Is Zay Flowers Arrested? Domestic Violence Allegations By Girlfriend

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The Ravens’ wide receiver Zay Flowers hasn’t been arrested. But he is under investigation for a domestic assault charge. 

Despite the case being filed on January 21, after the Houston Texans game, Flowers wasn’t barred from playing against the Chiefs.

And it probably would’ve been better if he had sat out the game, as many Raven fans believe his fumble in the fourth quarter cost them deeply.

The 23-Year-Old WR Pictured During A Game Last Year In November
The 23-Year-Old WR Pictured During A Game Last Year In November (Source: Instagram)

Flowers has not been charged, and the Ravens spokesman has said they take such matters seriously. Last year, in December, the Ravens honored Ray Rice pregame, nearly a decade after his career-ending arrest.  

Rice was arrested after a video surfaced of him striking his fiance in the elevator of a hotel. Rice played for the Ravens from 2008-13.

So, it is to be seen what will be the outcome of the investigation and the Ravens’ next step against their wide receiver.

Is Zay Flowers Arrested? Have The Ravens Taken An Action?

The 23-year-old wide receiver of the Baltimore Ravens, Zay Flower, has been arrested for a domestic violence case. The Acton Police have declined to release the report, citing state laws that the communications between victims and police. 

But many on the internet believe that the victim is Zay’s girlfriend, Ruby Antonioli. Acton Police are investigating the case alongside Baltimore County Police.

The incident took place in Baltimore County, with the police department acknowledging that they had been made aware on January 21 about the alleged assault. 

So, the incident happened before the Ravens AFC Championship game against the Chiefs. Flowers played in that game. Flowers has not been charged and is listed as an ongoing investigation. 

Flowers Has Remained Unbothered By The Current Ongoing Investigation
Zay Has Remained Unbothered By The Current Ongoing Investigation (Source: Instagram)

The Ravens told CBS News, “We take these matters seriously and will have no further comment at this time.” 

The news broke out only on February 9, but a Facebook post made on January 23 had hinted Flowers was in trouble. The Facebook post was later shared on a fan forum.

The forum user wrote, “Please take this with a grain of salt. But there’s a guy in an NFL Facebook group saying Zay is in a lot of trouble.”

With many doubting the user’s credibility, the user shared the screenshot of the Facebook post from Glen D. Woods. Another Facebook user asked Glen whether he was willing to bet money on his sources, to which Glen replied that his sources had shown him proof.

Now, many NFL fans are questioning if the Ravens knew about Zay’s charges and if they knew, why they let him play against the Chiefs. 

Is Zay Flowers Still With Ruby Antonioli?

In June, we reported about Ruby and Zay’s relationship and how they might have crossed paths for the first time as students at Boston College. 

Many fans believe it is Ruby who is the victim of Zay’s assault, as she has deleted all the posts involving him from her Instagram. Ruby had gone public with her relationship with Zay in 2020.

She had shared a photo of her and the footballer, with Zay kissing her on the cheek. Now, that picture is no longer available on her Instagram. 

Zay And His Girlfriend Pictured At The NFL Draft Ceremony Last Year
Zay And His Girlfriend Pictured At The NFL Draft Ceremony Last Year (Source: Instagram)

Many might know that Ruby was present on the day Zay was drafted by the Ravens. She had attended the ceremony alongside Zay’s family. Zay and Ruby both had shared the images on their Instagram handles.

These photos are also now gone from Zay and Ruby’s Instagram handle. Ruby and her family are from Acton, Massachusetts, and the case has also been filed at the same place. 

Ruby’s father, Greg Antonioli, runs the company, Out of the Woods Construction & Cabinetry. He is the president of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry.

Ruby has two older sisters, Carly and Sophie Antonioli, who are also Boston University graduates and former athletes. Ruby’s Instagram handle is still active but has turned off her comment section. 

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