Cristiano Ronaldo officially on top, surpassing Pele’s record

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Moving on with time, Cristiano Ronaldo has surpassed and locked Pele‘s top-scoring record in Juventus’s Serie A game against Cagliari. 

Today, tallying his score with 770 goals, the Portuguese stands as the World’s Top Scorer in football history, deadlocking Pele’s score of 767 goals.

As per the sources, Ronaldo netted three goals right within the opening 33 minutes of the match.

Looking back, Ronaldo has had 668 club goals; 5 for Sporting Lisbon, 118 for Manchester United, 450 for Real Madrid, and 95 for Juventus. 

Likewise, he has posted 102 goals for Portugal. Furthermore, glancing at Pele’s count, he has had 767 goals.

Pele sends the best regard in Cristiano’s way.

As a matter of fact, the news has been circulating in the media for the past few days, stating Ronaldo near Pele’s record. Finally, when Ronaldo stood as the top scorer in the last game, Pele pinned his wishes towards the player. 

Indeed, the dynamic duo couldn’t come together in a frame the very night; however, they both took their social media platforms to press their words. 

Pele congratulated and showered love for Ronaldo with the Instagram post,

“Life is a solo flight. Each makes his own journey. And what a beautiful journey you are having. I admire you a lot, I love watching you play, and this is no secret to anyone.”

“Congratulations on breaking my record of goals in official matches. My only regret is not being able to give you a hug today.”

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“History can’t be erased as per our interest….”

Until the last match, Cristiano hasn’t dropped a word regarding the news on the Internet. As of now, he has announced officially to the public that he was acknowledging the “record.”

Absolutely, Ronaldo took his Instagram account to reply to Pele and convey his thoughts regarding the title. Apparently, this man is as humble as ever!

Indeed, he took time to express his joy, talk to the man himself (Pele), and stated that the history remained unchanged. According to Ronaldo, as he stands now, it’s a different era, and Pele’s was a different era too. 

Altogether, they have two glorious histories. 

“My everlasting and unconditional admiration for mister Edson Arantes do Nascimento [Pele], such as the respect that I have for mid-20th century football, led me to take into account his 767 scores, assuming his nine goals for Sao Paulo State Team, as well as his single goal for the Brazilian Military Team, as official goals.”

“The world has changed since then, and football has changed as well, but this doesn’t mean that we can just erase history according to our interests.”

Following it, Ronaldo took no moment to express the word that for sure every fan and athlete in the industry can relate to.

“Today, as I reach the 770th official goal in my professional career, my first words go straight to Pele.”

“There’s no player in the world who hasn’t been raised listening to stories about his games, his goals, and his achievements, and I’m no exception.”

“And for that reason, I’m filled with joy and pride as I acknowledge the goal that puts me on top of the world’s goalscoring list, overcoming Pele’s record, something that I could never have dreamed of while growing up as a child from Madeira.”

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Arousing Controversies

While the world has gathered to congratulate Cristiano Ronaldo for his title, some half of the media has stood to claim Ronaldo is not yet the World’s Top Scorer. 

Subsequently, some international media and journalists have marked the Austrian Josef Bican to be the top scorer.

According to the Rec Sports Soccer Statistics Foundation (RSSSF), they have dug the historical table claiming Bican to be on top with 805 goals in 530 presentations.

Bican used to have a shining career back in 1931 and 1951, who later died in December 2001.

Cristiano Ronaldo in practice for Serie A in Cagliari
Cristiano Ronaldo in practice for Serie A in Cagliari (Source: Instagram)

Following Bican, they have aroused the issues keeping the Brazilian Romario in the second list with 772 goals. They account, Pele in the list with 767 goals, whom Ronaldo has just surpassed only after it.

Simultaneously, these media has taken the decision via storm, putting the players forward. Herewith, disputes over the numbers arise. 

All in all, the facts stand with Cristiano Ronaldo being ‘authentic,’ and of course, he has no sign of stopping anywhere any sooner. 

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Awaken From the Ground 

A few days back, Cristiano Ronaldo overcame with an array of criticisms in his way. After Juventus’ Champions League defeat against Porto, the pressure was underwhelming, as the public got disappointed with Ronaldo’s presence. 

However, the devastating performance only stood as the way to boost Ronaldo further. As they started with an awkward humiliation, Ronaldo closed the chapter with his goals. 

Apparently, he rose to draw a foul from the goalkeeper for a penalty, right after passing a corner beyond Alessio Cragno. 

Following it, Ronaldo ok his last goal with Federico Chiesa’s pass, to enclose his vintage “hat-trick.”

Ronaldo and his team
Ronaldo and his team (Source: Instagram)

Currently, Juventus stay third, only three points clear of fourth-placed Atalanta. Also, looking otherwise, they are only a point behind AC Milan.

Now, all there’s left to do is sit back and enjoy Cristiano Ronaldo‘s era. Of course, just at the age of 36 years old, we have loads to wait for in his gameplay. 

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