How Many Kids Does Nikola Jokic Have? Meet Daughter Ognjena Jokic With Natalija

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Nikola Jokić plays for the most valued league worldwide with the invaluable support of his wife, Natalija, and daughter Ognjena Jokic.

Jokic and Natalija are from a small city, Sombor, Serbia, of about 47k people in the northwestern part.

The couple describes the small town as peaceful, with the utmost natural surroundings.

In a small intimate wedding, Nikola married Natalija in October 2020 in their hometown.

Nikola & His Wife With Ognjena
Nikola & His Wife With Ognjena (Source: Sportsmanor)

Initially, the wedding was in June 2020, but it was pushed further due to the NBA bubble season in Florida during the Covid pandemic.

The couple was blessed with the best gift, a daughter named Ognjena Jokic, a year after the wedding.

Daughter Of Nikola, Ognjena Jokic

Ognjena Jokić, the firstborn, entered this world in September 2021, bringing immense joy and happiness to the entire family.

She has a Siberian name, which translates to English as “fiery,” which holds fiery and passionate adjectives.

As per Ognjena’s birth month, she is a Virgo, giving her personality traits like rationality, practicality, and empathy.

Natalija posted Ognjena’s baby shower on Instagram with the caption, “Thank you, 2021, you were my favorite so far.

Natalija Jokic
Natalija Jokic (Source: Instagram)

Following the birth of their firstborn, Nikola had an exceptional season and consecutively won the NBA MVP award for the second time.

The last post on March 2, 2023, Natalija has on her Instagram handle is about Ognjena, holding a signed basketball by Nikola to commemorate his 100th career triple-double.

Wife Of Nikola, Natalija

Their Instagram handles indicate that Natalija has been with the five-time NBA All-Star Nikola for roughly 12 years.

As they were college sweethearts, Natalija has been through struggles, defeats, and successes with Nikola.

Natalija’s support and love for Nikola have been evident in many ways, including her selfless decision to prioritize their family over her promising volleyball career at Seminole State College in Siberia.

She moved to Denver alongside his high school love, Nikola, when he joined Nuggets in 2015.

Natalija lives happily in Denver with his NBA star husband, and daughter, Ognjena Jokic.

Lucky Charm Of Nikola

During the birth of Ognjena, people estimated that she was a considerably lucky charm for Nikola due to his MVP victory just months prior.

Ognjena, Daughter Of Nikola
Ognjena, Daughter Of Nikola (Source: Instagram)

Just like Giannis won the NBA championship after becoming a father, changing the narrative about him and the Bucks, as reported by Fadeaway World

Although the synchronicity of events that unfolded in perfect alignment could easily be dismissed as mere coincidences.

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