Kenny Acuna Age And Wikipedia: Ronald Acuna Brother Commits To Phillies

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Kenny Acuna Age: A popular baseball player, Ronald Acuna’s younger brother, Kenny Acuna is another rising name in the baseball field.

The Acuna family has been a part of the baseball world for three generations and is showing amazing talent without a doubt.

Recently, the young member of the family Kenny Acuna made news headlines with his verbal agreement with the Phillies at just a young age.

Ronald Acuna Is A Popular Baseball Player
Ronald Acuna Is A Popular Baseball Player (Source: Instagram)

Ronald José Acuña Blanco Jr. famous as Ronald Acuna (born on December 18, 1997) is a professional baseball player for the Atlanta Braves in Major League Baseball (MLB). 

He started with the Braves in 2014 as a free agent from another country, which kicked off his MLB journey. Likewise, the baseball player began playing in MLB in 2018 and was named the National League Rookie of the Year that same year.

The 6-foot-tall sportsman has been really good, making it to four MLB All-Star teams and winning three Silver Slugger Awards. He has also led the league in stolen bases twice.

In 2023, the National League Most Valuable Player 2023 award winner hit a big goal by joining the 40–40 club and setting a new team record with 73 stolen bases. He remained the first MLB player to reach a 40–70 season. 

Kenny Acuna Age And Wikipedia

Kenny Acuna is popular as the younger brother of baseball star, Ronald Acuna. As he is just a rising name in the baseball field and popular because of his blood connections, his Wikipedia page doesn’t exist.

Further, the celebrity brother, Kenny is currently 12 years old born in 2012. His exact birth details, birthday, and birthplace are missing. However, he spent his young days in the United States with his family.

Kenny Acuna With His Brother, Ronald Acuna

Kenny Acuna With His Brother, Ronald Acuna
Kenny Acuna With His Brother, Ronald Acuna (Source: Instagram)

Kenny’s parents, Ronald Acuna Sr and Leonelis Blanco have been the biggest supporter in his life.

Also, the presence of three brothers in the family with Ronald Acuna Jr and Luisangel Acuña as famous baseball players, the young man has guidance and support within the family.

Currently, Ronald’s 12-year-old brother is a primary school student. He has kept a good balance between his education and sports career.

Father, Ronald Acuna Sr remained a baseball Rightfielder, Centerfielder, and Leftfielder in minor league. Likewise, grandfather, Romualdo Blanco also played as a minor league baseball player.

It would not be wrong to say that the Acuna family has baseball in their blood and the talent is flowing in every generation.

In addition, their uncle, José Escobar previously played for the Cleveland Indians in the year 1991. Also, the cousins who have played in Major League Baseball are Vicente Campos, Alcides Escobar, Edwin Escobar, and Kelvim Escobar.

Kenny Acuna Commits To Phillies

Recently, Kenny Acuna made news headlines for entering into a verbal agreement with the Phillies. 

Per reports, the celebrity brother is just 12 years old now and is not eligible to sign with the team until January 2028. 

Kenny Acuna Is A Rising Baseball Name
Kenny Acuna Is A Rising Baseball Name (Source: Reddit)

Just like his elder brothers and other family members, he is on the way to making a big name in the baseball world.

With the recent announcement, there is already excitement among fans regarding his journey. 

Many social media users appreciate the bloodline addressing them as the baseball family with generations of talent.



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