame, an American reality competition series. They put relatives of celebrities under one roof in a house filled with clues about their famous kin.

The contestant who can conceal their identity for the 10-episode season gets $100k. But Brittany was eliminated in episode 2 as it was revealed that she is the daughter of Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre.

Breleigh Favre

The youngest of Brett Favre’s daughters, Breleigh Favre, is a star volleyball player and has played since sixth grade under her elder sister’s influence.

She has played in different cities, such as Green Bay and Minneapolis. Eventually, volleyball grew up to be her passion.

Breleigh was an outstanding player during four years of high school.

During this time, she received several prestigious awards, including MVP at the Mississippi All-Star game, All-State second-team selection (2014), and All-State first-team selection (2016).

As a high school senior, Breleigh had a record of 300 kills and 52 service aces on her path to being called the Lamar Times Pine player of the year.

Her magnificent exploits in high school made her so famous that several colleges offered her athletic scholarship. However, following her family tradition, she joined the Southern Mississippi volleyball team.

As per Southern Mississippi Women’s volleyball roaster, in 2017, Breleigh played for the USM volleyball team. She appeared in nine indoor matches and finished with seventeen kills and eight blocks.

Daughter Of Brett Favre Is Breleigh Favre
Breleigh Favre’s Father Is Brett Favre (Source: LinkedIn)

Breleigh Favre initiated the match on the right side in the fourth match of the season and recorded a career-high seven kills in her debut.

She also had six kills in another midseason matchup at Jackson State. Similarly, she notched a pair of kills in ULM’s sweep, where she had a personal-best three blocks. Favre Swatted two more in each of the two Jackson State contests.

In the 2018 indoor games, Breleigh appeared in four matches (five sets) and finished with five kills.

In 2019, she appeared in 32 games and finished with a 13-19 record while going 2-10 at the third and 11-9 at the fourth pairing.

Also, in 2020 Breleigh appeared in seven matches and eventually graduated in 2022 with 111 career matches and 36 victories, ranking fourth in program history.

As of 2023, Breleigh is aiming for a change of career trajectory. So, she has joined Baylor University for Doctor’s degree in physical therapy, which will end in 2024.

Achievements (Breleigh Favre)

  • Athletic Director’s Fall 2021 Honor Roll (3.0+ GPA)
  • C-USA Commissioner’s Fall 2021 Honor Roll (3.0+ GPA)
  • C-USA Commissioner’s Academic Medal (3.5+ cumulative GPA)


Favre was in the headlines in 2022 for his involvement in the Mississippi welfare funds scandal.

In the investigations, $8 million for welfare programs went to Favre or the cause Favre supported.

Brett Favre, A Former Quarterback
Brett Lorenzo Favre, Father Of Brittany & Breleigh (Source: The New Republic)

However, Favre has denied the allegations and filed a legal defamation issue in February 2023 against the State Auditor of Mississippi and two media personalities, Shannon Sharpe and Pat McAfee.

Net Worth

Being a thriving sports and entertainment lawyer, Brittany reportedly has a net worth of $300k as of 2024.

There is no information on Breleigh Favre’s net worth. One online report claims her net worth is $200k, which is probably speculation.

Moreover, the father of this sibling duo, Brett Favre, has a net worth of $100 million.

Social Media Presence

The eldest among Brett Favre’s daughters, Brittany Favre, is not on any social media platform except Instagram. Also, she appears in various events alongside her father and the family.

Brittany’s Instagram has more than 12.1k followers. She introduces herself as a catholic, wife, mom, artist, and Claim To Fame S1 (participant.)

She also operated her “Happy Seed Market” in a joint business with her friend through the Instagram handle @thehappyseedmarket.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What is the relationship between Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers?

In the Pat McAfee Show in 2019, Rodger talked about his relationship with Brett and said he loves Brett.

What is Brett Favre's NFL career stats like?

As for Brett Favre's NFL career stats, he has recorded 6,300 pass completions, 71,838 passing yards, and 508–336 touchdown interceptions.

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