Jamahal Hill Wife: Who Is His Baby Momma?

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“There is no mention of Jamahal Hill wife anywhere but it appears like he is dating one of his colleagues. “

He does have a lot of baby mommas as he is already the father to six children whom he loves very much.

Jamahal Hill Showing Off His UFC Belt
Jamahal Hill Showing Off His UFC Belt (Source: Instagram)

Jamahal Hill is an American professional mixed martial artist who was born on May 19, 1991, in Chicago, Illinois.

He currently competes in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Light Heavyweight division.

Jamahal is also the former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion. He is the UFC light heavyweight champion as of November 14, 2023.

Hill moved to Grand Rapids when he was twelve years old. He graduated from Wyoming, Michigan’s Rogers High School.

Initially, Jamahal was interested in basketball and even passed a basketball career at Davenport University. Hill then began participating in professional mixed martial arts in 2017. 

After that Hill began his professional career, going 5-0, with four of his five fights taking place under the KnockOut Promotions banner.

He started his UFC journey after receiving the call to appear on Dana White’s Contender Series 21 in 2019.

 Adaire Byerly Jamahal Hill Wife Or Babymama? 

Jamahal is currently dating Adaire N Byerly who is a combat sports personality, commentator and professional model. 

She is not his wife nor his baby momma, the pair seem to have started dating recently. They are often sharing skits together on their Instagram. 

Jamahal recently posted a skit on his Instagram with the captions, “What show did your girl get you hooked on?!! 👀🤔”.

Jamahal Hill With Adaire Byerly
Jamahal Hill With Adaire Byerly (Source: Instagram)

It appears that the pair are watching a show and getting excited about it. Sadly, there was a comment demeaning Adaire and warning Hill to “keep away from them girls.” 

However, Hill was quick to reply to the person and defend her which makes it suspicious.

Although they have not made anything official, one look at their social media will make it obvious. 

Who Is Adaire Byerly?

Adaire’s interest in MMA began around the 2010s when she wanted to learn self-defence in order to achieve power through trauma recovery.

She began her MMA career in February 2022, covering local fights in Texas. Subsequently, she was quickly hired by Fansided MMA as a Journalist covering the Dana White Contender Series.

Adaire has made incredible progress with her knowledge, landing her main roles on many fight podcasts with notable fighters and a seat commentating live pay-per-view MMA events.

More On His Kids

Interestingly, Hill is the father to six children as far as we know. Sources have cited that the kids belong to three baby mommas. 

He advocates keeping work life and home life separate. This may be why his kids don’t know or don’t care much about his life as a fighter. 

Jamahal Hill Along With His Son And Daughter
Jamahal Hill Along With His Son And Daughter (Source: Instagram)

Jamahal has three sons and three daughters all of whom he loves very dearly. Furthermore, He dedicated his win in UFC 263 to his children.

Hill’s children have helped him stay constantly grounded throughout his career. Malaya, his firstborn child, is the eldest of his children.

Furthermore, Kah’Mila, his youngest daughter, is four years old, and Carmella, her older sister, is eight. Jaizarr, Jamahal Jr., and Kah’Mani are the names of Sweet Dreams’ sons.

Jaizar is the eldest son of Jamahal, while Kah’mani is the youngest. He is very close to all of his children and tries his best to give them everything life has to offer. 

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