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Jeff Green and his wife, Stephanie Hurtado, married after dating for a while.

Hurtado was already a mother of two daughters with Green until 11 March 2022 when they were blessed with another beautiful daughter.

Stephanie became well-known in the media after marrying prominent basketball star Jeff Green.

Stephaine Hurtado with her husband Jeff Green (Source: Instagram)
Stephaine Hurtado with her husband Jeff Green (Source: Instagram)

Keep up with this article to know all the details available about Stephanie and her lifestyle with Jeff. Let’s go through some quick facts about her:

Jeff Green Wife | Quick Facts

Full Name Stephanie Hurtado
Date of birth September 17, 1990
Age 33
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Ethnicity Mexican-American
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
College Florida International University
Marital Status Married
Partner Jeff Green
Siblings Eileen Hurtado
Profession Personal Trainee, Social Media Model, Author
Social Media Instagram
Stephaine’s Website ninigreen
Jeff Green’s Merch NBA Store
Last Update July, 2024

Jeff Green Wife | Personal Life

Nini (publicly known as Stephaine) was born in Miami, Florida, on September 17, 1990. Eileen Hurtado, Mrs. Green’s older sister.

In terms of her academic credentials, she graduated from Florida International University in 2015. She is a NASM-certified personal trainer, according to her Instagram.

She is however a published author. Nini is the author of “Dream, Little Girl, Dream,” a children’s book. She released the book last year to coincide with Mother’s Day.

Green believes it will serve as an inspiration to their kids as they grow older, as well as a means for them to recall what life was like when they were younger.

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Love Life with Jeff Green

Jeff and Hurtado met at a bar through distant friends while Green was in Miami paying his closest pal a visit. Then, in the spring of 2014, they both instantly struck it off and began dating.

After dating for a while, Green took his love partner on a journey to Greece in the summertime of 2016. Green then asked for her marriage proposal, which she readily agreed to.

In February of the same year, the couple had a daughter, a baby girl named Sofia. The couple married on August 9, 2017, at the Four Seasons Miami Hotel, in the same year.

In May 2018, they had their second child, Jasmine. Currently, the lovely couple is anticipating the addition of a new member to their family.

Children Book

Jeff and Stephanie Green make an effort to spend as much time as possible with their two baby girls, Sofia and Jasmine.

Jeff Green’s employment may be unusual in comparison to most, but in today’s age of Zoom conversations and unwelcome travel, it’s not that unusual.

As a result, they do everything they can to maintain the family bond. And a significant part of that is the age-old tradition of bedtime story-telling, which is as old as parenthood itself.

"Dream, Little Girl, Dream", book by Stephaine (Source: Amazon)
“Dream, Little Girl, Dream”, book by Stephaine (Source: Amazon)

As a result, Stephanie, or Nini as she is known, has taken a step further. She’s created a book called “Dream, Little Girl, Dream,” about two young girls named Sofia and Jasmine who, after being put into bed, go on a fantastic ride, seeing their destinies as anything from international athletes to life-saving surgeons.

It’s a companion piece to the Greens’ girls as well as a continuation of the family’s story-telling tradition.

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Social Media

The wife of Jeff Green, Stephaine is on Instagram under the username of nini__green with followers of around 16.4 thousand. She is quite regularly active on social media to update and inform her followers about her ongoing works in her daily life.

From her pregnancy to her giving birth to a new baby girl, she has posted many times about her conditions and pregnant photoshoots. She also posts for supporting her partner’s game by posting pictures on his jersey.

Stephaine reflecting her pregnancy(Source: Instagram)
Stephaine reflecting on her pregnancy(Source: Instagram)


As we all know that she is a trainer therefore she behaves like it too. She loves to have healthy foods with her family. She mostly eats organic foods and vegetables and promotes it on her social media too.

Going on Hiking trips to caves with her friends is also another favorite thing for Nini.

Mostly she loves to take out there daughters to parks or Disney land and spend time  with her whole family.

Net Worth

Although there is no information about her actual or even estimated net worth but for sure she gets a lot of good fortune from being a trainee and promoting sponsors on her social media and other social platform.

Some info on Jeff Green

Jeffrey Lynn Green was born on August 28, 1986, in Cheverly, Maryland, to Jeffrey Green Sr. and Felicia Akingube.

Green started out playing basketball at a tender age, courtesy to his father’s encouragement and perseverance, and he quickly became a skilled player. In high school, his older brother was an All-League Guard.

Green was a something of a journeyman in the NBA during his time there. About eight players in NBA history have appeared for much more than ten teams, and he is one of only two players to score over 12,000 points in the league’s history.

Jeff Green playing basketball (Source: Instagram)
Jeff Green playing basketball (Source: Instagram)

According to sources, Green has a total wealth of $20 million. The entirety of his net wealth comes from his income and different endorsements.

In all, he has made $75,564,856 in the NBA over the course of 11 seasons. He received a one-year, $2.5 million contract to supply with the Jazz for the 2019 season, but was later waived, leaving him a free agent.

He owns a fleet of luxury cars, which includes the world-famous Mercedes Benz, which is thought to be worth thousands of dollars, and he is a fan of the Sneakers shoe brand.

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Jeff Green Wife | Frequently Asked Questions

Are Danny Green and Jeff Green related?

After conducting extensive research, we established that both players are unrelated. Both guys have had outstanding NBA careers, but they merely have a common name and are unrelated.

Why is Jeff Green called Uncle?

Years later, though, their friendship has blossomed, as has the nickname “uncle” that LeBron bestowed on him. It evolved from a comedy about Green’s on-court basics to a true reflection of the veteran’s locker-room presence.

Where did Jeff Green go?

Green agreed to sign with the Brooklyn Nets on November 23, 2020, reconnecting him with previous Sonics and Thunder colleague Kevin Durant, as well as James Harden, who was traded to the Nets.

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