Is Zac Gallen Jewish? Where Did He Grow Up? Religion And Ethnicity

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Zac Gallen isn’t Jewish and doesn’t practice Judaism. The Diamondbacks pitcher hasn’t talked about religion explicitly in public and hasn’t said he follows a particular faith.

The South Jersey native grew up in a household of Phillies fans, but he rooted for the Cardinals. His mother, Stacey, has been a fierce Phillies fan since day one, but for her son, she is willing to switch sides. 

Zac Gallen Promotes Grimaldi's Pizzeria On His Social Media Handle
Zac Gallen Promotes Grimaldi’s Pizzeria On His Social Media Handle (Source: Instagram)

Once the Diamondbacks are eliminated, Stacey will support the Phillies. But she certainly wouldn’t want that to be the case in 2023 when her son is currently facing Bryce Harper’s team.

Gallen had a poor showing in the first game of the NLCS, with the Diamondbacks losing 5-3. Kyle Schwarber, Bryce Harper, and Nick Castellanos all hit solo home runs in his first two innings. In his post-match interview, Gallen shouldered the blame for it.  

Is Zac Gallen Jewish? Diamondbacks Pitcher’s Religion

Many Zac Gallen fans want to know whether he is Jewish, and those who did think he was, you are wrong. The MLB star, Zac Gallen, isn’t Jewish and doesn’t practice Judaism. 

The Diamondbacks player hasn’t mentioned anything about having Jewish roots in interviews. Recently, his mother was interviewed by The Philadelphia Inquirer, and even she didn’t reflect anything about their religious beliefs. 

His social media handle also doesn’t seem to give any hints about the faith he follows. Unlike many athletes, Zac has chosen to keep his religion out of the spotlight. 

Zac Gallen Pictured With His Mother, Stacey Gallen As He Wishes Her On Mother's Day
Zac Gallen Pictured With His Mother, Stacey Gallen As He Wishes Her On Mother’s Day (Source: Instagram)

If we can see some athletes quoting the Bible on their Instagram caption or bio, you will not see Gallen do the same. Most of his posts are of him practicing baseball with teammates and a few family photos, here and there. 

He also hasn’t shared any photos on Instagram, which could suggest he follows any sort of religion. To this date, Gallen hasn’t even shared a single family picture where he is celebrating Christmas, Thanksgiving, or Easter.

So, it is tough to pinpoint whether he follows Christianity or practices any religion at all. We should also keep in mind that his religious belief shouldn’t carry any significance on how he plays. 

Zac Gallen Ethnicity: Where Did The Pitcher Grow Up?

The Diamondback pitcher grew up in South Jersey with his older brother Jay Gallen. He comes from a White family, with his parents, Jim and Stacey, being huge sports fans. 

Gallen’s mother, Stacey Gallen, is native to Philadelphia and grew up in Hi-Nella, New Jersey. She has been a Phillies fan since day one. But when it’s Phillies Vs. Diamondbacks, Stacey makes sure the entire family is rooting for Zac’s team. 

But interestingly, growing up, Zac was a St. Louis Cardinals fan. Mark McGwire and Albert Pujols were his heroes, and despite his mother warning him not to root for them, Zac did it anyway. 

Zac Gallen Pictured With His Father, Jim Gallen, As He Wishes Him On Father's Day
Zac Gallen Pictured With His Father, Jim Gallen, As He Wishes Him On Father’s Day (Source: Instagram)

But in 2008, when the Phillies won the World Series, Zac wanted to attend the parade while skipping school. Stacey refuted the idea. Stacey didn’t have a problem with her son skipping school, but she didn’t want a non-Phillies fan attending the victory parade.

Zac’s father, Jim Gallen, was his first coach and the first one to see the potential in him. Jim previously coached a local Little League squad and would take his son to practices. 

When Zac was at the University of North Carolina, Jim would try to be at most of his games. The pitcher previously said he was grateful to his dad for instilling the belief in him that he can be a baseball player. 

He said his dad believed in him when nobody else saw the potential in him. In 2020, on Father’s Day, Zac shared a sweet photo of him posing with his dad, who still looks like he coaches the kids in Somerdale. 

Gallen captioned the post, “He might not smile in pictures, but he has made a lot of things possible for me to have the career I do.” 

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