Brett Veach Net Worth And Salary: How Rich Is Chiefs GM?

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The Kansas City Chiefs GM Brett Veach’s net worth boomed from a couple hundred thousand to a million dollars in two decades.

From a coaching intern to a general manager, Veach became one of the most successful GMs in the NFL.

For sure, the rise in his position got a significant hike in his salary, too- no wonder he is in the millionaire’s club.

NFL's Chiefs GM Brett Veach Was A Coaching Intern Before He Worked His Way Up To Executive Role
NFL’s Chiefs GM Brett Veach Was A Coaching Intern Before He Worked His Way Up To Executive Role (Source: Arrow Head)

Since 2017, Veach’s been serving as the general manager of the Kansas City Chiefs. As an executive, he led the team to two Super Bowl victories (LIV and LVII).

The 2023 NFL season is Brett’s 11th season with the Chiefs and the 7th season as its GM. Over the years, he got recognition for his knack for being a salary-cap saver and orchestrating notable negotiations.

Veach gets credit for “pushing” Patrick Mahomes, a then-Texas Tech player, and even declared him the potential star QB before the NFL draft.

Later, the Chiefs signed Mahomes as 10th overall in the 2017 NFL draft. Other notable players in the draft were Myles Garrett, Mitchell Trubisky, Soloman Thomas, and Christian McCaffrey.

Brett Veach Net Worth & Salary: How Rich Is Chiefs GM?

As of 2024, Veach has an estimated net worth of $4 million. Notably, he accumulated a massive sum after assuming the role of general manager of the Kansas City Chiefs in 2017.

Even if there are no exact details on his contract or salary figure, he reportedly earns a handsome salary, probably in the 7-digit range (i.e., millions of dollars).

Having led the team to the Super Bowl LIV victory (of the 2019-20 season), Brett got a contract extension with the Chiefs in November 2020.

Probably, it raised his salary and incentives, but the terms of the deal remain a mystery.

Chiefs General Manage Brett Veach Is A Millionaire
Chiefs General Manager Brett Veach Is A Millionaire (Source: Newsweek)

On average, the paycheck of an NFL team’s GM ranges between $1-$3 million, while it could go significantly higher depending on experience & negotiations.

For instance, Bill Belichick of the New England Patriots is the highest-paid in terms of both the NFL head coach & general manager.

As reported, he makes $20 million per year as the head coach, which comes inclusive of a $7.5 million paycheck for his general manager role. Since 2000, he’s been serving as the team’s de facto GM.

How Much Is Veach’s House Worth?

There is no denying that Brett Veach’s hefty fortune got him hands in a bunch of estates, and he lives a luxurious life.

One of his such possessions includes a four-bedroom home in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, which he bought in 2016 for an undisclosed amount.

According to the Realtor, around the time of purchase, Veach’s two-story house was on the market for $452,850.

Veach With His Wife And Three Kids
Veach With His Wife And Three Kids (Source: Facebook)

There, he resides with his wife, Alison Wascavage (married on June 26, 2015), and their three kids: daughter Ella and twin sons Elijah and Wylan.

However, details of his other properties remain under wraps.

Brett Veach Career Journey: From An Assistant To GM

Born on December 19, 1977, Veach, 46, has an inspiring story of hard work and success that many have an appreciation for.

Many may know his face as the Kansas City Chiefs general manager, but his journey started as a coaching intern.

Brett is an alumnus of the University of Delaware, where he obtained his bachelor’s degree in health and physical education and a master’s in education.

In between his academics, he was a coaching intern at the Philadelphia Eagles from 2004 to 2007. Also, from 2005 to 2006, he served as the supervisor of Intercollegiate Athletic Events at his alma mater.

GM Brett's Leadership Led The Chiefs To Two Super Bowl Wins
General Manager Brett’s Leadership Led The Chiefs To Two Super Bowl Wins (Source: Instagram)

Then, Veach was head coach Andy Reid‘s assistant (from 2008-09) at the Eagles before he became Southeast regional scout (2011-12).

After six years with the Eagles, he followed Reid to the Kansas City Chiefs and became its pro and college personnel analyst (2013-15). In 2015, he was promoted to co-director of player personnel.

Fast-forward to two years, on July 10, 2017, Veach became the general manager of the Chiefs after the management fired John Dorsey.

He has since led the NFL team to two Super Bowl wins (LIV and LVII), six AFC West championships, and three AFC Championships.

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