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Kareem Hunt Sr. is the father of Kareem Hunt Jr., who plays professional football for the Cleveland Browns of the NFL. He has been playing as the running back for them since 2019.

Kareem Jr. learned everything about football from his dad, and he raised his son as a Cleveland Browns fan like himself.

So, young Hunt had always dreamt of playing for his hometown team since he was a child.

Now that Kareem has made it into the NFL and is having a great time, Kareem Sr. is always at the front cheering for his son. One can know how proud he is of his star son by seeing his regular posts on his social media.

Kareem Hunt Sr.
Kareem Hunt Sr. (Source: Facebook)

Not only are their names the same, both son and father frequently appear in news headlines.

While little Kareem mostly makes it to the headlines for his performance and controversies, Big Kareem sometimes gets featured for his opinions on social media. 

This article will tell you more about Kareem’s life, relationship with his son, social media engagement, and more.

But before getting into the details, let’s see some quick facts.

Kareem Hunt Father | Quick Facts

Full Name Kareem Hunt Sr.
Birth Date June 10, 1971
Birth Place Cleveland, Ohio, United States
Nick Name Big Kareem, Remy
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Ethnicity African American
Education Collinwood High School (Cleveland, Ohio)
Zodiac sign Gemini
Father’s Name Not Available
Mother’s Name Renee Antoinette Hunt
Siblings Two brothers
Age 53 Years Old
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Build Athletic
Profession Not Available
Marital Status Divorced
Ex-Wives Stephanie Riggins, LaShonda Lee
Children Kaila Hunt, Tahje Hunt, and Kareem Hunt Jr.
Kareem Hunt’s Team Cleveland Browns
Kareem Hunt’s Active Years 2017–Present
League NFL
Kareem Hunt’s Net Worth $5 Million
Kareem Hunt’s Jersey Number #27
Merch of Kareem Hunt Signed Jersey Cleveland Browns
Social Media  InstagramTwitter
Last Updated July 2024

About Kareem Hunt

Kareem AJ Hunt, famous as Kareem Hunt, is an American-born professional football player for the NFL team Cleveland Browns.

He was born to his parents, Kareem Hunt Sr. (father) and Stephanie Riggins (mother), in Lorain, Ohio, in 1995.

Brought up in Ohio, Kareem started his football career playing for his South High School’s football team and graduated as a third-star recruit in 2012.

Although his game during his rookie year at the University of Toledo was average, Hunt’s performances in the later seasons were remarkable.

And even though frequent injuries and disciplinary issues were his major drawbacks, he ultimately foreshadowed them with his football skills and dominant physique.

Consequently, the Kansas City Chiefs saw his potential and picked him in the 2017 NFL Draft as the 86th overall pick, making him the sixth running back to get drafted that year.

Kareem Hunt with the Cleveland Browns (Source: Sports Illustrated)
Kareem Hunt With the Cleveland Browns (Source: Sports Illustrated)

As expected, Kareem Hunt had a great start in the NFL. He made it to the Pro Bowl game in his rookie season and, in addition, earned numerous accolades, including the Rushing Yards Leader.

However, his stint with the Chiefs ended in a very unpleasant way. In November 2018, a video of him beating a woman became viral on the Internet, following which the club immediately released him.

Although his hometown club Cleveland Browns, signed him on February 11, 2019, Kareem got to make his comeback only in November 2019.

Moreover, Kareem is known to have been involved in several other legal troubles, including drug possession, brawls, vehicle overspeeding, etc.

Nevertheless, Kareem’s attitude while on the field is totally different, and he always stands out in almost every game he stars in the NFL.

Net Worth

As of [current year], Kareem Hunt has a net worth of $5 million.

The Brown’s running back has a base salary of around $1.35 million in the 2022 season.

In addition to his earnings from the league games, Kareem makes a good amount of money through brand endorsement deals.

Unfortunately, he lost many endorsement deals in the past because of his frequent involvement in fights and unlawful activities.

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Kareem Hunt Father | Kareem Hunt Sr.

Kareem Hunt Sr. was born to his parents in their native town, Cleveland, Ohio, United States.

His mother’s name was Renee Antoinette Hunt. But his father’s name remains unknown.

Born in Cleveland, Kareem Sr. grew up with his two brothers and attended Collinwood High School as a teenager. However, there is no information on whether he ever got into the University.

Kareem Hunt's father Remy Hunt (Source: Facebook)
Kareem Hunt’s Father, Kareem Hunt Sr. (Source: Facebook)

Kareem Sr. married Stephanie Riggins in the early nineties, with whom he had a son, Kareem Hunt, the famous young NFL player.

Stephanie has another son named Clarence Riggins from her previous relationship as well.

Soon after, Stephanie separated from him and married another man named Deltrin Kimbro.

After getting divorced from Stephanie, Kareem married LaShonde Lee. They had two daughters together, namely Kaila and Tahje Hunt.

Although his children have different mothers, they all have great affection for one another.

LaShonda and Kareem are no longer together, but they are still friends. Kareem is currently single.

Getting Arrested on Drug Charges

In 2019, the officers from the Elyria narcotics and investigative units arrested Kareem Hunt Sr. for possessing banned substances.

As per the reports, he was staying in a hotel at Elyria at the time of his arrest. He admitted carrying marijuana before the detectives proceeded to search his room.

The detectives later collected marijuana, cell phones, digital scales, and some cash from him.

In addition, the NFL star’s father also confessed that he sold small amounts of crack cocaine frequently for profit.

Following the operation, the police took him to the Lorain County Jail, and he later faced charges of possession of marijuana and criminal tools.

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Kareem Hunt Sr. | Relationship with His Son

Although Kareem Sr. failed as a husband, he was a great father to all his children. Especially his relationship with his son, Kareem, is pretty exemplary.

His marital life came into a crisis soon after Kareem’s birth, but he never let it affect his child’s upbringing.

As was his nature, the older Kareem always remained cheerful while he was around his son and taught him everything he knew, not just about football but also about life.

Kareem Hunt and his father (Source: Instagram)
Kareem Hunt and His Father (Source: Instagram)

Most importantly, he instilled his love for sports into his son, and little Kareem learned to enjoy them when he was a toddler.

As time went by, both got along quite well, and they loved playing with each other.

Their neighbors and relatives nicknamed them Little Kareem (son) and Big Kareem (father), seeing their unbreakable companionship.

Although Kareem has always been a Cleveland Browns fan, he supported the Kansas City Chiefs for a couple of years just because his son was playing for them.

However, he is happy that his son now plays for his favorite team in the league.

Almost all his Facebook posts are related to his son’s professional life, his progress over the years, and the tiny little things he does daily.

These all prove that Kareem is the closest person his son has in his life.

Kareem Hunt Father | Social Media Presence

Kareem Hunt Sr. is highly active on his personal Facebook. He mostly posts wishing his family members on their birthdays and most often gives updates about Kareem’s NFL career.

Apart from that, he does not have any other social media handles.

You can, however, follow his son, Kareem Hunt Jr., on his social media pages by going through the given links below:


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Kareem Hunt 3️⃣ (@bigreem_3)

Instagram: bigreem_3

Twitter: Kareemhunt7

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

How tall is Kareem Hunt?

Kareem Hunt is around 1.80 meters (5 feet 11 inches) tall.

Will the Cleveland Browns trade Kareem Hunt the next season?

Although Hunt is scheduled to be an unrestricted free agent in 2023, the Cleveland Browns have not announced their plans to trade him yet.

The team still has high hopes for him, and they might consider extending his contract if he performs well this season.

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