Erin Hawksworth: Early Life, Career & Net Worth

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Erin Hawksworth is an Emmy award-winning Canadian-American sports reporter. An influential sports anchor of her time, Hawksworth was introduced to sports and journalism from a young age.

This Canadian Journalist is one of the most popular sports reporters who has had a prosperous career as a sports anchor.

Her enthusiasm and charisma have helped capture audiences’ hearts and cemented her name as one of a distinguished sports reporter.

Hawksworth’s passion for sports can be accredited to her family, coming from a line of sports enthusiasts. Regarding her academics, She studied Journalism as her major and started her career as an intern for NBC.

Erin Hawksworth
Erin Hawksworth on Ravens Report

Quick Facts about Erin Hawksworth

Before proceeding further, Let’s take a look at some quick facts about this motivating character. 

Full Name Erin Hawksworth
Birth Date  March 31, 1981
Birth Place Vancouver, Canada
Nationality Canadian
Ethnicity White
Education Skyline High School and Eastlake High School

Arizona State University

Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication

American University 

Father’s Name Mark Hawksworth
Siblings Blake Hawksworth
Spouse Unknown
Profession Reporter, Anchor
Horoscope Aries
Active years 2002- present
Net Worth $2 million
Salary $135,000 per year
Height 5’9″
Social media(Followers) Instagram(31.9K) @erinhawksworth

Twitter(26.3K) @ErinHawksworth

Last Update April, 2024

About Erin Hawksworth

Erin Hawksworth is a Canadian by birth. She is of caucasian ethnicity. Hawksworth is of Cree descendent, meaning Hawksworth is a native of Canada. She is currently working as a sports reporter and anchor for WJLA-TV.

Her birth date (March 31) makes her an Aries. Moreover, her strong presence on camera and confidence makes Hawksworth an entertaining host.

She is an Aries, after all; Bold and ambitious. 

Erin Hawksworth
Erin Hawksworth on Post Game Special

Furthermore, Erin is a hard-working woman. It is no wonder why people look up to her as a role model.

Today we will be exploring the extraordinary life of Erin Hawksworth. Here, We will talk about her early life, education, career, net worth, etc.

Erin Hawksworth | Early Life and Family

Erin Lynn Hawksworth was born on March 31, 1981, AD, in Vancouver, Canada. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find much information about her upbringing; She has been very private about her personal life.

However, based on the limited information we have gathered, it is safe to speculate that her interest in sports might have developed from a very young age. Her father, Mark Hawksworth, was a Highschool baseball coach.

Her brother Blake Hawksworth is a former Major league baseball pitcher and current pitching coach for Grand Canyon University; She has Furthermore, Her grandfather is the late Jack Poole (1933-2009), the VANOC bid committee head.

Growing up in an environment full of athletes and her being a junior Olympics has made a huge impact on her love for sports journalism. Today, she beautifully does the job that she has always been passionate about.

Erin Hawksworth
Erin Hawksworth

Erin is a former junior Olympics swimmer, but she did not pursue this to the senior level. She opted to become a sports reporter instead, combining her journalism skills and her love for sports. She has never failed to disappoint her viewers. 

Jack Poole

Erin happens to be the granddaughter of Canadian businessman Jack Poole. Poole was the head of the VANOC bid committee. He contributed to bringing the 2010 Winter Olympics to Canada.

Poole died of pancreatic cancer on October 23, 2009. He was inducted into the Canadian Olympic Hall of Fame in October 2019.

Erin Hawksworth | Age and Height

Erin Hawksworth was born on March 31, 1981 and is 43 years old as of April, 2024.

Considering all the accomplishments she has made in such a short period. Anybody can see how hard she must be working for her success. It is something everybody should learn.

Also, Hawksworth is a beautiful, strong lady. She is breathtakingly attractive. She is 5’9″ (1.75m). Her easy-going attitude, strong voice, and beauty are sure to turn her harshest of critics into a supporter.

It is because of these qualities that make Erin Hawksworth a beloved reporter among sports fans.    

Erin Hawksworth | Education Qualification

Erin Hawksworth attended Skyline High School and Eastlake High School in her hometown. She graduated from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication. 

After earning a scholarship, she attended Arizona State University from 2000 to 2004. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts, Journalism, and Mass Communication major.

Erin Hawksworth

During her time at the Arizona State University, for the sake of improving herself in the relative field, she went to the American University to study Journalism for a year from 2002 to 2003.

Education Date
Skyline High School school

Eastlake High School High

Walter Cronkite School Unknown
Arizona State University 2000-2004
American University 2002-2003

Erin Hawksworth | Professional Career

Hawksworth began her career as a consumer intern for NBC in 2002. She worked as a consumer intern for five months. In 2004, Hawksworth had the opportunity to cover the Athens Summer Olympics in Greece for NBC sports.

After her return, Hawksworth became a reporter and morning anchor at KJCT Channel 8, where she worked for a year and a half. After her time in KJCT, she worked as a sports reporter for WFAA-TV in Dallas for two years.

She worked for the Tribune Company in Seattle as a morning anchor, sports anchor, and reporter from 2010 to 2012. Later Hawksworth joined the Rogers Communication in Toronto, Canada as a national sports anchor.

In 2014, after Hawksworth left Rogers Communication. She moved to CNN to work as a World Sports Anchor. However, she only worked there for a year and six months.

Erin Hawksworth
Erin Hawksworth at work

Currently, She is working for WJLA- TV as its sports anchor and reporter. She is the only female sports radio host on 106.7 The Fan.

Talking about her career, Hawksworth has an impressive resume. She has worked with many reputable media companies throughout her career.

Because of all her accomplishments, she was named one of the 40 most influential sports reporters of 2013 by Bleacher Report. Furthermore, she has worked with well-known athletes like Fred Smoot, etc. 

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Her contribution to the field of sports and journalism is genuinely magnificent. At just 39, she is still going strong on her reporting. 

Erin Hawksworth’s Husband

Hawksworth has kept her relationship status very private. But, in her recent Instagram post, she has revealed that she is pregnant with a baby girl.

Unfortunately, the information about her spouse is still unknown, and we will keep you updated about her relationship status once the information is available to us.

 That aside, we would like to congratulate Hawksworth and wish her good fortune for her ascend to motherhood. 

Erin Hawksworth | Net Worth and Salary 

The estimated net worth of this influential reporter is said to be $2 million. It is no surprise she is worth this much. She should be worth more, in my opinion. Furthermore, her annual salary is reported at $135,000. 

The estimated net worth of Erin Hawksworth is said to be $2 million.

Similarly, She makes extra money from making her appearance as a guest host on other stations as sports analysts. She has also made a cameo on ‘Saving Silverman’ in 2001 and Mr. Clean’s commercial in 2014. 

Erin Hawksworth | Social Media Handles

Erin Hawksworth has many followers on her social media account, with 26.3 thousand followers on Twitter and 31.9 thousand followers on Instagram.

If you are a fan of Hawksworth, or if you want to know more about her, make sure you check out her social media account. 

She recently revealed via her Instagram post that she is pregnant. This independent woman with a heart of gold will make a lovely mother.

On behalf of all the people Hawksworth inspired, we express our salute to the awe-inspiring Erin Hawksworth. Best wishes for the upcoming. 

Erin Hawksworth
Erin Hawksworth

The life of Erin Hawksworth has been anything but simple. The way she has been able to manage her life on and off camera. A role model to many and a future mother; It is a difficult task, but for a superwoman like Hawksworth, there is ‘no mountain too high.’

Erin Hawksworth | FAQs

Is Erin Hawksworth Engaged?

She has not revealed any information about her relationship status right now. However, she recently announced that she was pregnant.

It is safe to assume she is in a relationship. Nevertheless, we have no information regarding her baby daddy, and it seems like she does not want to disclose his identity anytime soon. 

What is the age of Erin Hawksworth?

As of 2024, Erin is 31 years old.

Will Hawksworth retire?

Only time will tell as to what this strong and independent woman will decide on; stay tuned, and we will keep you updated about our favorite Sports anchor.

Where did Erin Hawksworth go?

Hawksworth is living a wonderful life in her hometown Toronto. Suppose you want to know more about her well-being. Make sure you follow her on Twitter or Instagram.

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Is Erin Hawksworth planning to leave WJLA?

Erin has most probably left WJLA and is now the host of BetQL Daily.

Was Erin Hawksworth on the Ravens report?

Yes, she is in the cast of Ravens report. 

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