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Deuce Tatum, a five years old star kid, public figure, American popular personality, and famously known as the son of Jayson Tatum-a well-known NBA basketball player of the Boston Celtics, is an internet sensation these days. Jayson Tatum’s son, a star kid, storms the internet frequently.

Deuce Tatum, born on December 6, 2017, is already making a name for himself with his father. As a result, he attracts a lot of attention and is often the center of attention in certain situations.

Jayson Tatum spends most of his time with his son, taking him to all his games. 

Jayson tweeted a picture with his son this Easter with the caption, “Happy Easter from my twin and me.

Over the years, Deuce Tatum has become a celebrity kid on the internet. Earlier in this year’s Champion Match/Games, he enjoyed a great moment alongside his father.

Jayson Tatum hangs out with his son Deuce Tatum (Source: Pinterest.com)

Before the All-Star Game, a video showing Kyrie Irving trying to chase Deuce became viral.

Deuce was a real supporter of his father, a true fan throughout Celtics matches on the bench the previous season, and cameras frequently spotted him in the seats when he reconnected with his father.

Recently, a video went viral on the internet where Deuce was seen watching his dad play in Game 6 of the NBA finals.

Deuce Tatum seen supporting his father at the NBA finals. (source:gettyimages.co.uk)

In this article, we’ll discuss Deuce Tatum, a child prodigy, and his other information you definitely wouldn’t wanna miss.

Deuce Tatum: Quick Facts

Full Name Jayson “Deuce” Christopher Tatum Jr. 
Nick Name Deuce
Age 6 Years Old
Height 3 ft 3 inches (1.01 m)
Weight 10 Kgs (20 lbs)
Eyes color Blue
Hair Color  Brown
Ethnicity Mixed
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Birthdate December 6, 2017
Birthplace United States
Residence United States
Mother/mum Toriah Lachell
Father Jayson Tatum
Siblings None
Nationality American
Religion Christian
School Private
Residence Boston,  Texas
Jason Tatum Merch Autographed Poster, Celtics Jersey
Last Update May, 2024

Deuce Tatum: Wiki, Age, and Family

Deuce Tatum, the son of Jayson Tatum and Toriah Lachell, was born on December 3, 2017. A five-year-old boy, Deuce is often referred to as the Jayson Tatum Jr. Deuce has no siblings so far, and he is the only child in the family. Jayson Tatum has broken up with Toriah, and hence he is raising this little star all alone.

The young Tatum’s exact date of birth has not been revealed, but on December 3, 2020, Jayson shared a photograph on Instagram wishing his son a happy birthday and announcing that he had become three years old.

Deuce Tatum Parents: Jayson Tatum 

Deuce Tatum is the son of a great and famous NBA basketball player Jayson Tatum. As a result, his parents are Jayson, and his mother is Toriah.

Interestingly, Jayson was just 19 years old when he gave birth to his child while still in college.

Likewise, Jayson gave birth to Deuce with the help of an infant mother with whom he has a close relationship.

There isn’t much information about Deuce’s mother because she isn’t a VIP and doesn’t live with Jayson Tatum.

Young Deuce Tatum with his father

Deuce’s father, Jayson Tatum, a well-known athlete worldwide, has a vast NBA  fan base.  

Deuce Tatum: Who Is his Mom?

Toriah Lachell is Deuce Tatum’s biological mother. Toriah was Jayson Tatum’s girlfriend when he was graduating, and she was his son’s birth mother.

It is reported that Jayson and Toriah met at the university and were in a relationship when they were both undergraduate students. They had their son while still in university, before graduating.

Deuce’s parents are no longer together now, and Deuce’s father, Jayson, now has a new girlfriend. Jayson Deuce has been dating Ella Mai-a well-known American singer, since October 2020.

There is no reporting or information on whether Deuce considers his biological mother or his Father’s girlfriend to be his mother right now.

Deuce Tatum: His Father’s Net worth

Due to his Father’s prolific basketball career, Deuce Tatum was born into a wealthy family.

Jayson has amassed a net worth of $25 million due to his successful career as a professional NBA basketball player. Deuce’s father makes around US$1 million from the endorsements.

Deuce Tatum: Social Media Sensation

Deuce Tatum was spotted with his father, Jayson Tatum. They were both having a great time.

With the caption, “Both of us dressed fresh,” Jayson posted this video to his social media Snapchat account in the context of the fly gear in the discussion that the Boston Celtics All-Star wore.

The NBA later shared this video on the ESPN Twitter account. Many fans adore the father and the youngster and delight in the cuteness overload.

People praised Deuce, stating that the younger Tatum is developing a fashion sense at a young age.

We challenge everyone not to smile while you hear Deuce’s evaluation of his and his fashion wardrobe, apparently on the way to their lodgings after a certain daddy-son time in Las Vegas, Nevada, as the St. Louis native prepares with Team USA for the Tokyo Olympics.

To watch the footage for yourself, click on the video below.

Deuce Tatum was seen alongside several other NBA stars’ kids.

This summer, Deuce Tatum looks to be meeting some new friends. Duece Tatum was in Las Vegas to see his father, Jayson Tatum and Team USA preparing for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.

On Tuesday, Kamiah Adams-Beal, the wife of Washington Wizards player Bradley Beal, shared a picture of Deuce with their two boys and the sons of Golden State Warriors Draymond Green and Portland Trail Blazers Damian Lillard on her social media.

Many fans appreciated the photo, and it was retweeted. Take a look at this fantastic photo:


Is Ella Mai the mother of Deuce Tatum?

Despite the confusion, Ella Mai, a famous British singer, is not the mother of Deuce Tatum. Instead, he is the son of Toriah Lachell, Jayson’s former girlfriend. 

Is Deuce Jayson Tatum’s real son?

Indeed, Deuce is Tatum’s biological son.

Jayson’s dad’s name is Justin Tatum.

Is Jayson Tatum related to Channing Tatum?

No, they aren’t related to each other.

Is Jayson Tatum white or black?

He is from the black ethnicity.

Is Jayson Tatum still with his wife?

No, they have separated and now co-parent their son Deuce.

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