Bryce Maximus James: Who is LeBron James’s son?

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Bryce Maximum James, a 15-year-old youngest son and middle child of LeBron James- one of the greatest players in NBA history and  Savannah James, is a rising young basketball player and a living example of the saying, “The apple doesn’t fall far; from the tree.” 

A former schoolboy from Sierra Canyon High School and a 9th grader, Bryce Maximum James, is on a  journey to carry his father’s tradition and legacy.

The LA Lakers star said that he considered Bryce James, the shooter in the family. LeBron stated that his 11-year-old was already the “best shooter in the household” in 2018.

Bryce is expected to be a future NBA player by 2026, and by the time James will be retired.

James often keeps tweeting about his son. Sharing a 48-second clip, he once tweeted, “Yes, he is!! Sniper“, sharing a video clip on his Twitter handle.

Bryce James in the game
Bryce James in the game ( Source: Instagram)

Fifteen years old Bryce, currently playing for the Strive For Greatness AAU team and  Sierra Canyon School,  is starting to make his name in the sport.

Some valuators believe Bryce could be a better NBA prospect than his elder brother Bronny James.

The Mega Player Lebron tweeted, “We just working! Stay low and stay locked in!” while watching his son play on the court.

Before he turns out into an NBA lion, let’s peek inside the cub’s details!

Bryce James | Quick Facts

Full Name Bryce Maximus James
Date of Birth June 14, 2007
Birth Place Cleveland, Ohio
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Ethnicity American-African
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Age 16 years old
Shoe size Not known (> UK Size 7)
Height 6’4″ (195 cm)
Weight 69 kg/152.119 lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Dark Brown
Jersey Number 6
Body measurements (chest-waist-hip) 38-28-35 inches
Biceps size 16 inches
Tattoo Not yet
Father’s Name LeBron James
Mother’s Name Savannah Brinson
Siblings  Bronny James (Brother), Zhuri Nova James (Sister)
School Name/Education
  • Old Trail School
  • Crossroads School
  • Sierra Canyon School
Profession Basketball Player
Position Shooting Guard
Affiliations Sierra Canyon
(Los Angeles, California)
GodFather Chris Paul
Net Worth $1 million (approximately)
Social Media Instagram
LeBron James’ Merch  Jersey, Autographed Items
Last Update May, 2024

LeBron James’s Son – Bryce James

On June 14, 2007, when America was heated on the NBA Final, LeBron was in the hospital waiting for Savanna Briston to bring their most immense joy into the world.

Bryce James, their new wonder boy, was born in Cleaveland, Ohio. Chris Paul, who accompanied LeBron to the hospital, later happened to be the godfather.

The next day, despite losing their final match against Spurs, LeBron was undeniably the happiest guy on the planet.

Bryce is the younger son and the middle child of his athlete parents. His brother Bronny, who has been in the constant spotlight in media, and his sister Zhuri Nova currently reside in Brentwood, Los Angeles, the USA.

Bryce James | family

Father – LeBron James

You can not claim to be a basketball fan unless you are familiar with LeBron James.

Breaking many records, he is considered one of the greatest players in the history of the NBA, often compared to Michael Jordon and Kobe Bryant.

James Family
James Family (Source: Instagram)

Likewise, LeBron has earned four titles making it to NBA final for eight consecutive years and winning four NBA Final MVPs. So he indeed has lived up to his nickname ‘King James.’

Mother – Savannah Brinson 

Savannah is a 35-year-old interior designer, successful entrepreneur, businesswoman, and philanthropist. However, she also has an athletic background before marrying LeBron James.

Brinson was a softball player and cheerleader in high school. LeBron and Savannah are the cute high school sweetheart who later tied the knot in 2013 and now live as a happily married couple.

Siblings l Bronny James & Zhuri James

His 17-years-old brother, Bronny James, is arguably the most well-known high school basketball player in the United States. 

Likewise, Zhuri James is seven years younger than Bryce, who also attends Sierra Canyon School. She runs her youtube channel named All Things Zhuri.

Bryce James | Career

James has a natural flair for basketball, like his father and older brother. His father, in many instances, has praised and affirmed Bryce to be the best shooter in his family. 

Besides basketball, he is also interested in soccer; however, his father has restricted him from playing football and ice hockey over his safety concern.  

He undoubtedly demonstrated his promise in basketball and as a bearer of his father’s legacy at nine, following the prep basketball circuit.

After a few years, he began receiving several offers from clubs in Duke, Kentucky.

Bryce James watching game
Bryce James watching the game ( Source: Instagram)

He began playing with the ‘North Coast Blue Chips’ at the Amateur Athletes Union (AAU) level, following in his brother’s footsteps. Likewise, he received offers from several NCAA Division 1 school.

Over the years, Bryce has dominated the AAU scene with his exceptional shooting and passing skills. 

Later, in 2018, he enrolled at Crossroad School and was part of many AAU basketball teams.

Following his father’s footsteps

Even though we knew little about him, he became a hot topic among the public after the game in December, gaining their attention.

James was highly praised for his exceptional ball-handling skills and athleticism.

With the accurate three-point sharpshooting skill and body stature resembling his father, he is predicted to be the next NBA superstar.

He is currently a Sierra Canyon student pursuing a basketball career. He now plays as a shooting guard for the 15U Strive for the greatness squad. 

Although Bryce has not received as much attention as his brother, the general public expects him to surpass members of the James family and reign supreme shortly.

Bryce James | Age, Height & Weight

Basketball is a physically grueling sport that requires the ideal height and weight to get an edge, prevent injuries, and make more precise shots during games.

It is, without a doubt, a crucial factor in defining one’s level of sportsmanship in the future.

Bryce, however, is born with a very gifted physical attribute with a towering height of 6 feet 4 inches tall, weighing 55 kg at the age of 15.

As mentioned earlier, with a physique resembling his father, he is projected to be an excellent athlete as he has just entered a growth spurt.

Likewise, James was born on June 14, 2007, under the zodiac sign of Gemini.  

Bryce James | Girlfriend & Controversy

Bryce James, a young teen who has just entered puberty, is unquestionably too young to have a girlfriend. But on the other hand, his charisma is undeniable, so it is not surprising to have a swarm of girls swooning over him.

If he luckily found his significant other, it is still concealed from the public. Fortunately, he has never been involved in any controversy. 

Aside from that, he has been entirely goal-oriented and focused on his personal and professional life, lying low in the online community today.

Bryce James | Social Media Presence

Bryce is a newcomer to Instagram. Because of their fear of the harsh online community, his parents would not allow their kids to establish an Instagram account until they were 14.

As soon as he reached the age, his father welcomed him into the Instagram world.

As of now, James has 402 thousand followers with thousands of likes on each post.

James Family Christmas Holiday
James Family Christmas Holiday (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, he seems inclined more toward Tiktok as it has given him a correct platform to showcase his love for dance with the various dance moves.

He has shown many aspects of himself and his family, from dancing and playing with his family to posting content on Tiktok.

Some FAQs

Is Bryce good at basketball?

Yes, he is considered the next sensation in the basketball scene. His father and the media have considered him the great shooter behind the arc, i.e., a three-point sharpshooter.

Who is the godfather of Bryce James?

Chris Paul, the professional basketball player, nicknamed CP3, is the godfather of Bryce James.

LeBron stated in the interview that he accompanied him to the hospital during the birth of Bryce and later happened to be the godfather. 

What grade is Bryce James?

He has recently graduated from middle school, is now in high school, and is a ninth-grader. He is supposed to be in the Class of 2025. 

Bryce has grown taller than his brother Bronny. Bronny is around 6’3”, while Bryce is as tall as 6’4”.

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  1. Bryce, however, is born with a very gifted physical attribute with a towering height of (5 feet 6 inches tall), weighing 55 kg at the age of 14.
    6 feet 5 inches tall


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