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Jayson Tatum, Celtic’s top player, often refers to his mom, Brand Cole, as a ‘superwoman’ for her support throughout his life.

The Celtics star and one of the best on the team, Tatum, has spoken very highly of his mom on several occasions. His mother gave birth to him when she was just 18.

On numerous accounts, Jayon has said that his mother, Brandy Cole, is the reason behind his success.

Jayson Tatum With His Mother
Jayson Tatum With His Mother (Source: People)

A four-time NBA All-Star and gold medalist on Team USA’s 2020 Olympic team Tatum was selected as the NBA Eastern Conference Finals Most Valuable Player in 2022.

He recently made headlines when he scored 51 points for his team, the Boston Celtics, against the 76ers in Game 7, creating history.

In today’s article, we will discuss the mother-son relationship in detail; for now, let us look at some quick facts.

Quick Facts

Full Name Brandy Cole-Barnes
Birth Date 1979
Birth Place United States
Profession Lawyer
Nick Name None
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Ethnicity Black
Education Saint Louis University School of Law
Horoscope N/A
Father’s Name N/A
Mother’s Name N/A
Siblings N/A
Age 45 years old
Height 5 ft 7 inches/175 cm/1.75 m
Weight 148 lbs/68 kgs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Build Average
Marital Status Single 
Spouse Justin Tatum 
Kids Jayson Tatum
Net Worth $1-$5 million (Approximately)
Jayson Tatum’s Merch Jersey, Rookie Card
Last Updated May 2024

Early Life & Education 

Jayson Tatum‘s mother, Brandy, leads a very secretive life. As a result, information about her early life is hard to find on the web. But do not worry; we’ve got you covered.

We have somewhat calculated her birthdate based on facts surrounding Brandy and Jayson.

Jayson’s parents were 18 when they had him; Jayson is currently 26.

That sums up to 45, which might be the age of Jayson Tatum’s mother.

Brandy Cole and Jayson Tatum at her graduation (Source: Instagram)

We are pretty confident that her actual birthdate is April 25th, 1979. Thanks, maths!

Brandy Cole’s educational background is also not publicly disclosed. But we stumbled upon the fact that she did graduate from Saint Louis University School of Law.

In an interview, she reportedly said she was among the top five of the class and that she played high school volleyball for four years. She was also the senior class president.

 She earned an athletic scholarship to a college in Tennessee after graduating high school, completed her MBA, and eventually graduated with a law degree to become a successful lawyer.

The Love Life of Jayson Tatum’s Mother

Brandy Cole and Justin Tatum met each other during their high school years.

As reported by the Boston Globe, Justin Tatum’s and Brandy Cole’s love story began when they were just 16 years old.

Brandy Cole and Justin Tatum (Source: Twitter)

Justin first laid eyes on Brandy while she was working at a candy store in a mall and was immediately smitten.

They began dating shortly after, and their love endured, despite the challenges that came their way. This led to the birth of their son, Jayson Tatum, who would go on to become a phenomenal NBA player.

Brandy Cole’s Husband (Ex)

Brandy Cole’s former partner, Justin Tatum, is a basketball coach and a gym teacher at Christian Brothers College (CBC) High School in St. Louis.

Justin himself graduated from CBC High School in the year of 1997.

He played professional basketball overseas in the Netherlands briefly before an injury ended his career.

Jayson Tatum, his father and his son
Three generations Tatum left: Justin, Centre: Deuce, Right: Jayson (Source: Instagram)

He was a coach at Slodan when Jayson was in fourth grade until he finished middle school for six long years.

Afterward, in March 2013, he was hired by Christian Brothers College (CBC) High School, an opportunity he did not want to pass on.

He reportedly said that it was a dream come true, something he worked hard for, and a job he would love to have.

After Justin got into CBC High School, his son was also expected to join the school to train under his father.

Net Worth

As a lawyer, one makes a lot of money, especially in the United States. Brandy Cole’s net worth is estimated to be ranging from $1 million to $5 million.

The exact figure is not yet available. Meanwhile, Jayson Tatum has an estimated net worth of $25 million.

Tatum has endorsement deals with the Jordan Brand, Gatorade, Subway, and NBA 2K.

Pregnancy News

Everything was going just fine until the 4th of July, 1997, when Brandy discovered she was pregnant with Jayson.

She found out she was pregnant just a couple of months before college started. She was just at the tender age of 18 at the time.

It came as a shock to both Justin, Jayson’s father, and his mother, Brandy. We can only imagine that Justin’s and Brandy’s parents were even more surprised when they heard the news.

Infant Jayson Tatum with his mother Brandy (Source: Twitter)

This would be the starting of the turning point of the young couple’s lives. Hardships were coming their way, and they were coming in full force.

After discovering she was pregnant, Cole did not go to Tennessee, where she had an athletic scholarship.

Instead, she enrolled in a local college to get motherly support from those she knew.

She also got a full scholarship to the local college she decided to study.

The Early Days After Having Jayson

Financial Troubles

Justin and Brandy were 18 when they had their first child, Jayson.

They did not have enough financial resources to function as a family; they were just a couple of teenagers.

They did not have any stable source of income to feed the family of three while paying the overall household bills.

Later, Jayson’s Father, Justin, went overseas, specifically to the Netherlands, to play basketball; hence he was absent for most of Jayson’s early years as a child.

Meanwhile, Brandy was left with the responsibility of raising Jayson. As if caring for a baby is not hard enough, she also had to work a couple of jobs to feed herself and her son.

Brandy had to bear the overall household bills. Imagine a single mother trying to raise a child without anyone’s help while her house is on the brink of eviction; that truly deserves the title of superwoman.

Jayson grew up in extreme poverty. He once shared a story that is sorrowful enough to bring tears to a grown man’s eye. Jayson once said, 

“My mom broke down in tears as soon as she saw it. Whether it was the heat being cut off, or the water, it always seemed like one problem after another. And she was hurting. She went to her room. I could hear her crying through her bedroom door.” 

He also said that he vividly remembers going to his room, all upset and angry at himself for being so young and unable to help his mother.

He added, “Of course, I was just a kid, only eight or nine years old, so I did not really understand the whole situation, but I knew enough to know what that pink paper meant.”

Education After Having Jayson

Brandy said the thought of leaving schooling and education did not cross her mind. “I was so afraid that if I took one semester off, I would turn into a statistic. So, no matter what, I went to at least one class every semester.”

When she could not afford a babysitter or when grandma was not around to take care of Jayson, Brandy would take Jayson with her to her classes.

When Brandy did so, she used to keep him engaged in video games and gave him snacks so he would stay quiet and let her study in peace.

“I remember when I was younger, I would go to college and sit in the classroom and learn with her,” said Jayson in an interview.

Jayson Tatum's mother in Jason's childhood
Jayson Tatum’s mother in her University days (Source: Instagram)

“I was bored. She would give me snacks to eat and video games, but sitting there right next to her while taking notes; was pretty awful,” Jayson added.

“She never took any shortcuts, never made any excuses. She always got the job done.” reportedly said Jayson Tatum.

Brandy had Jayson in the spring break; one week later, she went to college to take her misterms exams.

Bradley Beal’s Thoughts On Jayson Tatum’s Mother

Growing up, Jayson would work out with Bradley Beal. Bradley saw how Jayson Tatum’s mother worked tirelessly to provide for her son.

He reportedly said that nothing was ever given to Jayson or his mother, not even a single thing.

Bradley Bean (Source: Getty Images)

That is something I respect about his mother (Jayson Tatum’s mother),” said Bradley.

He also said Jayson’s mother is a true warrior and his No. 1 fan. “She took care of him. She loves him to death,” said Bradley.

Bradley further commented that growing up in such an environment was the key to the; “I’ve got to do it for mom; she has provided so much for me” mentality that Jayson had and still has.

Jayson’s mother gave up a lot of things and strangled her wishes to be able to provide for her son.

Jayson Tatum’s Mother And Son Relationship

Jayson Tatum’s Mother During Childhood

While in his school years, Jayson was prohibited from playing basketball if he got even a single C in any of the subjects.

“I learned the lesson real quick; I missed a basketball tournament because I got a C. I love basketball more than anything,” said Jayson.

“I tell him all the time that if he wanted to be an astronaut, I would have made way for him to be at the Kennedy Space Camp in Orlando every summer.

I would have ensured he had all the resources for whatever he wanted to do,” said Brandy.

Jayson Tatum teaching his won how to read correctly
Jayson teaching his son Deuce  to read (Source: Instagram)

While it might sound like a bluff, we can assure you it is not. Brandy has sacrificed so many things for Jayson’s upbringing.

She paid for Jayson’s travel expenses to play basketball or a tournament, often resulting in no heat or electricity in the house.

“If I had not done that, we would have had the electricity on. But I knew that is what he wanted, and I knew he was special,” said Brandy in an interview.

When she used to take Jayson to her classes, most professors did not have any objection, but sometimes, she did have to fight her way through to bring him along.

I pay tuition like everyone else. He’s not disrupting the class,” said Brandy when a professor was fussing about her bringing Jayson to the class.

Jayson Tatum’s Mother, At Present

Brand deeply cares for her son. The Celtics officials said she had many more questions than any other player’s parents usually had regarding the contract.

She wanted the best deal her son could have.

Mike Zarren, the Boston Celtics assistant general manager, said that no other parent ever had such specific and detailed questions about their son’s contract as Brandy did.

NBA teams are not used to working with a lawyer parent.

Jayson Tatum Tattoo on the side of the player’s left lower leg (Source: Pinterest)

Nonetheless, she continues caring for Jayson just as she did in childhood. She loves him evermore.

Recently, Jason stated to The Players Tribune that his mother helped him be a better man off the court. She inspired him to do volunteer activities, helped him with his homework, and significantly influenced his life.

He also said that his mother influenced him to help homeless shelters and mentor young student-athletes in their hometown.

He has got a tattoo of his mother and himself on his body. So we can speculate on the bond he shares with Brandy.

How Bradley Beal Played A Key Role in the Making of Jayson Tatum?

Jayson began training with Bradley Beal in 7th grade when Beal was a senior in high school. At the time, Bradley was on the high school basketball team and wanted his coach Drew Hanlen, to train young Jayson.

Drew thought that Jayson was a bit too young to work with. But Bradley could not see Jayson being just another unsupervised basketball player.

Jayson Tatum and Bradley Beal
Jayson Tatum and Bradley Beal posing together (Source: Instagram)

He insisted his trainer train Jayson, to which his trainer agreed after many requests. “You’ve got to trust me on this one. Jayson is special,” said Bradley to his coach.

Bradley said in an interview that one could see how Jayson could be a player like Magic Johnson or a scorer like Kevin Durant.

Jayson was trained by a professional basketball coach who opened up his vision as a basketball player.

Likewise, he learned many new things, tips, tricks, and helpful insights, making him a better player.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Are Jayson Tatum and Bradley Beal related?

No, they are not blood-related, though Jayson calls him brother. They had known each other before all the stardom, and Bradley helped Jayson get professional training.

What is Jayson Tatum's salary?

Jayson Tatum's salary, in 2022-23, is $32.2 million.

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