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When we talk about Brian Snitker, the only thing that comes to mind is loyalty. The reason being, ever since Brain started his professional career with the Atlanta Braves‘ farm system in 1977, he has been involved with the same franchise all these years.

Brian Snitker
Brian Snitker

Initially starting as a player, then coach to finally becoming the Braves manager, Snitker has done it all.

As a result, we here at Playersbio have got an article about Brian, where you will get to know about his entire life.

We will start from his early life and then take you all the way to his present days as the manager of the Braves. Besides that, there is also plenty of intel on his net worth, salary, family, age, nationality, sons, and social media.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

Quick Facts about Brian Snitker

Full Name Brian Gerald Snitker
Birth Date October 17, 1955
Birth Place Decatur, Illinois, U.S.A
Nick Name Not available
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Education University of New Orleans
Horoscope Libra
Father’s Name Not available
Mother’s Name Catherine Snitker
Siblings Not available
Age 68 Years Old
Height Not available
Weight Not available
Shoe Size Not available
Hair Color Not available
Eye Color Black
Body Measurement Not available
Build Endomorph
Married Yes
Girlfriend No
Spouse Ronnie Snitker
Children Troy Snitker
Profession MLB Manager (Current); Player, Coach (Former)
Organizations Atlanta Braves (Current); Anderson Braves, Macon Braves, Durham Bulls, Mississippi Braves (Former)
Salary $800,000
Net Worth  $8 million
Social Media Atlanta Braves’ Instagram
Shoes Not Available
Last Update March, 2024

Brian Snitker: Wiki Bio

Brian Gerald Snitker was born to his mother, Catherine Snitker, and an unknown father on October 17, 1955, in Decatur, Illinois. But, unfortunately, the information about his father remains undisclosed.

Aside from that, there is no news suggesting that Brian had any siblings. Similar is the case with his childhood years.

Nonetheless, there are some details about his educational background, which we managed to unearth.

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To explain, Snitker went to Macon High School, which is located in Illinois. There, he played baseball for the high school team.

As a matter of fact, Brian’s time at Macon is well documented due to their surprising run to the state championship.

After graduating, he went to the University of New Orleans for higher education. He also played in the American Legion Baseball, where he got the opportunity to showcase his talents to the scouts.

Who did Brian Snitker play for? – Career

Brian’s career is synonymous with the word loyalty. It is because Snitker has been with the Atlanta Braves throughout his whole career. To illustrate, he started his career with the franchise’s minor league affiliates.

Likewise, the 64-year-old spent three years in Braves’ farm system from 1977 to 1980. In that period, Brian recorded batting .254/.316/.390 with 23 home runs in 780 at-bats.

Moreover, he mostly played a catcher with some exceptions at the first base position.

Brain Snitker, Career
Snitker has been with the Braves for the entirety of his career.

Thereafter, Snitker has worked as a manager for various organizations like Anderson Braves, Macon Braves, Durham Bulls and Mississippi Braves, etc.

Although they are different teams, they all fall under the Atlanta Braves’ farm system.

Besides that, Brain worked in various roles for the Braves before finally settling down as their manager in 2016.

Since then, the 64-year-old has guided the franchise to two postseason appearances in 2018 and 2019. As a consequence, things look rosy for the upcoming 2020 season.

Career Records

Year Team Games Plate Appearances At Bats Runs Hits Home Runs Runs Batted In
1977 Kingsport 55 193 163 28 44 8 33
1978 4 Teams 85 320 280 37 75 6 40
1978 Richmond 6 13 12 1 4 0 3
1978 Savannah 15 62 55 3 13 1 3
1978 Greenwood 50 196 168 32 48 5 32
1978 Kinston 14 49 45 1 10 0 2
1979 Savannah 75 273 259 26 66 8 30
1980 2 Teams 21 86 78 5 13 1 9
1980 Savannah 18 75 68 5 11 1 6
1980 Durham 3 11 10 0 2 0 3
All levels (4 seasons)   236 872 780 96 198 23 112

Brian Snitker – Managerial record

Year Team League   Wins Loses Win-Loss% Ties Games played or pitched Team’s Finish
2016 Atlanta Braves NL 2nd of 2 59 65 .476 0 124 5
2017 Atlanta Braves NL   72 90 .444 0 162 3
2018 Atlanta Braves NL   90 72 .556 0 162 1
2019 Atlanta Braves NL   97 65 .599 0 162 1
2020 Atlanta Braves NL   35 25 .583 0 60 1
2021 Atlanta Braves NL   68 58 .540 0 126 1
Total     6 years 421 375 .529 0 796 2.0


How old is Brian Snitker? Body Measurements & Nationality

Born in the year 1955, Brian is 64 years old currently. Likewise, he falls under the star sign of Libra. Moreover, Libras are natural peacemakers. Also, they are tactful and diplomatic in their relationships.

Moving on, the data concerning Snitker’s body measurements remains a mystery at this point.

However, judging from his pictures, we believe that he over 6 feet tall. Besides, he also looks exceptionally fit and healthy for a 64-year-old. In fact, Brian looks like he is in his early 40’s.

Where is Brian Snitker from?

And, about his nationality, Snitker was born in Decatur, a huge city in the state of Illinois. As a consequence, Brian holds American citizenship.

How much does Brian Snitker make? Salary 2020 & Net Worth

As of2024, Snitker is earning a yearly salary of $800,000 with the Atlanta Braves as their manager. Although it is a considerable sum of money, the gap between the players and managers are there for all to see.

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For instance, Nationals pitcher Stephen Strasburg is taking home a staggering $38.3 million per year.

Nonetheless, Brian has been involved in professional baseball since 1977. As a result, he has amassed a considerable net worth.

To be precise, Brian has a reported net worth of $8 million. And, because the 64-year-old has been involved in the business for more than four decades, it is a fair reflection of his hard work.

Brian Snitker: Wife & Children

Unsurprisingly, Brian has been married for over two decades now. He tied the knot with his wife, Ronnie Snitker, after dating for several years. Interestingly, the couple met each other on a blind date.

Brian Snitker Wife
Brian has been married to his wife, Ronnie, for over two decades.

At the time, nobody would have envisioned that the two would hit it off. Contrarily, not only did they fall in love, but they also got married and later on had two kids.

Troy Snitker

Talking about Brian’s kids, he has two children. Likewise, son Troy Snitker is also an MLB player who was drafted by Brian’s team, Atlanta Braves, in the 2011 MLB Amateur Draft.

Later on, he got traded to the Pittsburgh Pirates before retiring.

As of now, Troy is working with the Houston Astros as their coach. But, sadly, the details concerning his second son has been kept a secret.

Well, whatever the reason might be, we fully respect Snitker’s decision as it is his family.

Brian Snitker – Autograph

Here’s a picture of Brian Snitker’s autograph:

Brian Snitker’s autograph

Brians Snitker – Social Media Presence

Atlanta Braves Instagram: 1 million followers

Common Queries about Brian Snitker 

Where did Brian Snitker go to college?

Brian Snitker went to The University of New Orleans. 

What did Brian Snitker say when Kevin Pillar got hit by a ball?

Brian Snitker said that the incident was as sickening as a thing as you can see on a baseball field. He referred to Kevin Pillar, calling him a pro and acknowledging the way he carries himself and how he plays the game.

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