Who is Julio Jones’s brother? Early Life & Controversies

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The celebrated name Julio Jones is a well-known wide receiver in NFL history, having played for the Tennessee Titans since the 2021 season. Julio Jones’s brother is one of the prominent figures in Julio’s life.

Later, the wide receiver entered the University of Alabama and played football for the Alabama Crimson Tide, establishing himself as a potential NFL candidate. He also led the Crimson Tides to the College Football South Eastern Conference title in 2009.

Julio Jones' brother
Julio Jones’s brother, Phillip Jones, was convicted of a drug trafficking charge in Baldwin County in 2014. (Source: WKRG News 5) 

Jones made his NFL debut in 2011 with the Atlanta Falcons, setting several NFL records. Furthermore, in 2015 and 2018, the Titans wide receiver was crowned the NFL league’s receiving yards Leader.

Despite this, Jones has been named to the Pro Bowl seven times in his illustrious NFL career. Furthermore, with 96%, NFL wide receiver Jones has the best average recovery yards per game.

Below, we will acknowledge the information about Julio Jones‘ brother and his controversies.

Quick Facts about Julio Jones’ Brother, Phillip Jones

Full Name Phillip Jones
Birth Date 1983
Birth Place United States of America
Nick Name Phillip
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Ethnicity Afro-American
Education Under-Review
Horoscope Under-Review
Father’s Name Quintorris Lopez Jones Sr.
Mother’s Name Queen Marvin
Siblings Julio Jones
Age Under-Review
Height Under-Review
Weight Under-Review
Shoe Size Under-Review
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Body Measurement Under-Review
Body Type Mesomorph
Relationship Status Under-Review
Partner/Spouse Under-Review
Children Under-Review
Profession Drug Trafficker
Brother Quintorris Lopez Jones a.k.a Julio Jones
Brother’s Profession Football Player, National Football League
Career History Atlanta Falcons (2011 – 2020), Tennessee Titans (2021 – present)
Julio Jones Merch Jersey, Funko Pop, Autographed Ball
Last Update May, 2024

Introducing Julio Jones’ Brother, Phillip Jones!

Julio Jones’ brother is Phillip Jones, with whom he shared his childhood memories. Their mom, Queen Marvin, single-handedly raised them after their Father abandoned them. At that time, the Jones brothers were just kids.

Queen Marvin did all the hard work to raise her sons well and was successful enough to do that. The Jones family’s hardship was terrible, but due to Queen Marvin’s patience and resilience, the family has moved from struggle to success by now. 

Queen Marvin, Julio Jones mother.
Queen Marvin is the mother of Julio Jones and Phillip Jones. (Source: Facebook @JulioJones)

Unfortunately, most of the information about Phillips Jones is still undercover. However, we will inform the readers about it as soon as we get it uncovers.

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How is Julio Jones’s Relationship with his Brother, Phillip Jones?

The Jones brother share a special bond. Despite the tremendous success of Julio Jones, both of them share a unique brotherhood.

Julio Jones is a family man who loves to care for his family and be there for them. Therefore, he spends as much time with his family every time his season is over.

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Even Phillip often attends his younger brother’s games as much as possible to cheer him up.

Julio Jones’ Brother Phillip Jones Controversies

Drug Trafficking

Phillip Jones was arrested and charged with narcotics trafficking in 2019. According to officers, he had marijuana. Jones was not able to communicate with strangers. He has a lengthy criminal record in Baldwin County, dating back over a decade.

The Police stated Phillip’s address as being in Georgia. He drew greater attention from the media since he is the brother of Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones. He attended Foley High School before going on to thrive in Alabama.

Gun Shot Incident

Phillip Jones, the blood brother of Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones, was shot by an Alabama man. Someone brought him to a neighboring urgent care center before being sent to two more hospitals for treatment.

According to the arrest report of the case, the Police arrested George Bennett Sutton for allegedly shooting and trying to kill Phillip.

The doctor said Phillip Jones’s injured arm had to get treatment by removing it due to the severe gunshot wound. There was no other information about Jones’ health. The guilty verdict faced first-degree criminal assault. 

According to Alabama law, if a court imposes the maximum sentence, Sutton could face up estimated 20 years in jail and a total criminal fine of $30,000.

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Julio Jones Career Highlights

Julio Jones has been playing football since he was a child. In Foley, Alabama, he enrolled in Foley High School.

Jones was a wide receiver and a defensive end who gained many eyes all over the place. During his high school years, Jones was quick and pleased several bosses.

Aside from football, Jones enjoyed basketball and was a regular member of his high school’s basketball team. In addition, he was a sprinter and a track athlete. Also, Julio Jones won the long jump and triple jump at the state level in 2006-07.

Julio Jones' brother
Julio Jones can flexibly reach American football while playing for the Alabama Crimson Tides. (Source: Facebook @JulioJones)

In 2007, Julio was named the State Player of the Year for Alabama. Likewise, he was paving his way to becoming one of the most efficient of his generation after winning state championships and several honors.

Rivals.com ranked Jones as the No. 1 wide receiver in the country in 2008.

College Career

Julio Jones also committed to the Alabama Crimson Tide, the University’s college football team, on February 6, 2008. From 2008 to 2011, Julio Jones was a college team member for three years.

Jones became one of the most renowned wide receivers in the United States during his three-year college career. He became A Crimson Tide Receiver after completing 58 receptions for 924 yards and four touchdowns in his first year.


Jones was the tournament’s most remarkable athlete. He was already at the top of the table as a freshman with some of the greatest NFL players.

Grabbed the Attention of Alabama Crimson Tide Fans! 

Jones continued to dazzle the crowd with his incredible skills in his second year with Crimson Tide. In the future, he was sure to play for major clubs. Julio wowed the audience with his speed on the field during the 2009 season.

Jones had a winning record in many of the team’s games in his second season with Atlanta. He has gotten the massive attention of several NFL legends so far.

According to ESPN’s commentators,

“With his superb blend of size, power, speed, and agility, this man is a one-of-a-kind, uncommon wide receiver potential. Jones resembles a high school version of Michael Irvin, although Jones is more explosive and speedier at this POINT.”

Julio Jones had become a celebrated household name for the Crimson Tide. Jones finished his junior season with 78 catches for 1,133 yards and seven representing Alabama.

Jones finished his Alabama career in career receptions (179) and yards (2,653) and fourth in touchdown catches after a stellar job with the Tide (15).

Professional Career

Jones was among the most talented athletes to emerge from the college football leagues. Julio then decided to join the NFL and play professional football for NFL teams before his last year with the Alabama Crimson Tide.

Julio was one of five players from the Atlanta Crimson Tide to be drafted in the NFL, where the Atlanta Falcons picked him at 3rd overall in the first round. On July 28, 2011, Jones signed a four-year-long contract worth $16.2 million.

Listed Six times in the Pro Bowl League

Jones has been listed six times in the Pro Bowl league. Despite the Falcons’ loss to the Chicago Bears in Jones’ first game, he performed admirably. He was placed second among rookies in yards and touchdowns with 54 receptions for 959 yards.

In his second season with the Falcons, Jones’ performance improved, starting with six receptions for 108 yards and two touchdowns in a 40–24 victory. He had 79 receptions for 1,198 yards and ten touchdowns toward the end.


Despite a solid start for the 2013 season, Jones missed most of the games due to severe injuries. However, after that, he’s been performing every year.

Therefore, Jones had established himself as one of the most valuable players in NFL history. In addition, Jones has improved his job performance by overcoming all of the new hurdles and competitors.

Julio Jones Boasts $50 Million of Net Worth in 2022!

Julio Jones has a hefty net worth of $50 million, making him one of the wealthiest NFL players. He previously signed a four-year, $16.1 million contract with the Atlanta Falcons in 2011.

In addition, this contract includes a guaranteed $16 million and a $1 million signing bonus. Moreover, Jones earns a salary of over $4 million a year. 

In 2015, NFL star Julio Jones extended his deal with the Falcons for another five years. This contract extension was worth $71 million over five years, with a total guarantee of $47 million and a $122 million signing bonus.

Julio Jones' brother
Julio Jones has an expensive collection of lavish cars in his House garage. (Source: Facebook @JulioJones)

Jones also received a basic salary of $14 million per year and a $35.5 million guarantee at signing. Furthermore, Julio Jones signed a three-year, $66 million contract with the Tennessee Titans on June 6, 2021.

Cap Hit Details

After joining the Tennessee Titans squad, Julio became the highest-paid wide receiver in NFL history. Per his contract details, he earns $22 million as a base salary with $25 million (signing bonus) and $64 million (total guarantees).


Jones has made various endorsement deals with sports and fitness brands. Similarly, he earns $4 million to $3 million via sponsorships and other business ventures.

Is Julio Jones’ Brother, Philip Jones, on Social Media?

Although Julio Jones’ brother, Philip Jones, is not available on social media, the athlete is surely active. You can check out his official pages like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with the following usernames;

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Julio Jones Current Jersey Number?

Julio Jones wears the no. 2 jersey while playing for the NFL’s Tennessee Titans. He previously wore Atlanta Falcons’ jersey no. 11 for overall ten seasons.

Which gloves and cleats does Jones wear?

Under Armour cleats with yellow and black Waffle House initials are worn by Julio Jones. He also appears to be wearing the Under Armour Spotlight Pro.

Is Julio Jones going to retire any time soon?

There is no news or information about Julio Jones’s retirement soon. However, most people believe he will extend his contract after it expires in 2023. Jones’ number will have grown to 19.2 million by then.

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