Jan-Ove Waldner Net Worth: House & Endorsements

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Legendary Table Tennis player Jan-Ove Waldner has a net worth of $10 million.

China has been the undisputed king of table tennis for a long time. But everything changed when the Swedish guy Jan-Ove Waldner started playing.

His gameplay was so magical that soon enough, he joined the leagues of one of the best players in the world.

Waldner is among the five men who have achieved a career grand slam in table tennis along with many national and international titles.

Now 58 years old and retired, Waldner has left behind a legacy that many sportsmen worldwide strive to achieve.

Fans like to call him the ‘Mozart of table tennis,’ and rightly so. The champion is a maestro on the table.

Jan-Ove Waldner
Swedish Player Jan-Ove Waldner is a legendary Table Tennis Player

Besides that, he has earned many other nicknames, mostly back in china, where he is loved more than the Chinese players!

Chinese people lovingly called him ‘Lao Wa’ (old Waldner) or Cháng Qīng Shù, meaning ‘Evergreen tree’ (referring to his long career).

Old Waldner has had a fulfilling career with a range of accolades and millions in earnings.

In this article, we will thoroughly examine his net worth and his life. But first, here are some interesting quick facts:

Jan-Ove Waldner: Quick Facts

Full Name Jan-Ove Waldner (Swedish Name)
Common Name Jan-Ove Waldner
Nick Name The Mozart of tennis, Lao Wa (老瓦), Evergreen Tree
Birthdate 3 October 1965
Age 58 years old
Zodiac Sign Libra
Mother’s Name Marianne Waldner
Father’s Name Knut Åke Waldner
Siblings 1 elder brother, Kjell Åke Valdner
Birthplace Stockholm, Sweden
Home Town Stockholm, Sweden
Citizenship Sweden
Residence Blåsut, Johanneshov
School N/A
College N/A
Education High School
Height 5’10” (1.79 m)
Weight 78 kgs
Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Brown
Shoe Size N/A
Martial Status Unmarried
Partner None
Married  No
Children No
Profession Table tennis Player
Debut 1971 (first tournament)
Olympics Wins One gold, one silver
Awards International Swede of the Year, 2005
Playing Style Shakehand Grip
Highest Rank World no. 1
Status Retired
Hobbies Pool, Golf
Net Worth $10 million
Affiliated Brands Donic, Sjoo Sandstrom
Social Media Facebook
Website https://www.jo-waldner.com/
Merch Donic Waldner Racket, Book
Last-Update July, 2024

Jan-Ove Waldner Net Worth: Income and Salary

Table Tennis is not taken seriously as a professional sport in most of the part of the world. But, on the other hand, in countries like China, it enjoys widespread acclaim.

So generally, table tennis players don’t earn on the leagues of other sports stars do.

But Jan-Ove is a hero in his home country, China, and other places where table tennis is loved. He has earned a significant amount of prize money, salary from his clubs, endorsements, and business ventures.

During an interview, the legend stated that Table tennis is not exactly very profitable, and he could easily earn much more by business investments.

Ping-pong is most important and has always come first.

However, according to him, it is not the money that interests him so much. Waldner prioritizes the best game over money any day.

He does not hesitate to refuse tournaments with the big prize money if it disturbs his upload in any way. He would rather train for Olympic gold.

In his peak career, it is estimated that he earned up to $1 million yearly. Ove’s total net worth is estimated to be $10 million.

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Gambling Addiction

Waldner has also been very open about his former gambling addiction. He got rich and successful at a young age, meaning money was no longer a concern for him.

Subsequently, he started to look for places to spend it recklessly, and he discovered gambling.

Likewise, he started to gamble on sports, mostly football and trotting. The addiction was so mighty that he lost SEK 20-30,000 on a single evening one time. Still, he did not stop. 

When the media leaked some news about his addiction, he held a press conference and acknowledged it publicly.

Overall, he lost over 5 million on gambling.

Net Worth of Jan-Ove Waldner in Different Currencies

Here is a list of his net worth in different currencies:

Euro €6735708
Pound Sterling £5754360.8
Australian Dollar A$10686616
Canadian Dollar C$9958800
Indian Rupee 595900000
BitCoin ฿236

Jan-Ove Waldner Net Worth: House and Cars

If you are imagining the legend of having a huge luxurious mansion, then rethink it. Instead, he lives in a cozy apartment in Blåsut, Johanneshov. This is a 71 sq. meter condominium with three rooms located on the property’s fourth floor.

Since he lives alone, this apartment is enough for him. Although small, it has all the comfort he needs. 

The apartment also has a pool area. Jan loves ball games, especially the pool, so it is no surprise that his apartment has a pool area. This is where the former no. 1 likes to hang out with his friends when they come over.

Jan has a passion for drinks. Though he is not an alcoholic, he takes an interest in tasting different drinks, especially wines. His home has a collection of various exotic wines. 

He has also mentioned that the kitchen is his favorite part of the house. He loves cooking a mix of nordic and Asian cuisine. 

The estimated worth of his apartment is SEK 4,080,000.

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Like most of us, Jan appreciates having a car as a means of transportation. Being a rich and successful player means he can buy any car he wants.

Many sports come with prizes like cars along with the winning money. Meanwhile, he won his first car at the age of 16 after winning a pro tournament.

Although, surprisingly, he doesn’t drive a car himself, he prefers to ride as a passenger. 

Moreover, it is a means to save time as being in the passenger seat gives him time to think and work.

His favorite choices of cars are hybrid BMW, Porsche, or Volvo. A big lover of nature, Jan prefers cars with built-in environmental considerations. 

Jan-Ove Waldner Net Worth: Business

When his TT career was flourishing, he also made few business moves. For example, he opened a restaurant in China that offered a mix of nordic and Asian cuisine.

It was famous for its Swedish meatballs. It was his way of introducing his culture to the fans in China.

Moreover, he is also on the board of his company JO Waldner AB. In 2019, the company had sales of 1.1 million SWK.

Jan-Ove Waldner Net Worth: Endorsements

Jan has had deals with many companies over the year. Being a famous face in Sweden in China made him more popular with the brands in these countries.

Donis tennis Brand, Sjöö Sandström watchmaker, Kyani Sports are some of his most notable deals.

During the 1990s, he was a highly recognized face in China. He worked with a lot of Chinese brands during that era.

Jan-Ove Waldner Net Worth: Lifestyle

Of course, after earning a lot through your hard work, you develop a lifestyle that reflects it. Waldner is no different in this matter. Though he is not the one to flaunt his money, who doesn’t like luxury? 

His website lists all of his favorite brands, and we have to say he has an impeccable style.

Waldner likes to dress smart. When he is playing, he favors comfort and functionality in his dress. But he likes to dress in stylish branded outfits during special occasions.

Talking about his shoes, his favorite shoe brands are Llyod, Tiger of Sweden, and Hugo Boss.

Jan-Ove Waldner Golf
The Table Tennis Superstar likes to play Golf.

Sjoo Sandstrom is hos to-go brand for luxurious watches. These Swedish Handmade watches reek of elegance and refinery, just like our dear Lao Wa.

Similarly, he lives sunglasses by popular brands like Hugo Boss, Gucci Armani, Sand, and Tiger of Sweden.

Waldner’s favorite sunglasses are the ones with sleek frames and high-quality frames. He owns several pairs, but his favorite ones are from Arnette.

What is more, he likes playing ball games, mostly Pool, and Golf.

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Jan-Ove Waldner: Career

At six years old, he fell in love with the sport. He especially liked that he could play against his older brother, as tennis is a sport with no age group.

He proved his competence when at 16 years old, he reached the finals of the European championships. During the learning process, he frequently traveled to national-level training camps in China and other Swedish players.

In the 1992 Olympics, he earned a gold medal in singles. The same year, Jan was awarded the Svenska Dagbladet Gold Medal, awarded to the ‘most significant Swedish sports achievement of the year.

Along with the Olympics, he also won the world championships singles event in 1989 and 1997.

Similarly, she also had won a world cup singles event in 1990. These three achievements combined are known as the grand lam of TT, and Jan-Ove is one of the few to achieve this feat.

In February 2016, Jan-Ove played his last game in the Swedish first league before officially announcing his retirement.

Jan-Ove Waldner: Social Media

Though he is not exactly from the era of social media bling, he loves communicating to fans through his Facebook. He frequently posts his whereabouts, his new ventures, and throwback pictures. 

Likewise, Waldner gives out most of his information about himself via his official website. One can also read his blog on the website.

Facebook: 34k followers

Website: https://www.jo-waldner.com/

Instagram: N/A

Twitter: N/A

Jan-Ove Waldner: Interesting facts

  • During the 1990s, Waldner was so popular in China that it was considered, more people recognized Lao Wa than the then U.S President Bill Clinton. This face in advertising sold anything. And people flocked to his restaurant to meet people. 
  • The champion is featured on a Chinese postal stamp! The legend was honored in 2013 with postal stamps that pictured him ready to serve a ball. The stamps went on sale and immediately sold 3 million copies. It is important to mention that he was the first living foreigner to be pictured on a Chinese stamp.
  • For 17 years, Jan Ove was never out of the top 10 of the world rankings. The TT player ranked No. 1 in the world for 823 days and No. 1 in the world for 534 consecutive days.


  • “I am standing when the ball comes; that’s why I don’t have to move. I can read the game.” 

Jan-Ove Waldner: Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Jan-Ove waldner dating?

Jan-Ove had spent almost all of his life prioritizing tennis over his personal life. Fans believe that he was too busy achieving medals when he had an active career to have time for dating.

Likewise, there are no records of him dating anyone. At the age of 42, he stays unmarried.

Why is Jan-Ove Waldner called the Mozart of Table Tennis?

Jan Ove Waldner has been called the “Mozart of table tennis” because his amazing gameplay was no less than Mozart’s incredible music. It also refers to his ability to play many different compositions on the TT table.

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