Jon Feliciano Ethnicity And Parents: Where Is He From?

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Jon Feliciano’s parents, Alica and Rafael Sr. separated when Feliciano was ten years old and didn’t have a particularly happy family.

From an early age, Jon Feliciano had to overcome several obstacles. Alicia, his mother, raised him and his two brothers, Rafael and Chris Feliciano.

Chris, his younger brother, was born deaf and went to Miami, and their mother, Alicia, has survived cancer twice. 

Jon Feliciano, A Football Guard For The San Francisco 49ers
Jon Feliciano, A Football Guard For The San Francisco 49ers (Source: Instagram)

Feliciano had a difficult time in Davie because of the abusive behavior against him and their mother by his older brother Rafael.

Feliciano turned his attention from football, his favorite sport, to basketball as a result of this violence, trying to figure out how to defend himself.

Although he initially loved basketball, he ultimately chose football and played football.

He attended college at the University of Miami, where he played football. He was recognized as a three-star recruit and ranked as the 19th offensive guard by

Later, the Oakland Raiders selected Feliciano in the fourth round, 128th overall, in the 2015 NFL draft.

Jon plays as a football guard for the San Francisco 49ers of the National Football League (NFL).

Jon Feliciano Ethnicity And Parents

Sicilian mother Alicia and Puerto Rican father Rafael welcomed Jon Feliciano into the world in New York. Rafael Sr., his father, was formerly employed as an MTA bus driver.

Sadly, Jon’s early years were troubled by familial issues. His parents divorced when he was a small child, leaving his mother, Alicia, to raise their three children alone.

Jon Feliciano Parents Are Puerto Rican And Sicilian
Jon Feliciano Parents Are Puerto Rican And Sicilian (Source: Muscle & Fitness)

Alicia fought cancer twice and overcame significant obstacles to keep going for her family.

Rafael, Jon’s elder brother, behaved violently towards Jon and his mother, making matters worse.

To find a more physical release, Jon switched his attention from football to basketball, his favorite sport, as a result of this hostility.

Where Is Jon Feliciano From?

He was born to immigrant parents on February 10, 1992, in East Meadow, New York, and has a mixed ethnicity.

His father hails from Puerto Rico, making him Puerto Rican, while his mother is of Sicilian descent.

Though he was born into a mixed family, he is now American and plays as an American. 

Jon Feliciano Brother 

Growing up, Jon Feliciano had two brothers: the elder brother, Rafael, and the younger brother, Christopher. Rafael, the eldest, is three years older than Jon.

The three brothers had a difficult upbringing because their mother had cancer and their father had abandoned them.

They became nearly impoverished, and at one point they were even mentioned as homeless.

Jon Feliciano With His Younger Brother Chris
Jon Feliciano With His Younger Brother Chris (Source: X)

Feliciano was close to his younger brother Chris, but he wasn’t close to his older brother Rafael because of how Rafael treated him and his mother violently.

Even after his elder brother and he had little to no communication for years

But Feliciano claimed that his younger brother Chris, who was born deaf, is the source of his inspiration.

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