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Standing at 6 feet and 8 inches is not a joke. Furthermore, to play in the most prominent baseball league globally with an astonishing height is a flex that everyone desires.

Jackson Rutledge is one such player who is exceptionally tall and talented. 

With a quick pitch of 99 miles per hour, Jackson Rutledge is one of the top baseball pitching prospects. Coming out from Springdale, Arkansas, he was rated one of the top MLB Prospects of 2019.

Jackson Christian Rutledge or Jackson Rutledge is a professional baseball pitcher for the Washington Nationals. Likewise, Rutledge was one of the top prospects of the 2019 Major League Baseball Draft. 

Jackson Rutledge MLB
Jackson Rutledge is a professional baseball pitcher 

However, before we proceed to learn more about him, let’s look at some quick facts. 

Quick Facts | Jackson Rutledge 

Full name Jackson Christian Rutledge
Known as Jackson Rutledge
Birthdate April 1, 1999
Age 25 years old
Birthplace Springdale, Missouri
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Religion N/A
Horoscope Aries
Father’s name Josh Rutledge
Mother’s name Susan Rutledge
Sibling Two Sisters: Rebekah Rutledge, Isabel Rutledge
Residence Springdale, Arkansas
High School  Rockwood Summit High School
College The University of Arkansas, University of Kentucky, San Jacinto College
Wife’s Name  N.A
College Teams Arkansas Razorbacks, San Jacinto Ravens, University of Kentucky
Height 6’8″/2.03 m
Weight 257 lb/111 kg
Body type Athletic
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Profession Baseball Player
Position in team  Right-handed pitcher
Current team  Washington Nationals
Jersey Number 79
Net worth $4 million
Awards N/A
Social Media Instagram, Twitter
Washington Nationals’ Merch Shirt, Jersey, Snapback
Last Update April, 2024

Jackson Rutledge | Early Life, Education & Family

Jackson Rutledge was born Jackson Christian Rutledge on April 1, 1999. Likewise, he was born in the area of Springdale in Arkansas. 

Rutledge was born to parents Josh Rutledge (Father) and Susan Rutledge (Mother). Moreover, growing up, Rutledge shared his family life with two siblings.

Moreover, his two siblings are his two sisters who are Rebekah Rutledge and Isabel Rutledge. 

Furthermore, Josh Rutledge, Jackson’s father, graduated from Moberly High School in 1988. Also, Rutledge’s grandmother is Linda Henry, who hails from Moberly. 


As a student, the future baseball pitcher studied at the Rockwood Summit High School. Rockwood School, located in Fenton, Missouri, is known for its sporting programs and successes. 

Similarly, Rutledge was engaged in playing baseball from a very young age. Moreover, he began playing baseball during his school days.

Rutledge was a prolific player for the Rockwood Summit High School. 

Moving forward, after Rutledge graduated from high school, he received several scholarship offers from different universities.

As the player was packed with options, he accepted the University of Arkansas scholarship, eventually playing baseball. 

Therefore, he began playing college baseball as a pitcher for the Arkansas Razorbacks baseball. 

However, later on, Rutledge would eventually transfer to a new university. In 2018, the baseball pitcher committed to playing college baseball at the University of Kentucky. 

Furthermore, he later transferred to San Jacinto College in 2019. Therefore, he also played college baseball for the San Jacinto Central Ravens in 2019. 

As a student at the University of Arkansas, Jackson Rutledge pursued a Bachelors’s Degree in Marketing. 

How tall is Jackson Rutledge? | Age, Height & Physical Appearance 

Rutledge is currently 25 years old. Furthermore, he will be turning 26 years old in April 2024. As he was born on April 1, his zodiac sign is Aries

Aries’s defining qualities are ambition and vigor. Similarly, they are hard workers and chase after success in their life. 

So, what is the height of Jackson Rutledge? Rutledge stands extremely tall at a towering height of 6 feet and 8 inches. Also, his height in the meter is 2.07m. 

Moreover, Jackson Rutledge is known as one of the tallest baseball players ever to play baseball. 

Likewise, the tall right-handed pitcher weighs 258 lbs. Furthermore, Rutledge has black-colored hair and black-colored eyes. 

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When did Jackson Rutledge start playing baseball? | College Stats and Professional Career

Rutledge’s baseball career began at an early age. He began playing high school baseball for the Rockwood Summit High School in Fenton, Missouri. 

Moreover, he was a prolific player as a high school student. Although Rutledge was enrolled in the 2017 Major League Baseball Draft, he went unpicked by any draft teams.

Arkansas Razorbacks

As a result, he decided to play college baseball. After graduating high school, Rutledge chose to study at the University of Arkansas and play for the Arkansas Razorbacks. 

Moreover, in his freshman year at Arkansas, Rutledge played a total of 12 matches. Moreover, he managed to pitch at 3-0 and compile an ERA of 3.45. 

Furthermore, Rutledge was an influential member of the team with the Razorbacks.

However, later on, he struggled in the Southeastern Conference play. He compiled an ERA of 27.00 in three games and skipped pitching for the entire month of May. 

After Rutledge’s performance dipped, he chose to transfer to San Jacinto College.

San Jacinto Central Ravens

Jackson Rutledge transferred to San Jacinto College in May 2018. Moreover, he announced his transfer to the team by posting a post on his Twitter account. 

Similarly, Rutledge would be playing for the San Jac Gators. Also, the exciting pitcher revealed his excitement to play in the World Series. 

However, after spending six months with the San Jac Gators, Rutledge transferred to Kentucky. 

Rutledge went on to play for the University of Kentucky during his junior year. However, he returned pretty soon and continued his sophomore year at San Jacinto College. 

Similarly, during his sophomore year, Rutledge compiled an ERA of 0.87 in 13 games. Moreover, he posted a pitching record of 9-2 and struck out 134 in 82.2 innings. 

MLB Draft

During his university years, Rutledge was considered one of the top prospects for the 2019 MLB Draft. Furthermore, he enlisted for the 2019 MLB Draft. 

The Washing National Selected Jackson Rutledge in the 2019 MLB Draft. Moreover, he was the 17th overall pick of the draft.

Also, Rutledge signed for the Nats (Washington Nationals) on June 17, 2019. 

His contract with the Washington Nationals was worth $3.45 million. 

Journey with the Washington Nationals

After the Washington Nationals signed him, he went on to play in the Gulf Coast League. 

Furthermore, the pitcher was promoted to the Auburn Doubledays and the Hagerstown Suns.

Rutledge delighted to sign for the Nationals
Rutledge was delighted to sign for the Nationals.

However, he didn’t get to feature in the Minor League as the Minor League abruptly canceled the season due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

In November 2021, Jackson played in the Arizona Fall League, where he became the Surprise Saguaros’ batboy. 

Jackson Rutledge’s Playing Style

Rutledge is a 6 foot 8 right-handed pitcher for the Washington Nationals. His fast pitches come from his right hand. Also, he bats by positioning on the right side. 

Despite standing at a tall height, Rutledge’s arm actions are pretty short and compact. 

Furthermore, the right-handed pitcher throws a four-seam fastball. His fastest pitch has been recorded at 99 miles per hour. 

Similarly, his baseball pitches involve a slider, a changeup, and a curveball. 

You can view the scouting report of Rutledge here.

Jackson Rutledge | Personal Life

A Huge Office Fan

Jackson Rutledge is a big fan of the famous American T.V show The Office. The Office is an American sitcom that features Michael Scott (Steve Carell) as the lead character. 

Loves Golf

Rutledge is a big fan of the popular sport, golf. He loves spending his free time playing golf. Furthermore, Rutledge also likes to display several golf clubs that he owns. 

Furthermore, Wilson Sporting Goods frequently supply Rutledge with a lot of golf gear and clubs.

Family & Friends Person

Similarly, Rutledge loves his family members. On his Instagram profile, he has posted a lot of pictures regarding his family gatherings.

Moreover, he has posted a family picture of his older sister Rebekah’s wedding. 

Likewise, his family visits him during many matches and is always present to support him on big and small occasions. 

Who is Jackson Rutledge Dating? | Relationship & Girlfriend 

So, is the tall right-handed pitcher from Springdale in a relationship or single?

According to our reports, Jackson Rutledge is currently single. His private romantic life is kept private and confidential. 

Moreover, Rutledge hasn’t opened up or disclosed any information regarding his romantic endeavors.

However, we at PlayersBio will update you with any new information regarding his dating life. 

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What is Jackson Rutledge’s Net Worth? | Net Worth & Salary 

So, what are Jackson Rutledge’s net worth and salary? We know that Rutledge has accumulated his earnings through his playing career at Washington Nationals and the Arkansas Razorbacks. 

Furthermore, Rutledge has had several sponsorships and endorsement deals with famous brands all over the world. His most notable sponsorships deal is with the Sports company Adidas. 

Moreover, his contract with the Washington Nationals is worth $3.45 million, which is also his signing bonus. 

According to various online sources, Jackson Rutledge has a net worth of at least $4 million.

Net Worth of Jackson Rutledge in Different Currencies

Here is the net worth of Jackson Rutledge in different currencies, including the Australian Dollar and Indian Rupee

Currency Net Worth
Euro 3,446,642
Pound Sterling £2,928,665 
Australian Dollar A$5,358,448 
Canadian Dollar C$4,959,180 
Indian Rupee 298,631,600 
BitCoin ฿63 

Is Jackson Rutledge on social media? | Social Media Presence

Instagram: 3k Followers 

Twitter: 2.1k Followers

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Frequently Asked Questions 

How tall is Jackson Rutledge? 

Jackson Rutledge stands at a towering height of 6 feet and 8 inches. 

Where does Jackson Rutledge play? What is his minor league stat like?

Currently, Rutledge is on the active roster for the Washington Nationals as a right-handed pitcher. 

Jackson Rutledge maintains a minor league statistic of three wins and six losses in a total of his two months duration. He has an ERA of 5.38 among the 29 games he has played. 

What is Jackson Rutledge’s salary?

Jackson Rutledge has a salary of $3.45 million per annum. 

What is his Prospect Ranking for Jackson? Is he injured?

Jackson’s prospect ranking is 1.

Currently, yes, Jackson Rutledge suffered from biceps soreness during his spring training. He has been on the injury list for seven days. 

What are the Jersey Numbers of Rutledge?

Rutledge wears jersey number 79.

(Make sure to comment down below if any information regarding Jackson Rutledge is missing.)

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