Is Eagle McMahon Leaving Discmania? Private Video Leaked

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Eagle McMahon is leaving Discmania, and fans are ready for the big announcement. The video, which is now private is said to be Eagle announcing his farewell from Discmania. 

The Reddit post shared on January 4 has gone viral in the disc golf community. The user has shared they watched the 12-minute video of Eagle saying he was leaving Discmania. The video has now been made private. 

Eagle McMahon Pictured Last Year In Maple Hill For The MVP Open
Eagle McMahon Pictured Last Year In Maple Hill For The MVP Open (Source: Instagram)

2023 was a good year for Eagle, but not his best. He started the year by winning The Challenge at Goat Hill Park and won the Presidents Cup. But he showed inconsistency throughout the year and also had a lingering injury. 

McMahon ended the season with an 11th-place finish at the Disc Golf Pro Tour Championship. With younger competitors catching up better performances are expected from the veteran player.

Is Eagle McMahon Leaving Discmania?

Fans believe Eagle McMahon is leaving Discmania and that he will confirm the news in the coming days. The video was published by him accidentally on Monday night and has now been made private. 

A fan was quick to watch the video published by the professional disc golfer, and he wrote on a Reddit page that it was a 12-13-minute heartfelt farewell to Discmania. 

The user shared the video on his group chat a few minutes later but realized the next day that the video was gone. The rumors of Eagle McMahon leaving Discmania have been going on for quite some time, and few fans were quick to catch up on it.

On December 2, Hunter Thomas tweeted, “We just got a few Eagle stamped discs from Discamania that we have not had the opportunity to order before.

Eagle McMahon Pictured After Winning The 2023 Discmania Open
Eagle McMahon Pictured After Winning The 2023 Discmania Open (Source: Instagram)

I have seen stamps but do not remember them ever being on our shelves. My suspicion? I think this is a sign Eagle is gone, and they are clearing the shelves.”

Fans didn’t care about it as much at the time as they believed they were clearing it for the holiday season. A Reddit post was also made during the same time about how heaps of McMahon’s signature items were on Powergrip’s website. 

As said by the YouTube channel, The Disc Golf World, there is a rumor that if Eagle doesn’t re-sign with Discmania, then they will no longer be allowed to sell his signature discs directly.

So, fans believe it’s only a matter of time before Eagle republishes the video on his YouTube channel.

Where Will Eagle McMahon Go Next?

Since the Reddit post about Eagle was made, many people have questioned where Eagle will go next. The Foundation Podcast talked about McMahon leaving Discmania before the private video scandal. 

Their latest video is also centered around the same news, with the two hosts believing that Eagle is gone. One host said that it was clear that Eagle was leaving. He said if Eagle intended to stay, he would have cleared the air about his future with Discmania. 

Previously, the Foundation Podcasts speculated that Eagle could be headed to Streamline and become the face of the company. Streamline is a company under MVP, and MVP already has Simon Lizotte and James Conrad promoting MVP and Axiom. 

So, if they get Eagle McMahon, he can be their main man for Streamline. But as they say, this is all a conspiracy theory, and there has been no confirmation from Eagle’s side. 

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Sriyukta Pradhananga

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