Kelsey Riggs Husband: Married To Partner Dalen Cuff? Pregnant & Kids

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Kelsey Riggs isn’t married, and Dalen Cuff isn’t her husband. But the two ESPN reporters recently shared big news with their fans on Instagram. 

Riggs, who has been with ESPN since 2019, announced she was engaged to Cuff and also that they were expecting Baby Cuff this summer. A Charleston Southern University graduate, Riggs worked with WCNC-TV for three years before joining ESPN.

The Two ESPN Reporters Went Public With Their Relationship Last Year In November
The Two ESPN Reporters Went Public With Their Relationship Last Year In November (Source: Instagram)

Kelsey is also a regular stand-in anchor for ESPN’s signature news and information program SportsCenter. At Charleston, Riggs also secured a scholarship for their soccer program.

The two reporters only went public with their relationship at the end of 2023, and now they are about to start a small family. 

Kelsey Riggs Husband: Married To Partner Dalen Cuff?

The ESPN reporter Kelsey Riggs doesn’t have a husband but is engaged to Dalen Cuff. Riggs announced her engagement to Cuff in the same Instagram post as her pregnancy.

In her previous Instagram posts, Riggs has been seen without an engagement ring, and it is in her latest Instagram post that Kelsey can be seen showing her diamond ring. 

It isn’t known when the two began dating, but Kelsey’s first post featuring Dalen came on his birthday last year in November. She shared a gallery of images of her and the ESPN reporter.

She captioned the post, “Never would have imagined, now I can’t picture anything else. Happy birthday DC. You are my forever favorite.”

In the same month, Dalen shared his first post with Kelsey and captioned it, “So thankful for you and that there’s an US.” 

Who Is Dalen Cuff?

At ESPN, Cuff is a college basketball in-game and studio analyst. He joined the sports programming network in 2016 and helped them launch ACCN in 2019.

A former collegiate basketball player, Cuff was the team captain for the men’s basketball team at Columbia University. Cuff is ranked in Columbia history in games played, career three-point field goals made, and three-point percentage for a single season.

Upon graduation, Cuff joined InterPublic Group in a marketing position. Later, Columbia approached him to become their color analyst for the men’s basketball game, to which he agreed. 

Cuff Has Been Working With The ESPN Since 2016
Cuff Has Been Working With The ESPN Since 2016 (Source: Instagram)

After working for five years in a marketing position, Cuff wanted a career change. He signed with IMG agency and was managed by Aimee Leone. 

Aimee managed to get Cuff into NBC, where she had previously worked for two decades. At first, Dalen worked for the NBCSN Ivy League and later pushed himself to the network’s regional channel in Boston. 

With NBC, Cuff covered the Rio Olympics, for which he even learned Portuguese. At times, with ESPN, Cuff also covers soccer games while handling ACC Network host duties. 

Before being engaged to Kelsey, Dalen was married and shares a daughter from his previous relationship. He features his daughter, Lyra, on his Instagram, and last year shared a photo from her fifth birthday ceremony. 

Kelsey Riggs Announces Her Pregnancy 

On February 8, 2024, Kelsey Riggs took to her Instagram handle to announce that she was pregnant. The ESPN reporter shared a gallery of images featuring her fiance Dalen Cuff.

The two also took this opportunity to announce their engagement, with Riggs and Cuff choosing a beachside location for their engagement and pregnancy photoshoot. 

Riggs captioned the post, “The only thing I’ve ever known I wanted to BE is a mom. The only thing I’ve ever known I wanted to DO is share life’s greatest blessing with the person who I’m lucky enough to know I want to love and be loved by forever.”

The ESPN Reporter Recently Announced Her Pregnancy
The ESPN Reporter Recently Announced Her Pregnancy (Source: Instagram)

She continued, “It’s what I waited my entire life for, and somehow life feels like it’s really just beginning. I love you, DC, and I can’t wait to soak up every moment of forever with you.”

In her pregnancy post, Kelsey also gave her warm wishes and prayers to those waiting for this stage in their lives. She wrote, “The waiting is hard, the questions are big, but the blessings ahead will truly outweigh it all.”

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