David Goodwillie Wife Kirstie E Goodwillie: Rape Case And Scandal

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Despite his notorious image, David Goodwillie wife, Kirstie E Goodwillie, is always supporting the love of her life.

David Goodwillie has a very unpleasant past, as he has been convicted of assault three times and even been convicted of rape.

Yet, his wife has been by his side sharing his hardships. 

David Goodwillie About To Shoot The Ball
David Goodwillie About To Shoot The Ball (Source: TheScottishSun)

David Goodwillie is a Scottish professional soccer player who was born on March 28, 1989.

Goodwillie was a youth player for Carse Thistle in his hometown of Stirling before he was discovered playing during a Scottish Youth FA tryout in Dundee.

Then, he was signed on by Dundee United at the age of 14 in 2003, where his early career began. Later, Goodwille went on to sign a professional form with them. 

The 2010–11 season saw Goodwillie win the SPFA and SFWA Young Player of the Year honors. 

His display of superior skills in the United caught the eyes of both international and premier league scouts.

Goodwille was offered a £2 million transfer to Blackburn Rovers, then to the English Premier League, which he happily accepted. He also got selected for the Scottish national team. 

David Goodwillie Wife Kirstie E Goodwillie: Relationship And Marriage 

Goodwillie is currently happily married to his beautiful wife, Kirstie E Goodwillie. The couple tied the knot on June 10, 2016, and exchanged vows in front of friends and family. 

Kirstie completed her schooling at a private school in the United Kingdom, the Beaconhurst School, graduating as the Class of 2010.

She is very talented and intelligent, the attributes of her personality which enabled her to reach the finals of Miss Scotland once. 

David Goodwillie Wife Kirstine In The Middle Wearing A Bridal Dress
David Goodwillie Wife Kirstie In The Middle Wearing A Bridal Dress (Source: Facebook)

Currently, she is engaged in helping people with living a healthy lifestyle. She is a consultant in helping people rejuvenate their mind, body, and skin.

On top of that, she also hosts spiritual camps. She is well known for hosting various Bodhi Meditation Teacher Training events. 

Furthermore, Kirstie is an advocate for a healthy lifestyle and believes that people should be free of any form of addiction. She even considers having a ‘coffee habit’ as a bad thing.

Kirstie helps people break the coffee habit and fizz sticks & also promotes a healthy gut lifestyle. 

She is also a supporter of animal rights and discourages the use of animal products as much as possible.

Although she is a makeup enthusiast, she advocates for cruelty-free and vegan makeup. 

Kirstie is a very supportive wife and has been with her husband through his roughest and toughest times. 

She even had to detail her assets before legal aid chiefs agreed to fund her hubby’s appeal in the court.

David Goodwillie Rape Case And Scandal

As a soccer player, Goodwillie has a very good image but for other parts, not so much.

Goodwillie has a history of being abusive to women, and now, there is the question if he deserves a second chance.

The soccer player has a troubling past, with three assault convictions dating back to 2008, 2009, and 2010.

Furthermore, in 2011, he was accused of rape, of which his teammate David Robertson was also accused of being a perpetrator.

In 2016, the verdict was given, and he was found guilty of his crimes. The court ordered him to pay £100,000 in compensation to the victim.

David Goodwillie Looking Confused On The Pitch
David Goodwillie Looking Confused On The Pitch (Source: DailyStar)

However, this did not put an end to his soccer career, and he went about and did his business with Clyde in the Scottish leagues.

Later in January 2022, he again signed with Raith Rovers.

However, his signing faced strong opposition, resulting in the club deciding not to let him play. He was ultimately released from his contract in September 2022.

Now the voice for letting him play is emerging once again.

In a podcast, “Anything Goes,” the soccer player claims that “He does not feel like he has had justice and both parties have been left in limbo.”

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