Dave Roberts Wife Tricia Roberts Is His High School Sweetheart

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Tricia Roberts is the wife of the former baseball player Dave Roberts. The pair have two children together.

Dave Roberts is a former baseball player and manager for the Los Angeles Dodgers of Major League Baseball (MLB).

Roberts played baseball for ten years with five different teams before becoming a coach for the San Diego Padres. In 2016, he became the manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Former Baseball Player-Turned-Coach Dave Roberts
Former Baseball Player-Turned-Coach Dave Roberts (Source: Sports Illustrated)

Roberts only briefly played for the Boston Red Sox, but he did something significant in a game.

He stole a base that helped the team make it to the playoffs, and they won the championship that year. Roberts used his left hand to hit the ball and throw it.

Dave Roberts is of mixed descent as his mother is from Japan, and his father is African American.

He was the first Asian American manager to lead a team to the World Series 2017. The team he managed was the Dodgers, who won the National League pennant.

The baseball player led the Dodgers to the World Series in 2018 and 2020. They won in 2020. Roberts is the first manager of Asian heritage and the second African American manager to win a World Series championship with his team.

Dave Roberts Wife: Tricia Roberts

The manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers, Dave Roberts, became very famous for what he did. Dave Roberts is married to his wife, Tricia.

Dave and Tricia are a couple who were in love during high school. The cute couple went to Rancho Buena Vista High School. They met and became sweethearts during high school.

After finishing college, Dave and Tricia got married in 1997. The pair have a son, Cole, and a daughter, Emmerson Roberts. 

Dave Roberts, Tricia, and her husband live in Cardiff, California. In addition, Tricia has been a great wife who helps and encourages.

Dave Roberts With His Wife Tricia
Roberts With Wife, Tricia (Source: Twitter)

Tricia had helped her husband when things were hard, not just when things were going well.

In 2010, Dave Roberts was told he had a kind of Cancer called Hodgkin Lymphoma. His wife, Tricia, became a strong pillar for Roberts to get out of the challenging phase of life. 

Tricia started her own Company for designing interiors and named it Tricia Roberts Design. She began her job by making plans for houses for people she knew. After some time, she began to turn it into her career.

In addition, Dave Roberts’ spouse Tricia Roberts helped start a wine business. The Company is named Red Stich. The wine Company has investments from their friends John Micek, Noelle Micek, Rich Aurilia, and Amy Aurilia.

Who Are His Parents?

Dave Roberts was born to Waymon and Eiko on May 31, 1972, in Naha, Okinawa, Japan. 

Robert’s dad, Waymon, was in the U.S. military and married Robert’s mom, Eiko, when he was stationed in Japan. He has a younger sister, Melissa.

Dave moved from one military base to another as a kid every two or three years. He was born in Okinawa and lived in different California, Hawaii, and North Carolina bases.

Then, he moved to Okinawa again before finally settling in San Diego, California.

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