Jay Norvell Wife: Kim Norvell Is A Cancer Survivor

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The head coach at Colorado State University, Jay Norvell wife, is Kim Norvell.

Kim Norvell transcends the role of a mere football coach’s wife, for her life story is nothing short of inspiring.

It’s often said that “behind every great man stands a strong woman,” and in the case of CSU’s new Head Football Coach, Jay Norvell, this saying holds truer than ever.

Jay Norvell Wife Kim Norvell
Jay Norvell Wife Kim Norvell (Source: X)

Kim Norvell’s journey is a testament to her unparalleled strength and perseverance, a story that defies description.

Her life is a remarkable journey, shaped not only by her role as a football coach’s wife but also by her courageous battle with cystic fibrosis (CF).

CF, a relentless genetic condition that leads to persistent lung infections and a gradual decline in lung function, is just one facet of her extraordinary story.

Jay Norvell Wife Kim Norvell Is A Cancer Survivor

With her warm Midwestern accent and an indomitable spirit that has defined her remarkable life, Kim Norvell wants to make two things abundantly clear right from the beginning: first, she considers herself extraordinarily fortunate, and second, she’d prefer you not to feel pity for her.

Indeed, Kim’s journey is one that defies the odds.

Diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at a tender six months old, medical experts predicted a grim prognosis, suggesting she might not make it past first grade.

She’s a cancer survivor, having undergone the removal of 13 inches of her colon.

Every day presents its unique challenges, as her morning ritual involves an hour of vigorous coughing to awaken her organs before embarking on her day.

Jay And Kim Norvell Together
Jay And Kim Norvell Together (Source: X)

Kim carries the weight of survivor’s guilt, having witnessed the unbearable loss of many dear friends.

Her life is marked by constant relocation, having moved 11 times in the past three decades due to her husband’s coaching career.

And the sun often sets before she gets to see her husband, given his demanding 14-hour workdays.

Yet, despite these trials, Kim stands resilient, her strength and positivity shining through every obstacle she faces. 

Jay Norvell Wife | Kim Norvell Health Conditions

At the age of 56, Kim Norvell has defied every expectation set for a cystic fibrosis patient.

Back in the 1960s, infants born with this condition weren’t anticipated to make it past kindergarten, let alone experience milestones like attending prom, walking down the aisle at their wedding, or becoming a parent.

Yet, against all odds, Kim has accomplished each of these remarkable feats.

Her unshakable optimism remains a beacon of resilience and hope in a lifetime punctuated by numerous life-altering challenges.

Jay Norvell Wife | Parents & CF Diagnosis

Kim was born to her parents, Bob and Delores Fehrman, whose love story began in kindergarten, where they shared the same Catholic school journey from start to finish.

Their youthful love led them down the aisle at a tender age, and soon after, Delores, affectionately known as “Dee,” gave birth to their first and only child when they were just 20 years old.

In the heart of Madison, Wisconsin, a baby girl named Kim Fehrman entered their lives. At first, she was sent home with a clean bill of health, but around the six-month mark, something began to trouble the young family.

Little Kim faced persistent challenges, with unrelenting diarrhea that kept her parents busy changing diapers around the clock.

Concerned and baffled, they sought the counsel of their family doctor, who admitted he couldn’t pinpoint the issue.

Their quest for answers led them to the University of Wisconsin, where a night of exhaustive tests finally revealed the underlying condition.

Kim was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, a genetic disorder that arises when both parents carry the defective CF gene.

In an era far removed from modern medical advancements, with Kim’s birth occurring in 1968, the outlook for CF patients was bleak.

At the time, the median survival age for children with CF was a mere six months, and Bob and Delores were informed that their beloved baby girl might not make it past her first year of school.

During Kim’s childhood, there were digestive enzymes at their disposal that proved invaluable in assisting her fragile digestive system.

These enzymes were a lifeline, helping to break down the nutrients her body struggled to process on its own.

Alongside this crucial aspect of her care, Kim’s parents diligently undertook airway clearance procedures to ensure she could breathe comfortably.

How Did Kim Meet Jay?

Labeled as a “failure to thrive” when she was just six months old, Kim not only defied those early grim predictions but also triumphed in her journey through education.

She not only reached the first grade but also achieved a remarkable feat by becoming a cheerleader for two sports during her time at Sun Prairie High School.

Interestingly, this high school held a rivalry with Madison Memorial, the very school where Jay attended, although their paths never crossed during their high school years.

Kim And Jay Back In The Day
Kim And Jay Back In The Day (Source: www.rgj.com)

Kim’s determination was nothing short of stubbornness to a fault, as she was resolute in her pursuit to surpass all expectations set before her.

After graduating from high school, she enrolled at the University of Wisconsin, marking the beginning of a new chapter in her life.

It was during her time at the university, in 1991, that she crossed paths with Jay, who, after a brief NFL career, had taken on the role of a young assistant coach for the Badgers.

Their connection blossomed, and six years later, they sealed their love with marriage, marking the start of a new and enduring journey together.


Who Is Jay Norvell Wife?

The head coach at Colorado State University, Jay Norvell wife, is Kim Norvell.

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