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According to available records, Richard Petty has not remarried since the passing of his wife.

Richard Petty, the American former stock car racing driver, married Lynda Petty from 1958 until she died in 2014.

American Former Stock Car Racing Driver Richard Petty
American Former Stock Car Racing Driver Richard Petty (Source: Britannica)

Richard Lee Petty, famously dubbed “The King,” entered the world on July 2, 1937, in Level Cross, North Carolina.

He rose to prominence as an American stock car racing driver, competing from 1958 to 1992 in the NASCAR Grand National and Winston Cup Series for Petty Enterprises.

Petty’s legacy is defined by his record-breaking achievements, including an unprecedented 200 race victories, seven Cup Series championships, and seven Daytona 500 wins.

The mechanical expertise of his team complemented his prowess on the track. Moreover, his brother Maurice handled engines, and cousin Dale Inman oversaw car construction.

Petty was inducted into the NASCAR Hall of Fame in 2010, solidifying his legendary status in motorsports.

Does Richard Petty Have A New Wife?

Richard Petty, the retired stock car racing legend, has remained unmarried since the passing of his wife, Lynda Petty, in 2014.

Lynda, often revered as the “First Lady of NASCAR,” was pivotal in supporting her husband during his early racing career.

Richard Petty And His Wife, Linda Petty
Richard Petty And His Wife, Linda Petty (Source: Race Gear)

Her untimely demise followed a prolonged battle with cancer.

Lynda Gayle Owens was born on March 6, 1942, in Guilford County, North Carolina.

She gained recognition for her contributions to the entertainment industry, appearing in prominent films like “Cars” (2006) and documentaries such as “ESPN SportsCentury” (1999) and “Petty Blue” (2010).

The couple had four children, among them Kyle Petty, who followed in his father’s footsteps to forge a thriving career as a professional NASCAR driver.

Similarly, other siblings include Rebecca Petty Moffit, Lisa Petty Luck, and Sharon Farlow.

Regrettably, Richard Petty’s grandson, Adam, tragically passed away in a practice accident at New Hampshire Motor Speedway on May 12, 2000.

Sadly, this heartbreaking event occurred just five weeks after the passing of Richard’s father, Lee Petty.

After Adam’s passing, his brother Austin took on the responsibility of Emeritus Chairman and Founder of Victory Junction.

This camp, established by the Pettys within the SeriousFun Children’s Network in memory of Adam, aims to provide support and joy to children facing serious illnesses.

Petty Family Unveils Tribute Park: Honoring Racing Royalty

The Petty family celebrated the Richard Petty Tribute Park unveiling in a poignant display.

A procession of Petty cars, weaving through the streets from the Petty Museum and Garage to Downtown Randleman, marked the occasion with reverence.

Richard Petty With The Statue Of Him And His Wife Linda Petty In Randleman
Richard Petty With The Statue Of Him And His Wife Linda Petty In Randleman (Source: YES! Weekly)

Dr. Bob Shackleford, esteemed former president of Randolph Community College, lauded the collaborative spirit underpinning the park’s conception.

He praised local artisans, particularly singling out the skilled sculptors Ed and Melissa Walker for their invaluable contributions.

Ed Walker emphasized meticulous attention to detail in crafting the centerpiece statue, highlighting the profound bond between Richard and Lynda Petty.

Richard Petty expressed gratitude for the tribute, reminiscing about the park’s significance near his former school.

At the same time, Kyle Petty echoed the sentiment, honoring his late mother’s legacy as a community advocate.

Similarly, the family’s commitment to Randleman was highlighted through their philanthropic endeavors, including the Petty Family Foundation.

Rebecca Petty Moffitt shared pride in the family’s roots and the attraction of the Petty Museum and Garage, drawing global visitors to Randolph County.

Moreover, Jeff Freeman of the Randleman Chamber of Commerce paid tribute to the Petty family’s enduring legacy, describing them as champions in life’s circle.

Richard Petty departed for the Martinsville Speedway, continuing his iconic racing career as “The King.”

At last, the Richard Petty Tribute Park stands as a symbol of his unmatched accomplishments in NASCAR, reflecting his lasting influence on the sport.

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