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Carmelo Anthony was alleged to be the father of an adorable daughter, Genesis Harlo Anthony. His alleged daughter ostensibly looks like his twin; thus, the two seem more alike.

The child’s mother, Mia Angel Burks, continuously alleged Carmelo as the father of her kid.

Parenting is not precisely a walk in the park; it even gets nastier when one parent is not solely supporting raising the kid.

This proclamation correlates to Mia, whose alleged child’s father is not thoroughly in her nurturance.

Carmelo Anthony alleged daughter, Genesis Harlo Anthony (Source:
Carmelo Anthony’s alleged daughter, Genesis Harlo Anthony (Source:

Despite the allegation, Anthony Carmelo hasn’t made it evident if he had changed his heart and accepted Genesis as his daughter or if he doesn’t watch out for her.

Besides his respectable professional mission, his personal life is quite a mess. He’s a delighted father of his athletic son, Kiyan Carmelo Anthony, with his estranged wife, Alani “La La” Vazquez.

Excavate further intriguing information about Carmelo Anthony’s alleged daughter, Genesis Harlo Anthony, in this article which would disclose her parents, early life, and more.

Also, have a timely peek at the informative Quick facts about the player’s daughter Genesis Harlo Anthony below.

Quick Facts

Full Name Genesis Harlo Anthony
Date of Birth August 1, 2017
Zodiac Sign Leo
Age 6 years old
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Birth Place Not available
Nationality Not available
Ethnicity Unknown
Religion Christianity
Mother’s Name Mia Angel Bruks
Father’s Name Carmelo Anthony
Education Not available
Social Media N/A
Merch of Carmelo Anthony  Cards
Last Update March, 2024

Genesis Harlo Anthony | Alleged Father, Carmelo Anthony

Anthony is an American-born NBA player who plays the small/Power forward position for the Los Angeles Lakers. Carmelo has been an NBA All-Star ten times and labeled to the All-NBA Team six times.

He was born in Brooklyn, New York, US, on May 29, 1984. The player inherits both the Spanish and African heredity from his parents.

Anthony is the last born child among his four siblings, Wilford, Daphne, Michelle, and Robert.

Carmelo Anthony (Source:
Carmelo Anthony (Source:

Due to the societal activities and the family’s economic condition, Anthony had a very rigorous childhood.

Anthony enrolled at Towson Catholic High School and finished his first three years.
After finalizing a junior year, he switched to Oak Hill Academy, Virginia.
For university, Anthony enrolled at Syracuse University, where he played college basketball and was identified as one of the promising players on the squad. 
Anthony is one of the most distinguished players in the league. The player was drafted into NBA by the Denver Nuggets in 2003.
The NBA player also has represented the United States in the Olympics four times and bagged a bronze medal with the 2004 team. Likewise, he earned gold medals with the 2008, 2012, and 2016 Olympic squads.

Carmelo Anthony | Net Worth

The net worth of promising basketball player Carmelo Anthony is over $120 million. The income is from the contracts with the clubs throughout his basketball pursuit. He also has endorsement deals with Nike and Panini to fortify his earnings.

Genesis Harlo Anthony Mother | Mia Angel Bruks

Harlo Anthony was born to her beloved mother, Mia Angle Burks. According to credible sources, Mia was born in North Carolina and has spent most of her childhood and youth years in Raleigh.

She graduated with a Master’s in Health Communication from Northwestern University in 2016. In addition, she’s a Bachelor of Applied Sciences in Biology and Public Health from Saint Augustine’s University.

At 25, she’s the director of particular projects for ReGeneration Schools, a community public school in the Chicago area.

And her job was to strategize and plan events and initiatives for the ReGeneration schools.

Genesis Harlo Anthony with her mother, Mia Burks (Source:
Genesis Harlo Anthony with her mother, Mia Burks (Source:

Mia is a delighted mother of her daughter whose fondness for her daughter can be affirmed via her social media.

The mother and daughter duo are seemingly the best, and Genesis is the best miracle that ever transpired in Mia’s life.

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Shortly after the divorce reports of Anthony and his wife, rumors were blown up on the internet that Anthony had a daughter with another mysterious woman. Still, the player’s close source denied the news.

However, the adversity worsened when the rumor outspread and his side girlfriend, Mia Angel Burks, confirmed a DNA test.

Accordingly, she came into the spotlight after continuously posting pictures of their daughter and allegedly claiming Anthony to be the father of her child.

This was when Carmelo Anthony was alleged to have a daughter, and rumors outspread. Arguably, she’s beautiful, adorable, and more of that, she precisely looks like Carmelo.

Most folks acclaimed that she is the girl version of Carmelo.

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Genesis Harlo Anthony alleged father’s Estranged Wife. 

Anthony had tied the knot with his long-time girlfriend, Alani “La La” Vazquez.

The couple began their relationship after they first confronted one another in 2003. After seven years of exotic companionship, they got married in 2010.

Before marriage, they already had the experience of parenthood. After three years of affair, the couple already had their son, Kiyan Carmelo Anthony, in 2007. 

In 2016, the couple was announced to be separated for some duration. Again, the two reunited in December 2018. 

After that, in 2021, Vazquez filed for divorce. Soon after the divorce announcement, there were rumors that Anthony had twins with another woman.

Anthony Carmelo Daughter | Early Life & Family

Carmelo’s daughter was born like a fictional show and, of course, with bunches of exquisite dramas.

Mia was rumored to be pregnant with Anthony’s baby Genesis Harlo Anthony when they met in Chicago.

Carmelo Anthony alleged daughter, Genesis Harlo Anthony (Source:
Carmelo Anthony’s alleged daughter, Genesis Harlo Anthony (Source:

Genesis Harlo Anthony henceforward was born on August 1, 2017, to her mother, Mia Angel Burks, and alleged father, Carmelo Anthony.

Consequently, the other relevant information that uncovers her education and early lifestyle is unknown at the very moment.

Genesis Harlo Anthony | Scattered Family

Carmelo denied accepting the Genesis Harlo Anthony as his daughter. Mia reportedly confirmed that a paternity test proved Carmelo was the child’s father via social media.

Mia, the child’s mother, had spoken in all terms in her daughter’s favor. Burks posted a screenshot calling out Anthony for being unpleasant in DM’s, calling her daughter’s name and certainly crossing the line.

She wrote, “Calling me out of my name and disrespecting me is one thing, which I can handle that-that’s water under the bridge, but calling my daughter with disrespectful names like a “bastard child” and telling me “F**ck that baby” in my DM is crossing the line. Her father might not defend her, but I will till the end. She didn’t ask to be here, and it also doesn’t matter how she got here; she’s here. If you don’t wish to see her, stay off my page. She isn’t going anywhere.”

Later, the child’s mother, Mia Burks, posted some pictures of herself and their daughter attending a Los Angeles Lakers Vs. Chicago Bulls game.

However, it’s unclear if Carmelo himself had invited his alleged daughter to the game.

Also, things are pretty chaotic, and the case hasn’t been disclosed if they’ve figured out the situation and come to a favorable conclusion.

Genesis Harlo Anthony | Age, Height & Weight

According to some sources, Harlo Anthony was born on August 1, 2017, and according to her birth date, she is 6 years old.

Thus, further information about Harlo Anthony is unknown at the very moment.

A girl born out of such an abundant drama and unclear things, the further information about her is inaccessible; everything might have been kept behind the curtain.

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Social Media Presence

Genesis Harlo Anthony is not yet thrived on having personal social media accounts. 

Her mother, Mia Angel Burks, is relatively active on social media sites, where she could be sighted posting pictures of her daughter.

Surfing her Instagram, Harlo Anthony seems like the most angelic child to ever be born. She is indeed the prettiest in a million.

As Mia is the proud mother of her daughter, the noticeable thing on her Instagram is her introductory bio, where she’s stated, “GG’s momma.” Undoubtedly, Mia and Harlo make the best mother and daughter duo which can be acknowledged via her posts on social media sites.

Find the mother, Mia Burks, who relatively gives updates about her daughter on her social media sites. Thus follow her to get all the relevant information shortly.

Carmelo Anthony | FAQs

Does Carmelo Anthony have an NBA ring?

Carmelo Anthony is one of the most celebrated players in the NBA. He’s earned NBA All-Star ten times, but he’d not amass an NBA ring with any team thus far.

Why was Carmelo Anthony charged?

Anthony was once cited for marijuana possession after officers found marijuana in his backpack at Denver International Airport. 

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