Camryn Rogers Parents: Shari Rogers And JJ Janolino

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Camryn Rogers biological parents divorced when she was just three years old. After that, her mother, Shari Rogers, raised her solely throughout her life before marrying JJ Janolino.

Camryn’s mother has played an instrumental role in shaping her life and career. Despite having no athletic record, she mentored and guided Camryn in her athletic pursuits.

Besides that, Camryn has gained a supportive hand with her mother’s marriage to JJ Janolino, whom she happily mentions as her father.

Camryn Rogers Winning Gold In The Championship
Camryn Rogers Winning Gold In The Championship (Source: Instagram)

A Canadian track and field athlete, Camryn Roger, specializes in the hammer throw. Her accomplishments are truly remarkable, as she currently remains the world champion.

Camryn began her career in 2012 and has since secured significant victories, winning the hearts of her fans.

After graduating high school, she won gold at the 2017 Pan Am U20 Championship, her first major tournament victory. Similarly, in the 2018 World U20 Championships, Camryn emerged victorious. 

Her exceptional performances at the championships earned her the Eric E. Coy Trophy as the national U20 athlete of the year.

Further, in the 2022 World Championships, Camryn secured the silver medal with a throw of 75.52m. With this, she became the first Canadian woman to achieve a world medal in a field sport.

Following this, she has participated and set national records in several tournaments; her best throw is 78.62 m long. 

Who Are Camryn Rogers Parents?

Hailing from Richmond, British Columbia, Camryn Rogers was born on June 7, 1999, to her biological mother, Shari Rogers. Camryn’s biological father (name unrevealed) remained absent from her life following her parent’s separation.

Her mother, Shari, took the full responsibility of nurturing and guiding her. Along the way, she faced numerous challenges, but that didn’t hinder her from raising Camryn in the best possible way.

Camryn Rogers Hugging Her Mother
Camryn Rogers Hugging Her Mother (Source: Instagram)

Also, she worked countless hours as a hairdresser to fulfill her daughter’s needs and wants. Based on her LinkedIn, she works at Alen’s Golden Scissors. 

Upon the recommendation from one of her clients, she urged Camryn to take a shot at hammer throw. Camryn exhibited natural potential from a young age, and her mother diligently worked to help her develop into an elite athlete.

Today, Camryn believes that her success is the outcome of her mother’s unwavering encouragement and tireless efforts.

The mother-daughter duo always have had each other’s back and share an unshakable bond filled with love. 

Camryn Rogers Stepfather, JJ Janolino

After dating for a while, Camryn Rogers’s mother, Sheri Rogers, and her stepfather, JJ Janolino, exchanged vows on September 4, 2022.

Camryn shared throwback pictures of the memorable day on her Instagram handle, congratulating her parents.

Camryn Rogers Standing Besides Her Stepfather
Camryn Rogers Standing Beside Her Stepfather (Source: Instagram)

Like her mother, her stepfather, JJ Janolino, seems equally proud of her achievements. His Facebook profile is full of her sports events and accomplishments.

Further, he never fails to attend Camryn’s games, which showcases his support and love towards her. 

Camryn undoubtedly feels glad to have a father like him. Despite being deprived of her father’s love during childhood, she is now fortunate to have a stepfather who gives his all to make her happy. 

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