Does Jason Kelce Daughter Have Down Syndrome? Wyatt Kelce Health & Illness Update

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Jason Kelce daughter, Wyatt Kelce, doesn’t have Down Syndrome. A few unverified sites started the rumors as the Kelce family grabbed headlines during the NFL playoffs. 

The Eagles’ center hasn’t committed to his retirement news despite an ESPN report saying so. The 36-year-old center told Eagles teammates in the locker room that he is retiring following Philly’s loss against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 

Wyatt (R) With Her Little Sister Ellie Pose With The Larry O'Brien Championship Trophy
Wyatt (R) With Her Little Sister Ellie Pose With The Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy (Source: Instagram)

And though his team is out of the Super Bowl race, his brother’s side, Kansas City Chiefs, are looking to become back-to-back winners. The Eagles center was in attendance in western New York on Sunday to support his younger brother.

After Travis caught a touchdown pass, Jason was seen screaming while shirtless with a drink in his hand. He was also seen holding up a young Taylor Swift fan so she could show her sign to the pop superstar. 

Does Jason Kelce Daughter Have Down Syndrome?

Jason Kelce’s eldest daughter, Wyatt Kelce, doesn’t have Down Syndrome. Wyatt, born on October 2, 2019, is the oldest child of the Eageles’ player and his wife, Kylie. 

On the day of Wyatt’s birth, the Eagles center shared the news on his Instagram account with a photo of Kylie smiling with newborn Wyatt. He wrote, “Chunked up the Deuces on her way out. Wyatt Elizabeth Kelce. 10/2/2019. 8lbs 6 oz.”

Kylie also shared her excitement on her Instagram account. She shared two photos of her daughter and captioned the post, “And just like that, with a whole lot of patience, and then some pitcocin, Wyatt Elizabeth Kelce entered the world.”

The Eagles' Center Jason Kelce Pictured With His Eldest Daughter Wyatt Kelce
The Eagles’ Center Jason Kelce Pictured With His Eldest Daughter Wyatt Kelce (Source: Instagram)

At the time, neither Kylie nor Jason shared their daughter had a genetic disorder. And now, even four years after Wyatt’s birth, there is no confirmation or news of whether their child has any health-related issues. 

Wyatt has been seen several times at public events and also on the Kelce brothers’ podcast New Heights. During these appearances, Wyatt looks completely fine and healthy.

Kids who do have Down Syndrome do not have serious health problems, but there are also cases where a child may need extra care. Last year, in October, Wyatt and her sisters made a special appearance in New Heights to talk to their uncle, Trav.

During the video, we also learn that Wyatt is currently taking gymnastics classes. During the holiday season, Jason’s family shared a cute video wishing everyone happy holidays. 

In the video, Jason jokes that he is ready for the football season but not for the carnage of the holiday season. 

Jason And Kylie Kelce Other Two Daughters 

The one-time Super Bowl Champion and his wife, Kylie, became parents twice after Watt’s birth. 

On March 4, 2020, Kylie gave birth to the couple’s second daughter, Elliotte Ray Kelce. Kylie and Jason have shared several cute videos of Ellie on their Instagram post for which Ellie might feel embarrassed after she grows up. 

On December 1, 2022, Jason shared a video of Ellie saying, “Mom, there’s a turtle in the toilet!!!,” while she was taking a dump. During the entire duration of the video, Ellie seems proud of her effort of being able to make a turtle. 

Jason Kelce Pictured With His Wife, Kylie And Their Three Girls
Jason Kelce Pictured With His Wife, Kylie And Their Three Girls (Source: Instagram)

On September 22, 2022, Kylie announced baby no.3 was joining them on February 2023. She shared a photo of Ellie and Wyatt wearing the t-shirt that read, “Big Sister.” 

Bennett Llewellyn Kelce was born on February 23, 2023. Jason shared a sweet photo of baby Bennett sleeping, and he captioned the post, “Yesterday little lady #3 joined us.”

On his podcast, Jason shared they honored his grandmother through Bennett’s middle name. He said, “It’s Grandma Mary’s maiden name.” 

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