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John Elway, an American football Executive for the Denver Broncos and former professional football quarterback, has a whopping net worth of  $145 million. John, widely regarded as the greatest quarterback of all time, is also a College Football and the Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee.

In the same way, in his 16 years of a professional career and later as CEO and General Manager of the club he played for, Elway remains in the public’s eye.

The General manager of Denver Broncos, John Elway (Source: Twitter)

The Washington native was a great leader on the pitch; similarly, as an organization head, he shows an unwavering commitment at work.

Due to this, John Elway’s net worth is what it is today. There is seldom a case where good players are good managers, but the former Broncos man is proving otherwise.

Quick Facts:

Full Name John Albert Elway Jr.
Birth Date June 28, 1960
Birth Place Port Angeles, Washington
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Nick Name John
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Ethnicity North American
Father’s Name John Albert Elway Sr.
Mother’s Name Janet Elway
Siblings Jana Elway
Education Stanford University
Age 64 Years Old
Height 6′ 3 inches (1.91 meters)
Weight 215 lb (98 kg)
Body Build Athletic
Hair Colour White blonde
Eye Colour Black
Married Yes
Spouse Paige Green (m. 2009)
Janet Elway (m. 1984–2003)
Children Jessica Elway, Jack Elway, Jordan Elway, Juliana Elway
Profession American football Executive, President of Football Operations
Association/Team Denver Broncos 
Position in team Quarterback
Affiliations National Football League (NFL)
Jersey Number #7
Net worth $145 million
Salary $3 Million Per Year
Social Media Twitter, Instagram, Facebook
Last Update July, 2024

Where did John Elway grow up? Into the Life of an NFL Star

Born on June 28, 1960, John Elway resided in Port Angeles, Washington, D.C., the U.S. His parents were Janet Jordan and Jack Elway.

Likewise, the D.C. native grew up in a family of five alongside sister Lee Ann and his twin sister, Jana Elway-Sever.

Youth life was certainly not easy for John as the family moved around a lot, but he managed to cope.

The Broncos quarterback was not only proficient at football but was quite ingenious at baseball as well.

Despite the constant moving, John assimilated into new schools and sports.

In addition, he had a good run with Granada Hills High School and recorded 5,711 passing yards and 49 passing touchdowns.

Elway with his family (Source: Facebook)

Because of his dominant skills, Elway became one of the most recruited high school players for college football while receiving more than 60 scholarships from various colleges and one of them from his father.

As a skilled baseball player, the D.C. native landed the 18th pick for the 1979 MLB draft from Kansas City Royals.

Elway refused to play with the team during his days at the Indianapolis Colts.

Apparently, Colts had been having losing streaks and didn’t showcase any wins; thus, this refrained him from playing. 

However, George Steinbrenner wanted Elway to feature as their starting right fielder.

Also, before his draft, he had warned the team not to select him. In addition to that, the whole situation created controversial grounds for Elway. 

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John Elway Net Worth | NFL Career Earnings, Salaries & Other Income Sources

John Elway was in the football scenario for 15 years. As a prominent footballer, the American NFL star accumulated $145 million sums throughout his professional career.

He agreed on a signing bonus of $4.5 million with the Denver Broncos and received a yearly $6 million.

Even when the Broncos man was nearing the end of his career, he would pocket $4.8 million, whereas his career-high amounted to $10.1 million.

John playing for Stanford Football Club (Source: Facebook)

In like manner, John’s cumulative salary totaled a staggering $45.5 million throughout his playing career.

Moreover, apart from his actual salary, John received a bonus of $25.43 million.

At Broncos, Elway made a whopping $300k monthly salary, topped with a bonus of $4.5 million.

Undeniably, the former quarterback deserves this payment for his service to his club.

Further, as the general manager of his former club, John reportedly signed a contract that grants him $3.75 million and keeps him tied to the Broncos until 2021.

John Elway Net Worth | Post-NFL Ventures: Business & Executive Career

The arena football league team, Colorado Rush, appointed the Hall of Famer as their CEO in 2003.

As a CEO & co-owner, John enjoyed mild success with his side until the league ceased in 2008, causing the team’s dissolution.

Despite the sudden dismissal of the league format, the former quarterback found success in his other business ventures.

Elway owns a chain of restaurants called Elway’s, established in four locations.

These locations are quite noticeable in plain sight. For instance, the restaurants opened in Vail, Denver International Airport, Cherry Creek shopping district, and the last Ritz-Carlton Hotel in downtown Denver.

Restaurant John Elway Net Worth
Elway’s is one of four restaurants opened by John Elway (Source: Getty)

These locations are quite noticeable in plain sight. For instance, the restaurants opened in Vail, Denver International Airport, Cherry Creek shopping district, and the last Ritz-Carlton Hotel in downtown Denver.

Additionally, John entered a deal to own five auto dealerships, all named John Elway Autos, spread around the Denver area.

In the year 1997, AutoNation purchased the franchise for $82.5 million.

However, the former Broncos man had a licensing agreement with the new Company that he terminated after fulfilling nine years of the contract.

Apart from his previous agreement, the retired footballer owns a Chevrolet, a Chrysler Jeep, and two Toyota Scion dealerships in California and Colorado.

Furthermore, the American received a permit to start his Cadillac franchise licensed by Sonic Automotive in late 2014.

John Elway’s Crown at Ontario, CA (Source:

Undoubtedly, these business ventures led him to amass a considerable amount of money.

And it isn’t surprising that a man with a $45 million net worth after retirement from football now has an astonishing $145 million.

Not to mention, the man’s bank account is overflowing with cash. Add icing to the cake, Elway agreed to represent

Concerned about collective health and mostly about eye health, John underwent a successful LASIK eye surgery and endorsed a local LASIK clinic in the Denver vicinity in 2008.

Endorsement John Elway
John Elway started advocating LASIK after undergoing surgery (Source: Pinterest)

At present, Elway appears as a commentator for every Broncos match and offers his views on the match statistics every Friday morning during NFL season.

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Executive Career & Endorsements

After a few years of experience in the business part of the world, Elway honed his skills and was eager to undertake a significant role in the place which provided him the limelight, Denver Broncos.

Initially, the board offered him a coaching job, but John was not particularly interested.

General Manager John Elway
John Elway became the general manager of the Denver Broncos (Source: Getty Images)

Instead, he wanted to cement himself in a more Executive position. Fortunately, on January 5, 2011, the former NFL player helmed the Executive vice president and general manager position.

In particular, his primary duty was to report directly to the team president; he even had the power to advise the head coach.

In the same way, after permanently taking over as the general manager, Elway monitored the entire operations division.

Hence, the current G.M. earns an impressive $3.75 million salary tipped with a lucrative bonus.

Besides these, the former quarterback decided to appear in commercials to expand his reach.

As such, John appeared in advertisements for many brands and companies like Neptune Krill Oil, Chevrolet, Shriners Hospitals, Nestle, etc.

Nonetheless, the Broncos exec has a heart of gold despite earning a fortune. As a motive to fight and eliminate child abuse, Elway founded The Elway Foundation in 1987.

  John Elway was honored for his philanthropic work (Source: Pinterest)

Secondly, as a founding member of the Heroes Foundation, he aims to honor war veterans and other American heroes by providing suitable funds and necessary additional support.

Finally, John supports charities like Make-A-Wish Foundation, Kids Wish Foundation, The Miami Project, and the Muhammad Ali Parkison Center.

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2020 BLM Movement

Back when the United States had fallen into a powerful social movement after George Floyd’s death at the hands of Minneapolis Police.

John Elway had proved himself as an influential figure breaking his silence. 

He hadn’t raised a word during their tenure until Denver Broncos got into controversial grounds.

The Hall of Fame Inductee, Elway (Source: Twitter)

 In his view, Broncos’ head coach Vic Fangio had stated that the racial divide in the NFL is “minimal.” 

However, it stood as an immature opinion, and thus, he apologized for his act the next moment.

Even later, the team actively marched the peaceful protest against Police brutality and in support of the Black Lives Matter movement at the Colorado state capital.

Following Elway broke his silence and tweeted a strong statement on Twitter.

John Elway Net Worth | Houses, Lifestyle, & Cars

Having already established as a local royalty, the Broncos G.M. is living like a king.

After renewing his contracts with the Denver Broncos, Elway decided to treat himself and bought a lavish mansion in the Colorado Mountain.

The villa stands on a large acre of land with a vintage touch and oversees a big lake. It cost him around $7 Million.

Furthermore, the home’s interior look has a sizeable hanging chandelier, a wooden layout, a modest living room, a separate serving table for food, and a recreational that includes a beautiful pool table.

 John Elway’s mansion in the Colorado Mountain (Source: Denver Post)

The kitchen has a fancy wooden lining complete with a chimney, a dishwasher, and a cutlery cabinet.

Further, the mansion houses a lovely indoor pool with underwater lights. The interior space seems calm and homely.

Again, the entire house has a wooden lining, and like manner, the bedroom overlooks the lush green forest.

The bedroom also comprises an exquisite bathroom with an ovular bathtub resting aside a stone-carved wall and having the facility to enjoy the open sky.

John Elway , houses
John Elway gifts his ex-wife, Janet, the Belcaro mansion (Source: Business Den)

Elway and his ex-wife, Janet, bought a $4.5 million residence at 900S Steele Street. Precisely the house consists of a seven-bedroom and seven bathrooms.

A four-sided stone fireplace sits in the middle of the living room. In addition, the house has an eye-catching kitchen, formal dining room, library, and two master suites.

Social Media Presence:

Instagram account (@johnelway): 69.6K followers

Twitter account (@johnelway): 1 million followers

Facebook account (@johnelway): 521K Followers

Popularity: John Elway

Legendary Elway has enjoyed fame both on and off the football ground. He succeeded in his later profession as a Manager and President of football operations.

Elway’s Google Search Volume in the U.S. since last year (Source: Google Trend)

The above graph shows his popularity since the last year in the United States.

Some FAQs:

How many Superbowl did John Elway win?

John Elway has won 2 Super Bowl (XXXII, XXXIII).

How old was John Elway when he retired?

John Elway retired from football in 1998. He was 38 years old during his retirement.

How many Super Bowls has John Elway played in?

During his 16 years with the Broncos, John Elway has played in five Super Bowls.

What teams did John Elway play for?

John Elway played for the Denver Broncos of the National Football League (NFL) in his entire 16-year professional career.

Where does John Elway live?

John Elway lives in Englewood, Colorado.

How many rings does John Elway have?

John Elway won two championship rings with Denver Broncos in 1997 and 1998.

How much is a John Elway rookie card worth?

Depending on the card’s condition, John Elway’s rookie card is worth from $25 to $1,000.

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