Carson Wentz Parents: Who Are Doug Wentz And Cathy Domres?

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Carson Wentz parents, Doug Wentz and Cathy Domres, have been a constant source of love, guidance, and support throughout the life of the talented quarterback.

Once a household name in North Dakota State, Carson has made a name for himself in the NFL.

Let’s take a closer look at the two individuals who have shaped the quarterback’s life off the field.

Carson Wentz Signed With The Philadelphia Eagles After The 2016 NFL Draft
Carson Wentz Signed With The Philadelphia Eagles After The 2016 NFL Draft (Source: Instagram)

Carson Wentz is an American professional football player. Currently, the quarterback is a free agent.

Wentz last played for the Washington Commanders for a season in the National Football League (NFL) in 2022.

Projected as a top prospect, Wentz was selected by the Philadelphia Eagles in the first round as the second overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft.

Afterward, he played in the NFL for the Indianapolis Colts in 2021 before joining the Commanders.

Wentz is a Super Bowl champion with the Eagles while earning Pro Bowl and second-team All-Pro honors.

A North Dakota State University graduate, Wentz played college football with the North Dakota State Bison.

Similarly, he won two consecutive NCAA FCS national championships with the Bison before graduating with a health and physical education degree.

Who Are Doug Wentz And Cathy Domres?

Carson was born on December 30, 1992, in Raleigh, North Carolina, to Doug Wentz and Cathy Domres.

When the player was three, Carson Wentz’s parents moved to North Dakota with him and his two brothers, Zach and Luke.

Nevertheless, Doug Wentz and Cathy Domres are the support systems that played a crucial role in Carson’s journey to the top.

Meet Carson Wentz Father, Doug Wentz

Doug Wentz is Carson Wentz’s father and a well-established professional in the world of finance.

He works as a mortgage loan officer at BlackRidgeBANK, a leading community banking organization headquartered in West Fargo.

Previously, Doug owned a mortgage company for about 15 years prior to his banking career. Albeit, he joined the bank’s Bismarck branch in 2015.

Carson Wentz Father Doug Wentz During An Interview
Carson Wentz Father, Doug Wentz, During An Interview (Source: Twitter)

Doug’s role as a mortgage loan officer involves helping individuals and families navigate the complex process of securing a mortgage.

Reportedly, Doug’s career in the financial sector played a pivotal role in Carson’s understanding of financial matters.

When the quarterback was drafted in April 2016, he was searching for potential sponsorship deals.

That is when his father, Doug, offered to work out an agreement between his son and his employer.

As a result, the player landed a yearly reviewable endorsement deal with BlackRidgeBANK. It was crucial for the young athlete to supplement his earnings in the NFL. 

Moreover, Doug Wentz was a linebacker at Northern State. Doug’s college career could be a substantial reason for Carson’s success, given the upbringing he had as a kid.

Meet Carson Wentz Mother, Cathy Domres

Cathy Domres, Carson Wentz’s mother, is a woman with a passion for health and community welfare.  

As of today, Cathy holds the position of Director of Community Development at St. Gabriel’s Community. It is a senior living provider in Bismarck, North Dakota.

The role allows her to contribute to the betterment of the lives of its residents by providing assisted living and nursing home facilities.

Carson Wentz Father Doug Wentz During An Interview
Carson Wentz With His Mother, Cathy Domres At The 2016 NFL Draft (Source:

Similarly, Cathy graduated from Northern State University with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in 1987.

She also made a noteworthy contribution to the American Cancer Society. There, she worked as a Community Relationship Manager and later as an Executive Director until 2010.

Carson Wentz’s journey to NFL stardom has not been without its challenges and setbacks. But with the guidance of his parents, he has risen to become a prominent quarterback.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Who Are The Parents Of Carlson Wentz?

Carlson Wentz was born to parents Doug Wentz and Cathy Domres on December 30, 1992.

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