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The first overall 2023 NBA draft pick, Victor Wembanya, got his basketball influence from his elder sister Eve Wembanyama. She represented the French basketball team in the 2021 U20 Women’s European Challengers.

Victor & Eve also have the youngest brother named Oscar Wembanyama, who began his basketball career with LDLC ASVEL Villeurbanne (of ANGT) in 2023.

Well, their inclination to sports comes as no surprise, given that the Wembanya siblings were raised by athletic parents: Felix and Elodie.

Victor Wembanyana, the French-born basketball player, was projected to be the No.1 pick in the 2023 NBA draft, ahead of the projected 2nd overall pick Scoot Henderson.

Victor Wembanyama Sister
Victor Wembanyama Looks Ready To Make The Dunk During A Game In October 2022 (Source: Instagram)

The 7 feet 3 inches (2.2 m) tall player played for Metropolitans 92 (2022-2023), having started his career in 2019 with Nanterre 92 & then with ASVEL (2021-22).

The 20-year-old stirred some talks among the netizens as he mentioned Kevin Durant and Giannis Antetokounmpo as his idols, leaving out LeBron James from the list.

Victor Wembanyama Sister, Eve Wembanyama: Age, Height, Ethnicity, And Instagram

Born on December 10, 2001, Wembanyama is currently 22 years old. The Wembanyama siblings come from a mixed ethnic background, Congolese and French descent.

Victor Wembanyama’s sister, Eve Wembanyama, plays for the French LF2 team, Monaco. 

Eve joined Monaco in the 2022-23 season and previously played for Lyon Basket féminin (2019-20) of LFB & Calais (2020-22) of the LF2.

With the France national basketball team, she won a gold medal at the FIBA U16 level and European Championship in 2017.

Victor Wembanyama Sister
Eve Wembanyama Seen In Action For Monaco Basket In January 2023 (Source: Instagram)

The oldest of three siblings, Eve is active on Instagram (@eve_wemba), where she shares pictures of her daily activities.

It’s funny to point out the fact that despite being 6 feet. 1 inch (1.85 m), she is the shortest one in the family. Though Eve’s stature isn’t an everyday phenomenon compared to many other girls.

Victor Wembanyama Brother, Oscar Wembanyama

Victor Wembanyama’s younger brother, Oscar Wembanyama, has already been tipped for success. 

Born on March 18, 2007, Oscar is 6 feet 5 inches (1.95 m) tall and plays for ASVEL-Villeurbane. The 17-year-old only started playing basketball in 2020.

Unlike his brother and sister, Oscar was more enthralled by handball, and it was because of his mother Oscar started to play basketball. 

Victor Wembanyama Sister
Oscar Wembanyama Seen In Action In August 2022 At Maurice-Thorez Sports Palace (Source: Instagram)

In an interview, Oscar said he wanted to replicate his siblings’ success when it comes to international stages. His siblings are French Champions, and Oscar also wants to wear the gold medal around his neck. 

Oscar made his professional debut in 2020 with Nanterre’s U15 team and won his first trophy. In November 2022, the ASVEL picked him.

But before he signed with ASVEL, Oscar showed his talent to the American audience during the Axe Euro Tour.

There he played against the sons of LeBron James: Brony and Bryce, catching the attention of many fans.

Oscar has stated he wants to create his legacy and doesn’t want to remain in his brother’s shadow. And with the talent he possesses, it will only be a few seasons before we see another Wembanyama added to NBA.

Victor Wembanyama Parents

Victor was not the first in his family to have a passion for sports. His parents, Felix Wembanyama and Elodie de Fautereau, are also into sports and played basketball at some point.

His mother, Elodie, was the one who taught him and his sister, Eve, how to play basketball.

Elodie is a youth basketball coach and a former player. 

All and all, the Wembanyama parents encouraged their three kids to pursue their professional basketball ambition.

However, they did not put any pressure on them but stood by their kids and supported their ambitions.

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