Emil Zatopek’s Net Worth: Personal Life & Career

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From his beginnings to the pinnacle, Emil Zatopek lived his life the way most of us wish to live it. Emil Zatopek’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 Million to $5 Million.

It’s no surprise that he’s one of the most successful runners in history. Therefore, Emil is one of the wealthiest and most well-liked athletes of all time.

This legendary runner was born on September 19, 1922, in Moravia, Czechoslovakia, and died on November 22 from brain hemorrhages and strokes at the age of 78.

Emil Zatopek Net Worth
Emil Zatopek at 1952 Helsinki Olympic.

Topek, now regarded as a legend, began his running career while employed at the Bata shoe factory. It occurred when their sports manager coach requested that he and three other children compete in a 1500 meter race.

He didn’t like running at first, but he had a strong ambition to win, and as time went on, Emil grew to enjoy it. Emil had to rely on his willpower because he lacked natural skills.

Emil Zatopek is one of the world’s best runners, but do you know anything about his wealth and personal life? Here are some quick facts about Emil before you get to know him.

Emil Zatopek Net Worth | Quick Facts

Full Name Emil Zatopek
Date of Birth 19 September 1922
Zodiac sign Virgo
Father’s Name Frantisek Zátopek
Mother’s Name Anezka Zátopek
Wife’s Name Dana Zátopek
Nick Name Czech Locomotive, Emil the Terrible, The bouncing Czech, Topek 
Net Worth $1 Million – $5 Million
Nationality Czechoslovak
Birth Place Koprivnice, Czechia
Age Died at the age of 78 
Height 1.82 meter, 6’1″
Weight 72 kg/159 lbs
Profession Long-distance Runner
Club TJ Gottwaldov, Zlín Dukla Praha
Representing Czechoslovakia
Sibling  Unavailable
Date of Death 22 November 2000
Died Place  Prague, Czech
Social Media Not Available
Last Update July, 2024

Emily Zatopek’s Net Worth and Income

Net worth

As previously stated, Emil Zatopek’s net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million. However, because he preferred to keep matters private, nothing is known.

Emil’s income was exclusively dependent on his principal profession as a runner, according to various surveys. However, he did serve in the Czech army.

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Even though Emil Zatopek kept his personal life private, we can estimate his profits based on his work history. He was a full-time runner who also served in the army.

Similarly, a senior-level runner in the Czech Republic earned roughly 470,238 K (USD 22,077).

And “the bouncing Czech” is a well-known senior runner from all over the world. So, we can confidently assume that he must be well compensated during his career.

Emil Zatopek Net Worth
Emil Zatopek in Czech Army Uniform

Emil continued his army career after returning from his primary profession as a runner. In 1964, he was promoted to Colonel. The former runner even held a job at the Ministry of Defense.

Emil Zatopek’s Net Worth: Lifestyle & Vacations

Zatopek was highlighted as the Greatest Runner of All Time by Runner’s World magazine in 2013. Despite being considered the best runner of all time, Emil Zatopek was not the most naturally talented athlete.

He lacked raw speed; his long-distance competitors Gaston Reiff of Belgium and Christopher Chataway of the United Kingdom were seven and nine seconds faster, respectively.

Emil’s resting pulse rate was around the mid-fifties when he started his career, and his blood pressure was high. In other words, he was a regular person who lacked a natural ability for running.

Emil- The greatest runner of all tim
Emil- The greatest runner of all time

Emil’s perseverance, inner strength, and drive to keep pushing forward made him the greatest. Zátopek always believed that “if a man wants to change, he can achieve” attitude was all that was required; all it took was effort, dedication, and willpower.

Emil, on the other hand, improved both physically and emotionally. Finally, Zatopek spent his entire life training, not taking a single day off due to laziness. The celebrated athlete has no vacation records because he is constantly focused on his career and training rather than taking time off.

Emil Zatopek’s Net Worth: Book Publication

Emil Zapotek, the most excellent runner of all time, could not be forgotten. His life has been documented in two novels. The two works are Richard Askwith’s “Today We Die a Little: The Rise and Fall of Emil Zátopek, Olympic Legend” and Rick Broadbent’s Endurance: The Extraordinary Life and Time of Emil Zátopek.”

Both books are highly recommended for reading because the author discusses Emil’s life. It also explains how he schooled his mind and body every day despite the absence of inherent skill.

Emil’s unwavering devotion also helped him win five gold at the Olympics. He won gold and silver in the 10,000-meter and 5,000-meter races, respectively, in 1948.

Emil also won three gold medals at the 1952 Olympics, in the 10,000-meter run, the 5,000-meter run, and the marathon. His training and hard work was the key to his success. Zatopek also achieved it without the help of a coach or a training partner because no one could keep up with him.

Emil Zatopek: Childhood

Emil Zatopek was born and brought up in Koprivnice, Czechoslovakia, on September 19, 1922. Zatopek was born into an impoverished household and was forced to begin working at 16 to help support his family. He was the family’s sixth child.

In Zlin, he got his first work in a Bata shoe factory. This is where he began his running career. The factory’s sports coach invited him and three others to compete in a 1,500m race one day. He refused to run, claiming that he was ineligible and weak.

He was awarded a ‘No Ailment Certificate’ after a doctor’s examination. Now Zatopek had no choice but to run, and he did it admirably by finishing second in the race.

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Emil Zatopek Net Worth: Career

Emil, like everyone else, lost some of the best years of his career when the Germans controlled Czechoslovakia during WWII. But, even on those days, he was hard at work training and improving his running.

Emil made news for the first time at the London Olympics when he was 26 years old. In that game, he earned a gold medal in the 10,000-meter race and a silver medal in the 5,000-meter race.

Zatopek’s middle-distance running career expanded after winning the race in 1948 as he continued to shatter world records.

It was the 1952 Helsinki Olympic Games, which would prove to be Zátopek’s most remarkable achievement. Emil pulled off one of the most incredible Olympic achievements ever, one that will never be duplicated.

Due to a gland infection, Zátopek was told he couldn’t play two months before the game. He disobeyed the doctor’s orders and earned three gold medals in the process.

Emil Zatopek held eight world running records at the end of 1953, making him the only man to welcome so many records at the same time. He broke 18 world records in all.

Emil Zatopek | Personal Life

Dana Zátopková (born the same day and year as her husband) is a gold medal holder in the javelin throw in the 1952 Olympics, just seconds after Emil won the 5,000 m; she finished second at the 1960 Olympics.

Emil tried to credit his wife’s Olympic success during her news conference, claiming that his victory in the 5,000 m had “inspired” her. Dana’s angry retort was, “Is that true? Okay, go motivate another girl and see if she can throw a fifty-meter javelin!”

Emil Zatopek Net Worth
Emil with his wife

Zátopek was recognized for his outgoing attitude and ability to communicate in six languages. International athletes that he had met at contests paid him regular visits at his home in Prague. Gordon Pirie, a British opponent, called it “the merriest and gayest mansion I’ve ever been in.”

In Prague in 1957, Emil and Dana were witnesses at the wedding of Olympic gold winner Olga Fikotová and Harold Connolly. Furthermore, at the peak of the Cold War within the countries, Emil had approached Czechoslovak President Antonn Zápotock, requesting assistance in obtaining a permit for national heroine Olga to marry American Connolly.

While it’s unclear how much this helped, they got permission unexpectedly a few days later.

Visit of Ron Clarke to his Emil’s place

When Australian Ron Clarke came to Prague for a race in 1966, Zátopek hosted him. Zátopek was well aware of Clarke’s poor luck.

He owned several middle-distance world records and had attempted to join his idol in the record books but had failed to win an Olympic gold medal (Billy Mills beat him in one of the biggest upsets in Olympic history).

After the visit, Zátopek presented Clarke with one of his gold medals from the 1952 Olympics.

Emil Zatopek Death and Legacy

Zátopek died of symptoms from a stroke on November 22, 2000, in Prague at 78. Leading figures from the international sports scene attended his funeral at Prague’s National Theatre.

In 1975, Zátopek received the Pierre de Coubertin medal (“True Spirit of Sportsmanship”). He was one among the first twelve athletes admitted into the IAAF Hall of Fame in 2012.

In September 2014, a life-size bronze statue of Zátopek was unveiled in Zln’s Stadium of Youth.

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Emil Zatopek Fun facts

  • Even though he won a lot, he never had any trophies at home. All of Zatopek’s prizes were given to friends, fans, or random people.
  • Zatopek’s one-of-a-kind triple Olympic gold medals earned him public acclaim, which shielded him from penalty.

Frequently Asked Questions

How did Emil Zatopek train for his career?

His usual workout consisted of 400m intervals with a 200m jog in between five 150-200m cycles with the same jog.

How did Emil Zatopek end up working in mines?

Emil was a high-ranking Communist Party official. He was later expelled, though, for supporting the 1968 democratic movement. As a result, Emil was forced to work in a hazardous mining environment.

Emil Zatopek finished his first marathon in Helsinki. At what time?

Emil Zátopek set a new Olympic record by finishing in 2 hours, 23 minutes, and 04 seconds. The next-closest finisher was over two and a half minutes behind Zátopek, demonstrating how extraordinary this marathon was given that he had never raced one before.

What is Emil Zatopek’s most well-known achievement?

Emil Zatopek is best known for scoring a “hat-trick” in Helsinki, a feat that has never been recreated.

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