Khalen Saunders Brother Kameron Saunders Is A Taylor Swift Dancer

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Khalen Saunders’ brother, Kameron Saunders, is a dance choreographer from St. Louis. Kameron is part of Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour. 

Before joining Taylor Swift in her historical Eras Tour, Kameron has previously performed with Lizzo and has taught at a few leading studios in New York City. 

On Friday, Kameron performed at Arrowhead Stadium, the home of the Kansas City Chiefs. It’s also the same place his brother called home for four seasons, winning Super Bowl twice. 

Khalen Saunders And His Brother Kameron Pictured With Their Grandmother, Barbara When They Were Kids
Khalen Saunders And His Brother Kameron Pictured With Their Grandmother, Barbara, When They Were Kids (Source: Instagram)

The two siblings are each other’s biggest cheerleaders. Khalen might not have any interest in dancing, but has the flexibility of one and is famous for his backflips. 

Earlier this year, Khalen signed with the New Orleans Saints in a three-year deal of $14.5 million. Saying goodbye to Patrick Mahomes and Co. Saunders will now have Derek Carr as his QB. 

Khalen Saunders Brother, Kameron Saunders

Khalen Saunders’ brother, Kameron Saunders, dance journey began when his mother took him to a West African dance class she was a student in. 

Born on July 28, 1992, Kameron is older than his brother by four years. The two have four older brothers from their father’s side, but they are the only two who are close to each other. 

Kameron Saunders Pictured At The MTV VMAs In August 2022
Kameron Saunders Pictured At The MTV VMAs In August 2022 (Source: Instagram)

Kameron and Khalen, despite having two different professions share a strong sibling bond. Khalen is not into dancing but will always be at Kameron’s concerts to root for him. 

In one of their interviews, Kameron shared a story of how much Khalen cared about his big brother and that he was ready to risk his safety. 

When Khalen was in high school, he learned his brother had been robbed only a few feet from their family home. He dashed out of the house with no shirt or shoes to find those burglars. 

Kameron Saunders Dancing Career 

When he was in sixth grade, Kim enrolled her son in a performing arts middle school. Having a supportive mom certainly helped Kameron to continue his passion.

He began his dance training at the Center of Creative Arts and graduated with a Conservatory of Music and Dance degree from the University of Missouri-Kansas City.

Kameron then moved back to St. Louis, taught dance full-time, and freelanced as a choreographer. When he moved to New York City, Kameron taught at Gibney and Broadway Dance Center. 

Kameron Saunders Pictured With Taylor Swift At The Eras Tour
Kameron Saunders Pictured With Taylor Swift At The Eras Tour (Source: Instagram)

Last year, Kameron performed for the first time in the VMAs. He was the dancer for the American rapper Saucy Santana, who also gave him an opportunity to feature in his first music video in July. 

Kameron was one of the dancers for the music video Booty, which also featured Latto. 

In 2022, Kameron was also seen on stage with the American singer, Lizzo. But one of the biggest breakthroughs in his career came in 2023. 

Kameron is on tour with Taylor Swift and is part of the Eras Tour. After the first concert, Kameron took to Instagram to announce he was part of the dance team. 

He had received the news in December but wanted to keep it a secret. Currently, the entirety of Kameron’s Instagram is filled with Eras Tour content, and the Swifties have shown every bit of their love to the talented choreographer. 

Khalen Saunders Parents, Kenton Saunders, And Kim Hamilton 

Khalen Saunders’ parents Kenton Saunders, and Kim Hamilton, are separated but share an amicable relationship.

While growing up, Khalen and Kameron lived with their mom, Kim, and their grandmother, Barbara. In an interview with ESPN in 2019, Barbara said it was her, her mom, and her kids against the world. 

Kim was no less than a superhero for her kids. She worked multiple jobs to run the household, and her last job was that of a driving instructor for the city’s Metrobus Service.

Khalen Saunders Mother, Kim Hamilton Pictured Repping The Kansas City Chiefs Gear Earlier This Year In Arrowhead Stadium
Khalen Saunders’ Mother, Kim Hamilton, Pictured Repping The Kansas City Chiefs Gear Earlier This Year In Arrowhead Stadium (Source: Instagram)

Kim left that job in 2020 and has since retired. She also has tried her hands in stand-up comedy in the past. 

In her interview, Kim said she had taken a loan to take her sons to Disneyland. With the family struggling with stable transportation, Khalen, and Kameron would have to catch buses to travel anywhere with their mom. 

Kim would make it a fun game rather than a tiring experience for the boys saying they were looking for buried treasures near the highways. 

Khalen Saunder’s father, Kenton, introduced him to football. Kim said if it was her call, she would have never let Khalen play the sport. 

But now that she looks back at it, it would have been a poor decision, as the defensive tackle has won the Super Bowl twice with the Chiefs. 

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