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Fan Zhendong is the world champion of the table tennis game, which has earned an estimated net worth of $5 million as of 2024. 

Notably, Fan Zhendong is currently at the peak of his success. Furthermore, he is the 54th most popular table tennis player globally.

Moreover, the Chinese native Fan Zhendong is the 19th most popular Chinese Table Tennis Player globally.

Nevertheless, Fan Zhendong is currently ranked world No. 1 for men’s singles by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF).

Fan Zhendong
Fan Zhendong, after Winning TTF Championship

Notably, Fan Zhendong was featured in Table Tennis World Magazine and reviewed his accomplishments during the second leg of the Chinese Olympic Scrimmages.

Furthermore, at the time, he won against Xu Xin 4–3 in the final after a 3-1 deficit.

Quick Facts

Name Fan Zhendong
Nickname “pinyin”
Birthdate 22 January 1997 
Birthplace Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
Age 27 years old
Gender Male
Height 1.73 m (5’8″)
Weight 77 kg (170 lb)
Zodiac sign Scorpio
Chinese Zodiac Horse
Nationality Chinese 
Body Type Athletic
Hair color Black
Skin White
Eye Color Black And Brown
Player Table Tennis Player
Class World Champion
Profession Table Tennis
Position N/A
Education Not known
Jersey Number Not known
MLB Debut 2012
Teams Chinese National Team Of Table Tennis
Father Yu Zhendong
Sibling Rin Zhendong 
Relationship status Single
Social Media Not Available 
Net Worth $5 million
Spartans Merch  Jersey, TT Racket
Last Update May, 2024

Fan Zhendong Salary And Earning History

Fan Zhendong has earned enormous wealth through his exceptional table tennis professional career.

Moreover, coming straight out of China, Fan Zhendong has an average salary of thousands of dollars as of 2024.

However, his current salary is not disclosed  due to a lack of authentic reports.

Moreover, in 2019, he has won several tournaments through which he has earned millions.

Likewise, he has won three cups in Men’s single tournaments in Germany, Austria, and China.

Winning a men’s single tournament earns his staggering prize money of $1,001,000.

Likewise, by winning three tournaments in 2019, he has cashed several million dollars.

For instance, he won $100,000, as he ended up his journey in the semi-final in Sweden in 2019.

In addition to that, he won the ITTF World Tour Czech. According to the source, he received 150,000 US dollars in prizes.

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Zhendong Net Worth In Different Currencies 

Nowadays, people love to see their favorite players’ incomes and net worth in various currencies.

Here, we present the net worth of Fan Zhendong in different currencies. 

Currency Net Worth
Euro €24,225,325
Pound Sterling £3,608,075
Australian Dollar $6,688,070
Canadian Dollar $6,265,575
Indian Rupee ₹372,610,000
BitCoin ฿153.89

Fan Zhendong Incomes Overview

Fan Zhendong is currently the world’s best table tennis player. So naturally, it’s evident that he is earning a hefty amount of prize money.  

Similarly, in 2018, he won the men’s single world tournament in Kazakhstan, where he received prize money of $1,670,00.

Moreover, in the same year, he also won the tournaments in Hungary and Qatar.

Nevertheless, Hungar’s open tournament prize money was $170,000, and Qatar’s available prize was $400,000.

Additionally, he has amassed quite a good fortune by winning these two world-class tournaments.

In fact, not only from men’s singles tournaments, but he has also accumulated massive wealth by winning multiple Men’s double world table tennis tournaments.

Most recently, he won China open with Xu Xin in China, which earned them to claim prize money worth $250,000.

Fan Zhendong and his Partner Xu Xin
Fan Zhendong and his Partner Xu Xin

Furthermore, with his partner, Xu Xin, he has also won the tournament in Sweden, whose prize poll was $150,000 each.

Nevertheless, he also won the tournament in Japan, South Korea, and Australia in the same year.

He and his partner have earned thousands of dollars in cash by winning these tournaments.

Early Income and Earning of Fan Zhendong

His winning list is phenomenal. Therefore, he has won so many cups and leagues so far.

However, it was 2014 when he won his first World Team Table Tennis Championships in Japan. Additionally, by winning it, he earned $200,000.

Nevertheless, in the same, he also won the table tennis World Cup in Dubai, whose prize money was $150,000.

Furthermore, Fan Zhendong won three major leagues in London, Germany, and France in 2017.

Without a doubt, by winning these tournaments, he must have earned checks in the five-digit figures.

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Fan Zhendong Sponsorship and Endorsement Deals

Being the world’s best tennis player, he has sponsorship and endorsement deals from various companies.

Moreover, he is receiving a tremendous amount of money through these endorsement deals.

Furthermore, first on the list is World famous brand Stiga. However, after winning the 2018 world championship, he and Stiga signed a 3-year deal. 

Nevertheless, according to the contract, Fan Zhendong is liable to promote Stiga products, and in return, he will receive thousands of dollars.

Likewise, he is also endorsed by the Japanese company Butterfly. Moreover, Fan Zhendong promotes their equipment and products in most of his games.

Nevertheless, by doing so, Fan Zhendong is earning income in thousands.

Fan Zhendong Carrer Overview

Since Fan Zhendong’s early days, he has been an exceptional player. He became the youngest ITTF World Tour Champion and the youngest table champion after joining the Chinese National Table Tennis Squad in 2012.

In addition to that, for 29 straight months, starting in November 2015, he reached the leading position in the world after holding position No. 2.

Nevertheless, his steady growth and straight win made him one of the world’s top table tennis players. 

He has also won the gold medal in the 7th CISM Military World Games in Wuhan.

You can check Fan’s career ranking, world ranking, and highlights on ranking.ittf sites.

Playing Style, Stats, and Influence

A shaker with his right hand, Fan Zhendong uses his explosive ball effort and thunderstormy loops to end up his opponents. 

Moreover, Fan Zhendong playing seems like an assaultive style of table tennis because some of his shots can’t be beaten by the opponent.

Likewise, Fan Zhendong’s playful way was often contrasted with his older colleague Ma Long, who emerged as a 16-year-old marvelous child.

Not to mention, he has been taking the training and playing techniques by national team coach Wang Hao and Ma Lin.

Furthermore, Fan Zhendong is entirely speculative and anticipated, but he is unstoppable when he starts his game.

Besides, his boldness and skills enable him to win against highly qualified, skilled, and sometimes exhilarating players.

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Social Media Account

Being one of the most influential and prominent table tennis players, he has millions of followers worldwide.

However, mainstream social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Twitter are banned in China.

Therefore, Fan Zhendong is not active on any social media platform. It’s quite disappointing for his worldwide fan. 

Nevertheless, he is active on a Chinese social media account known as Weibo. Likewise, he has got half-million followers on his Weibo account.

Honors And Achievements

  • ITTF World Tour Grand Finals, Fan Zhengzhou (CHN) – Seniors – Winner, 2019
  • Fan Zhengzhou ITTF World Tour Platinum Austrian Open, Linz (AUT) – Seniors – Winner, 2019
  • In the 2019 ITTF World Tour Platinum German Open, Bremen (GER) – Seniors – Winner
  • ITTF Finals, Zhengzhou (CHN) – Seniors – Runner-up, 2020
  • In 2020 ITTF World Tour Platinum Qatar Open, Doha (QAT) – Seniors – Winner
  • ITTF World Tour Platinum German Open, Magdeburg (GER) – Seniors, 2020
  • 2018 – World Tour Grand Finals, Incheon (KOR) – Seniors – QF
  • 2018 – World Tour, Swedish Open, Stockholm (SWE) – Seniors -Winner
  • 2017 – World Tour Grand Finals, Astana (KAZ) – Seniors – Winner
  • 2017 – World Tour, Swedish Open, Stockholm (SWE) – Seniors – Runner-Up


What backhand rubber does Fan Zhendong use?

His backhand is a Red Tenergy 05. However, Fan Zhendong uses the butterfly blade with forehand rubber in actual competition. It’s a national blue sponge DHS Hurricane3.

Is Fan Zhendong The Greatest Table Tennis Player Of All Time?

The answer is simply no. Jan-Ove Waldner, a former Swedish table tennis player, is the most outstanding player.

However, he is breaking his record so far, and perhaps he could beat Jan Ove’s record in the future.

What happened to Fan Zhendong?

Zhendong suffered from a foot injury accidentally and stopped the game. After the incident, he was not able to win the game. After the recovery, he won the match with a record of 3-1.

Who are Zhendong’s parents? Is he married?

Zhendong is the proud son of Yu Zhendong, but his mother’s name is unavailable. Talking about the marital status, he is not married and also does not have a girlfriend for now.

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