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Carlos Monzón, AKA Escopeta, this name reminds the historical boxing champion that the world has ever got. He had a record of being the World Middleweight Champions for almost seven years.

The boxer was loved to the infinity by his well-wishers; they even sang Dale campeón at the funeral.

The legend, Carlos, has left a legacy behind through his speed and determination to his passion.

He has been honored and recognized by renowned magazines and other such talent evaluating organizations for his contribution to the boxing world.

Not only was Carlos a boxing star, but he was also an inspiring actor. In 1974, he starred in the thriller movie called La Mary opposite Susana Giménez, with who he had flings.

Carlos Monzón
Carlos Monzón

However, the departed soul, Carlos, didn’t have an easy childhood. He struggled hard to achieve massive success, and he got it as well. So, what did he had to go through?

Also, along with his boxing skills, he is remembered for many controversies, relationships, and whatnot. You might be curious to know everything about him in detail, so why not scroll through the article below?

Quick Facts:

Full Name Carlos Roque Monzón
Nick Name Escopeta
Death 8th January 1942 in Santa Rosa de Calchines, Argentina
Height 5 feet and 11 12 inches (182 cm)
Weight NA
Horoscope Leo
Date Of Birth 7th August 1942
Birth Place San Javier, Santa Fe, Argentina
Gender Male
Nationality Argentine
Ethnicity Unknown
Sexual Orientation Straight
Wife Mercedes Beatriz García (first) and Alicia Muñíz (second)
Girlfriend Susana Giménez
Kids Silvia Beatriz, Abel Ricardo, Carlos Raúl, Maximiliano Roque, and unidentified son.
Father’s Name Roque Monzón
Mother’s Name Amalia Ledesma
Siblings NA
High School NA
University NA
Merchandise Autographed Photo
Profession Boxer and Actor
Active date 1959-1974
Total no of fights 100
No of the Matches won 87
No of Matches Lost Three losses, 9 Draws, and 1 No contest
Net Worth $6 million
Last Update July, 2024

Detail On Carlos Monzón’s Death

All-time champion Carlos left the world with many assumptions and secrets about himself on 8th January 1942. Since then, many are in denial, and many are suspecting the accident as it was scripted.

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Digging in deep, Carlos was granted a weekend to visit family and children by jail authorities. But, the uncertain accident took place while he was returning to jail.

Another passenger, Gerónimo Domingo Mottura, was also killed in the crash, leaving Alicia Guadalupe Fessia injured.

As a result, his well-wishers are presuming the case as it was done intentionally. But, the issue is unsolved and has remained a mystery until now.

Why Was Carlos Monzón Jailed?

Carlos, the idol of idols, had to serve the term in jail due to his drinking habits. In addition, he was always in the spotlight for being involved in domestic violence.

But, it didn’t cease to the limit. While the late boxer was in Mar del Plata’s resort city with his second wife, Alicia, in 1988, the heated argument took place.

Not only this, Carlos strangled and pushed Alicia from the second floor’s balcony, which caused death. In the incident, he also hurt his arm.

At the scene, Carlos was found hugging Alicia tight. After one year, he was proven guilty, which led him to prison for eleven years.

Was Carlos Monzón Married?

First Wife

The late boxing champion Carlos was in the spotlight until he died for his numerous marriage. For instance, he was hitched two times.

At first, Carlos tied the knot with a woman named Mercedes Beatriz García in 1962. During that time, they were struggling through basic needs shortages.

But, the scarcity of resources didn’t let the couple be out of emotional support and love.

Carlos Monzón with his first wife and two children.
Carlos Monzón with his first wife, Mercedes Beatriz García and two children.

However, their marriage fell apart within a few years. Like, in 1973, Carlos and his then-wife, Mercedes, argued. At the time, Mercedes shot him in the back.

As a result, the boxing legend had to encounter seven surgery hours to remove the body’s bullet.

Second Wife

After being separated from Mercedes, Carlos tied the knot again with Alicia Muñíz. Alicia was one of the renowned actresses of Argentina.

Carlos Monzón with his second wife, Alicia Muñiz
Carlos Monzón with his second wife, Alicia Muñiz in 1981.

The couple was together for several years. But, most probably, they started living in the same place from the end or early of 1980.

But, the actress didn’t’ get enough time to spend her life with the legend. Alicia was reported to be killed in an unfortunate accident caused by Carlos in 1988.

Carlos Monzon | Marital Affairs

Dating History With Susana Giménez

Carlos is remembered for his extra relationships as much as he is celebrated for his boxing skills. In addition, he was indulged in several affairs with famous models and actresses of his time.

For instance, Carlos dated Lay Mary’s co-star, Susana Giménez, for many years. Their dating rumor circulated all over the media in 1974. They met for the first time in the set of Lay Mary.

Since then, the late champion began seeing with then-girlfriend Susana almost every place though he was still married. Also, the two traveled together in Brazil and Latin America.

Carlos Monzón with his girlfriend, Susana Giménez.
Carlos Monzón with his girlfriend, Susana Giménez.

But, the most loved and highlighted couple’s relationship was shadowed by Carlos’s violence. Also, Susana used to wear sunglasses very often whenever she had to step out to hide her bruises.

Not only the actress but Carlos beat the paparazzi as well. Due to his severe punches and slaps, many of them were hospitalized.

As a result, Susana moved on different paths in 1978.

Other Relationships

After breaking up with Susana Giménez, Carlos had flings with several models.


The late boxing champion, Carlos, became the father to his first son while he was in his teen.

Then, the late fighter had two children; Silvia Beatriz, Abel Ricardo, and Mercedes Beatriz García. Also, they adopted a kid named Carlos Raúl.

Similarly, Carlos was fortunate with Maximiliano Roque, from his second wife, Alicia Muñiz.

Carlos Monzón Bio | Age, Family And Early Childhood

Carlos was born as Carlos Roque Monzón on 7th August 1942 in San Javier, Santa Fe, Argentina. Being born in August, his zodiac sign was Leo.

Family And Siblings

Carlos was born to his parents; father, Roque Monzón, and a mother, Amalia Ledesma. Apart from this, the detail on his parents’ is out of reach.

Besides, the late champion had twelve siblings.

Early Childhood

Carlos spent five years of childhood in his birthplace. Then, he migrated to the Barranquitas Oeste, Santa Fe, Argentina, at six with all family members.

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The last place he moved to was one of the poorest neighborhoods of Santa Fe’s capital.

Carlos had a hard childhood as he was brought up in poverty. However, being the boy child of a financially low-income family, he had no other option than to work early.

Talking about Carlos’s struggle to sustain his life and help his family, he had to work as the shoe shiner. Also, he served as the paper delivery boy and a milkman.

Carlos Monzón | Education

Highlighting Carlos’s academic qualification, he had to quit after third grade due to his family conditions.

However, his success and achievements were not determined by the education he possessed.

Carlos Monzón | Body Measurements, Height And Weight

The departed boxer, Carlos, stood at a measuring height of 5 feet and 11 12 inches (182 cm). Though he was tall, he was not much bulky during his career.

However, his listed weight is still out of the media. Furthermore, he was quite fit and had a toned physique due to his daily training and workouts.

Carlos Monzón | Net Worth

Being the world champion boxer, Carlos accumulated vast money by competing in various fighting events. All those earnings made him pile up a net worth in a million figures.

As per the report, Carlos had a net worth of $6 million at his death.

Besides his profession, Carlos also earned a hefty amount by starring in the movie called La Mary.

Carlos Monzón | Properties

Carlos, who was a millionaire during his life, lived a lavish lifestyle. Being a public figure, it is evident that he had a huge villa to reside in. Also, he had numerous vehicles to travel.

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However, the cost and the features of his physical assets are not revealed yet.

Quotes About Carlos

  • Monzon destroyed you little by little.
  • I studied him before the fight and was confident my guy (Napoles) was slick enough. I was wrong. Monzon did a job.

Carlos Monzón | Boxing Journey

The legend Carlos had an interest in boxing since he was young. He fought for the first time on 2nd October 1959 as an amateur fighter.

After three years, he made his professional debut on 6th February 1963 and won against the opponent. His first victory led him to be the rising star in the boxing champions.

For instance, Carlos became the Argentine Middleweight champion in 1966. Also, he won the 1967’s South American Middleweight. The back to back achievements made him compete in international boxing rings.

He rebelled against several world-renowned boxers during his career, including Nino Benvenuti, Emile Griffith, Rodrigo Valdez, Douglas Huntley, Charles Austin, and many more.

Plus, Carlos has a record of winning 87 fights out of 100 in his overall career.

Fighting Record 

Fights Wins Losses
By knockout 59 0
By decision 28 3
Draws 9
No contests 1

Carlos Monzón | Social Media Presence

The legend, Carlos, left the world until social media like Instagram, Facebook, and others became the platform to be connected with the fans. So, he didn’t get to be active in any of the social networking sites.

Though Carlos himself could not enjoy modern technologies, many of his fans have created Instagram and Facebook accounts under his name. His old photos and other information can be found on those fan-created accounts.

Some Unknown Facts About Carlos Monzón:

  1. Carlos Monzón’s full name is Carlos Roque Monzón.
  2. During Carlos’s second marriage, he was so broke to buy the marriage license.
  3. His reach was 76 in (193 cm).
  4. As of early 2020, Carlos ranked in number five as the best middleweight boxer.
  5. Several movies have been filmed as a tribute to Carlos, including the drama Monzón: A Knockout Blow. It is a Netflix series and was released on 17th June 2019.
  6. Carlos has a record of holding the 2nd longest unified championship reign in middleweight history at nine consecutive defenses as of January 2018.

Carlos Monzón | FAQs

How much was the worth of Carlos Monzón?

At the time of his death, Carlos had a net worth of $6 million.

How tall was Carlos Monzón?

The late boxer, Carlos, stood erect in the pillaring height of 5 feet and 11 12 inches (182 cm).

What are some of the best performances of Carlos Monzón?

Some of the best performances of Monzón were against Benvenuti I, Briscoe II, Napoles, Valdez II, and Griffith I.

Who was Carlos Monzón’s last fight?

The boxer’s second last, and last fight was against Colombian boxer Rodrigo Valdez. Carlos won both of the matches.

What is the birthplace of Carlos Monzón?

Carlos was born in San Javier, Santa Fe, Argentina.

Is Carlos Monzón alive?

Unfortunately, the legend of boxing is resting in peace in heaven. He took the last breath on 8th January 1995 in Santa Fe, Argentina, in a car accident.

What was Carlos Monzón’s ranking?

According to, he is the 12th best middleweight boxer of all time.

What is the name of Carlos Monzón’s Netflix documentary?

His documentary is a TV series named “Monzón: A Knockout Blow.”

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