NFL Draft: Is Dalton Kincaid Christian? Religion And Family Ethnicity

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Dalton Kincaid is a Christian and has been practicing the religion since childhood. The NFL prospect graduated from a private Christian school in 2017.

The 24-year-old tight end of Utah Utes grew up alongside two siblings in Las Vegas, Nevada. He comes from a Caucasian background and is the youngest of three siblings. 

Before joining Utah, Dalton decided to play for the University of San Diego, and only in 2020, he transferred to Utah.

Dalton Kincaid
Dalton Kincaid Holding A Trophy (Source: Instagram)

The story of Dalton being a top prospect in the 2023 NFL draft wouldn’t have come true if it weren’t for his friends.

With the 2023 NFL draft scheduled to take place on Thursday, April 27, 2023, Dalton is expected to be picked in the first round.

Another name expected to lead the line for the highly awaited 2023 NFL draft is Bryce Young.

Dalton Kincaid Religion And Family Ethnicity 

Kincaid grew up in a religious Christian household in Nevada. 

On his Instagram bio, the prospective NFL star has kept an emoji of a cross representing his belief in Christianity.

One of the other facts that tell us about Dalton and his belief in Christianity as a religion is his high school.

Dalton Kincaid Poses For A Photo After His Graduation Ceremony In 2022
Dalton Kincaid Poses For A Photo After His Graduation Ceremony In 2022 (Source: Instagram)

The star was one of the top students at Faith Lutheran High School, a private Christian preparatory school located in Summerlin, Nevada.

But Dalton never shares posts or photos related to religion on his social media handle, unlike some people.

Similarly, Kincaid and his family are of Caucasian ethnicity. He has shared a few pictures of him with his family on his Instagram. 

One interesting fact about Dalton is that his last name “Kincaid” comes from Scottish roots having previously been spelled as “Kincaith”. The meaning of the word is “head of the battle.” 

Dalton Kincaid Is The First Athlete In His Family 

With many NFL stars coming from a gifted genetic pool of athletes, Dalton Kincaid is one of the first of his family to turn pro.

Known to be one of the best pass-catching tight ends of the 2023 draft, Dalton Kincaid had all the support of his parents, Victoria and Clark. 

Despite, not being an athlete himself, Clark was one of the reasons for Dalton to choose football as the sport he wanted to make his career in. 

Dalton Kincaid Poses With His Family Members Including Sister Brittany And Parents Victoria And Clark
Dalton Kincaid Poses With His Family Members Including Sister Brittany And Parents Victoria And Clark (Source: Instagram)

When he was a kid, Dalton and Clark would play football in the backyard. It was the training from a young age that helped Dalton later in his life. 

And though it was one season of playing football in high school, Dalton certainly made it count. Previously, Dalton had shared photos of his mother on the occasion of Mother’s Day on Instagram. 

Victoria is available on Instagram and Facebook but has chosen to keep her interaction to the minimum. Before giving birth to Dalton in 1999, Victoria had already experienced motherhood twice.

Dalton Kincaid Siblings

Dalton has two older siblings, Kelsey and David Kincaid. His older sister, Kelsey Constantine is a former Emergency Department Scribe at Northwest Acute Care Specialists. 

She graduated with a degree in Biology and Psychology from the University of Portland and in 2022 with an MD from the University of Nevada-Las Vegas. 

Dalton Kincaid Pictured With Her Sister Brittany And His Brother In Law Colby
Dalton Kincaid Pictured With Her Sister Brittany And His Brother In Law Colby (Source: Instagram)

During her time at Portland, Kelsey worked as a student athletic trainer before moving to Northwest Acute Care Specialists. The older sister of Dalton Kincaid is married to a man named Colby Constantine and currently resides in her hometown. 

His brother, David Kincaid worked in the air force and is currently married to Brittany Kincaid. Earlier this year, in January, Brittany and David held a gender reveal party announcing they are soon going to be parents of a baby girl. 

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