Julian Edelman’s Girlfriend – Daiane Sodre & Past Affairs

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No doubt, life will be amazing on and off the pitch if you are a National Football League star; with his charm and gorgeous look, the New England Patriots’ wide receiver has attracted many ladies towards him. 

To point out, he has had an affair with some pretty girls, and currently, Daiane Sodre is reported to be Julian Edelman’s girlfriend. Apart from just being this personality’s girlfriend, Sodre is a top model from Brazil.

In fact, the father of a daughter has been in relationships with Adriana Lima, his baby’s mother, Ella Rose, AnnaLynne McCord, and Jacqui Rice.

However, neither he nor Sodre has publicly confirmed their current relationship.

Julian Edelman with his daughter Lily.
Julian Edelman with his daughter Lily. (Source: Instagram)

Regardless, they are regularly seen dropping cheeky comments on each other’s social media posts. Modern and quarantined love, we guess!

After all, the superstar may not like to publicize his romance as of now. But we have prepared all the information that you, as his fan, would like to know about Julian Edelman’s girlfriend.

Similarly, we will certainly shed light on his previous relationships. Without delay, let’s dig into this.

Julian Edelman’s Girlfriend | Daiane Sodre

To point out, Daiane Sodre is one of the top fashion models from Brazil. Likewise, she had established herself in the limelight of the modeling and branding industry way before she was linked with Edelman.

Besides, she has featured for popular brands, including Pretty Little Thing, Victoria’s Secret, Aeropostale, and Riachuelo.

Julian Edelman's rumored girlfriend Daiane Sodre.
Julian Edelman’s rumored girlfriend, Daiane Sodre. (Source: Instagram)

The Brazilian recently expressed her excitement at starting the new NFL season this year by commenting on Edelman’s Instagram post.

Even though not seen dating publicly, they do not hesitate to show their love and care on social media. Furthermore, let’s have a view on a short bio of Sodre.

Quick Facts| Daiane Sodre

Full Name Daiane Sodre Da Silva
Birth Date March 27, 1993
Birth Place Baixa Grande, Bahia, Brazil
Nickname Daiane Sodre
Religion Roman Catholic
Nationality Brazilian
Ethnicity Multiracial
Education Colegio Estadual Jose Ribeiro Pamponet
Horoscope Pisces
Father’s Name Julio Sodre
Mother’s Name Analia Silva
Siblings 12 brothers and sisters
Age 31 years old
Height 5 feet 11 inches (180 cm)
Weight 53 kg (117 lbs)
Shoe Size 8 (US)
Bra Size 32 
Build Slim
Eye color Green
Hair Color Dark Brown
Profession Model (Fashion/Runaway)
Active years 2011-present
Agencies One ManagementStorm Model ManagementThe LabUno ModelsModelwerkFusion ModelsFord ModelsThe Fashion Management
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Unmarried and In a relationship
Boyfriend Julian Edelman
Ex-Boyfriend A$AP RockyJoe Jonas
Children None
Net Worth $1 million
Social Media Instagram
Merch Books, Autograph items, jersey
Last Update May, 2024

Where is Daiane Sodre from? Early Life and Family

Daiane Sodre Da Silva shortly Daiane Sodre was born on March 11, 1993, in Baixa Grande, a municipality in the state of Bahia in northeast Brazil.

Likewise, her parents are Julio Sodre and Analia Silva. Besides, she had 12 siblings with whom she grew up in her hometown.

Daiane Sodre with her mother
Daiane Sodre with her mother (Source: Instagram)

In fact, Sodre’s parents had named her after the name of a Princess of Wales, Diana. She was raised in a Roman Catholic family of multiracial ethnicity.

Furthermore, Daiane had attended Colegio Estadual Jose Ribeiro Pamponet for college-level education.

How old is Daiane Sodre? Age, Height, and Body Measurements

Having born in the year 1993 makes Daiane Sodre 31 years old as of now. Likewise, Sodre shares her birthday on March 27, making her birth sign Pisces.

And from what we know, they are known for being independent, brave, attractive, and talented. Likewise, Sodre stands at an astounding height of 5 feet 11 inches (180 cm) and weighs around 53 kgs.

 She has glowing skin and a perfect slim body measuring 33-bust size, 24-waist size, and 34-hips size. Also, her shoe size is 8 (US).

Daiane Sodre
Daiane Sodre stands 5 feet 11 inches tall. (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, Daiane maintains regular exercise and eats healthy balanced foods to remain in shape. Being a model, she knows how to carry herself and always be camera-ready.

Besides, Sodre has long dark brown hair and stunning green eyes that look beautiful with her wide broad smile.

Daiane Sodre | Career

As a kid, Sodre wanted to have the world know her and build a solid personality in front of everyone. Accordingly, her interest developed in modeling, and she started shooting photos for local magazines.

Who scouted Daiane Sodre?

In fact, Dilson Stein, a Brazilian model scout, found her in 2011. As a matter of fact, Stein has discovered many models from Brazil, including Alessandra Ambrosio and Carol Trentini, in his 30 years of scouting career.

Next, she signed for Marilyn NY, a Paris-based modeling agency established by Marilyn Gauthier. Soon, she started appearing in photo shoots for the American fashion company Ralph Lauren Corporation.

Bigger Companies and Lawsuits

Meanwhile, she had offers from Victoria’s Secret, American lingerie, clothing, and beauty retailer. No doubt, she accepted the offer to work for them.

Furthermore, since her campaign with the company, she started gaining recognition in the United States.

Victoria's Secret model Daiane Sodre.
Victoria’s Secret model Daiane Sodre. (Source: Pinterest)

Similarly, in 2013, she changed her association to Major Models New York, a New York-based contemporary agency.

In fact, the move was facilitated by her Mother’s agency, Elo Management. As a result, Marilyn NY was provoked to register a lawsuit against her claiming that she had violated her contract.

Fashion Magazines

Soon, she made it to the cover page of L’Officiel Brasil, one of the top glamour magazines in Brazil.

Similarly, she was covered by the magazines like Marie Clarie Brazil, L’Officiel Switzerland, Elle South Africa, Glamour South Africa, and Wonderland Magazine.

Notably, she has been seen in the top American fashion magazines like US Cosmopolitan and Nylon Magazine.

Daiane Sodre at Ports 1961 in 2014.
Daiane Sodre at Ports 1961 in 2014. (Source: Pinterest)

As a matter of fact, Sodre walked in a few fashion shows for Ports 1961, a luxury fashion house in Toronto.

Likewise, Edward Enninful, Jeremy Scott, Oscar de la Renta, and Christian Siriano had the role of styling her for the show. No doubt, she was an eye-catching attraction there.

Not to mention, Mark Seliger, Russel James, James Macari, and Dusan Reljin are a few of the photographers that Sodre has worked with till now.

Certainly, those are quite famous names in photography. In like manner, those shots were to be featured by the top brands like Maybelline, Avon, Wella, and Desigual.

Brazil Child Health Ambassador

Another key point, Brazil Child Health, appointed Sodre as their New York Ambassador in 2018.

In particular, the agency is a Brazilian nonprofit organization that focuses on minimizing the number of children with a low-income background to be readmitted to hospitals for serious illnesses.

Accordingly, Sodre appears frequently in various programs organized by the agency. In general, most of the events are to ask people to donate and help in the good work.

On the other hand, Sodre was seen in the Hip hop track’s music video, No Stylist, by French Montana, a Moroccan-American rapper. Notably, the single featuring Drake was released in September 2018.

Daiane Sodre | Net Worth & Salary

Surely,  Sodre has had a pretty good start to her modeling career until now. Likewise, she appears in many big brands represented by some big names in the industry.

Henceforth, she has accumulated a fair sum of fortunes in these years.

Daiane Sodre owns a net worth of approximately $1 million as of 2024.

No doubt, she has many opportunities to come and quite a part of the mountain to climb. Indeed, she can reach the summit if she receives opportunities and shows determination like now.

Is Daiane Sodre Julian Edelman’s Girlfriend?

To point out, the rumors of Julian Edelman dating Daiane Sodre started in early 2018. In fact, many media had speculated that the couple is dating secretly out of the public eyes. 

In particular, Sports Gossip reported they were seen together on Martha’s Vineyard beach. Again, they were romantics on social media by commenting on each other’s Instagram posts.

In the meantime, Edelman had expressed his desire to find a stepmom for his daughter. However, nothing is yet confirmed by either of the parties.

Daiane Sodre | Boyfriends before Julian Edelman

Certainly, Sodre is an attractive and charming lady. As a result, every guy will want to have her as his girlfriend.

Back in mid-2019, she was dating the American rapper A$AP Rocky. Both of them had made the relationship public and were spotted on dinner dates on several occasions.

Daiane Sodre with A$AP Rocky.
Daiane Sodre with A$AP Rocky. (Source: Pinterest)

Besides, Daiane was heavily linked with the singer Joe Jonas back in 2016. As a matter of fact, many media had reported the affair to be serious.

Particularly, they were seen going out for lunch and dinner together. Of course, Jonas is known for dating beautiful models once in a while.

Daiane Sodre | Social Media Presence

No doubt, being a model and a public figure will certainly earn you a lot of attention on social media.

For sure, she has a mass following on her Instagram account and a Facebook account too. Meanwhile, only these appear as the social media account she fancies.

Instagram: 618k followers

Facebook: 2,840 followers 

Some FAQs:

Was Adriana Lima Julian Edelman’s Girlfriend?

Adriana Lima was a Victoria’s Secret Angel from 1999 to 2018. In fact, they were linked to each other in July of 2016 when they were captured holding hands at a seafood restaurant in Nantucket, Massachusetts.

Moreover, one of the sports media speculated that they had met one month earlier through their common friend. Furthermore, the most valuable Victoria’s Secret Angel cheered for Edelman at Super Bowl LI in February 2017.

Julian Edelman with his ex-girlfriend Adriana Lima.
Julian Edelman with his ex-girlfriend Adriana Lima. (Source: Wikipedia)

Besides, Lima is a mother of two daughters, Valentina and Sienna, from her ex-partner and former NBA star, Marko Jaric.

As a matter of fact, the reason for the split between them was their busy schedule and being short in meeting each other.

Moreover, the two lived very far from each other, and it wasn’t easy to spend time together for long. Also, Lima had expressed a desire to have a child with Edelman, which did not fancy the NFL star.

Social Media of Adriana Lima

Instagram: 14.8 million followers

Here’s the article on this hall of fame personality: <<Julian Edelman Bio: Early Life, Career, Net Worth & Wife>>

Was Julian Edelman’s Girlfriend Ella Rose?

Well, Ella Rose is another model who was in a relationship with Julian. In fact, the two were together in a serious affair during 20142015.

To point out, Ella is the mother of the only child Edelman has till now, Lily, who was born in December 2016. However, Julian was dating Adriana Lima at the time.

Julian Edelman's ex-girlfriend Ella Rose with their daughter.
Julian Edelman’s ex-girlfriend Ella Rose with their daughter. (Source: Instagram)

Particularly, Ella is a Swedish model and social media influencer who was featured in  R3hab’s music video for the song ‘Karate.’

Soon, Edelman agreed to provide child support for their daughter after he broke up with Lima.

Also, you can learn almost everything about the bio of Ella Rose by checking out the article about her.

Was AnnaLynne McCord Julian Edelman’s Girlfriend?

AnnaLynne is an American actress, activist, and model. In like manner, she was linked to Julian in 2014 when she posted a selfie on Instagram calling out Julian.

AnnaLynne McCord
AnnaLynne McCord (Source: Instagram)

No further rumors were reported of the affair between them. In the meantime, McCord had just split with her longtime boyfriend Dominic Purcell, who is an actor.

As a result, the news got so much hit in the media as they speculated that she was on a hunt to search for a new boyfriend.

Who Was Julian Edelman’s Girlfriend in his childhood?

During Julian’s high school days, he was having a romantic affair with Jaqui Rice. In fact, the then Woodside High School quarterback met Rice in eighth grade.

Likewise, they spent the remaining of their high school days together playing basketball and riding together on the bike.

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