Leonard Hamilton Bio: Early Life, Net Worth & Contract

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Among others, Leonard Hamilton has won the National Coach of the Year three times and is the 7th most winningest coach in the ACC history. He is one of the premier college basketball coaches currently.

Furthermore, during his five decades in the sport of basketball, the 71-year-old has not aged one bit.

As a result, many fans are amazed at his incredible youth and charming persona.

Leonard Hamilton
Leonard Hamilton

Thus, we here at Playersbio have written this article to inform you guys about the secret to Hamilton’s youth, along with his personal and professional career.

So without further ado, let’s start with some quick facts.

Quick Facts

Full Name James Leonard Hamilton
Date of Birth August 4, 1948
Birth Place Gastonia, North Carolina, U.S.A
Marital Status Married
Spouse Claudette Hamilton
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Age 75 Years Old
Profession Basketball Coach
Weight Not available
Teams Florida State Seminoles (Current), Austin Peay, Univerity of Kentucky, Oklahoma State Cowboys, Miami Hurricanes, Washington Wizards (Former)
Height Not available
Salary $2.25 million per year
Net Worth $15 million
Online Presence Twitter
Last Update March, 2024

Leonard Hamilton: Early Life, Family & Education

James Leonard Hamilton was born to his parents, John Hamilton and Bennie Ruth, on August 4, 1948, in Gastonia, North Carolina.

Unfortunately, there is no further information available to the public on this matter. Besides that, the 71-year-old grew up with his brother, Ray Jones, who currently coaches a minor league team.

Moving on to his education, Hamilton attended the University of Tennessee at Martin.

During his time there, Leonard played basketball for the college team. Also, the 71-year-old was a member of the Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity,

Leonard Hamilton: Career

When we talk about Leonard’s career, it is synonymous with success.

Starting in 1971 as the assistant coach of Austin Peay State University, Leonard slowly progressed through the ranks until he got his big break with the University of Kentuck in 1974.

During Hamilton’s eight years with the team, he won the NCAA Championship in 1978 and finished as runner-up in 1975, and reached the Final Four in 1984.

Thereafter, Leonard took the first head coach role of his career with the Oklahoma State University in 1986.

During his four years, the 71-year-old guided the Oklahoma State Cowboys to 7th, 6th, 4th, and 5th, respectively.

Subsequently, Hamilton managed the University of Miami’s Miami Hurricanes for a decade.

Moreover, Leonard guided his team to the postseason five times with an appearance in the NCAA Sweet 16 being the farthest stage they could manage.

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Leonard Hamilton: Washinton Wizards

In the year 2000, Hamilton got the call to manage the Washington Wizards franchise in the NBA.

However, it was not the NBA that lured him to the Wizards. Instead, it was the opportunity to manage the GOAT of basketball, Michael Jordan.

Although the 2000-2001 season did not pan out the way both parties would have liked, nonetheless, Hamilton gained valuable experience that would come in handy later on in his career.

Florida State University

Ever since Leonard left the Washington Wizards, he has managed the Florida State University’s men’s basketball team. In other words, the 71-year-old has been working there for 18 years.

Likewise, in those years, Hamilton has won three National Coach of the Year awards and managed 15 postseason appearances.

Florida State University, Leonard Hamilton
Hamilton has been with the FSU since 2002

Added to that, he is also the 7th winningest coach in the history of the ACC. Hence, it is fair to say that Leonard is having one hell of a time in Florida.

Because of his recognition, Hamilton’s basketball camp is equally successful. Not to mention, he is also credited for coming up with innovative ideas for the camp. 

Moreover, the product of Gaston College, Leonard Hamilton is soon to be part of the Florida State University Athletics Hall of Fame. 

Leonard Hamilton FSU Coaching Record

Season Team Overall Conference Standing Postseason
2002–03 Florida State 14–15 4–12 9th  
2003–04 Florida State 19–14 6–10 T–7th NIT Second Round
2004–05 Florida State 12–19 4–12 T–10th  
2005–06 Florida State 20–10 9–7 5th NIT Second Round
2006–07 Florida State 22–13 7–9 T–8th NIT Quarterfinal
2007–08 Florida State 19–15 7–9 T–7th NIT First Round
2008–09 Florida State 25–10 10–6 4th NCAA Division I Round of 64
2009–10 Florida State 22–10 10–6 T–3rd NCAA Division I Round of 64
2010–11 Florida State 23–11 11–5 3rd NCAA Division I Sweet 16
2011–12 Florida State 25–10 12–4 3rd NCAA Division I Round of 32
2012–13 Florida State 18–16 9–9 6th NIT First Round
2013–14 Florida State 22–14 9–9 T–7th NIT Semifinal
2014–15 Florida State 17–16 8–10 9th  
2015–16 Florida State 20–14 8–10 T–11th NIT Second Round
2016–17 Florida State 26–9 12–6 T–2nd NCAA Division I Round of 32
2017–18 Florida State 23–12 9–9 T–8th NCAA Division I Elite Eight
2018–19 Florida State 29–8 13–5 4th NCAA Division I Sweet 16
2019–20 Florida State 26–5 16–4 1st NCAA Division I Cancelled
2020–21 Florida State 18–7 11–4 2nd NCAA Division I Sweet 16
Florida State: 399–228 (.636) 176–146 (.547)

How old is Leonard Hamilton? Body Measurements & Horoscope

Having been born in the year 1948 makes Hamilton age 71 years at the moment. However, judging from his picture, one can’t help but feel amazed at his young face, which, by the way, does not look even 50.

Likewise, Leonard is a native of Gastonia, which is a large city in North Carolina. Hence, when it comes to his nationality, Hamilton is an American.

Unfortunately, the details on his height and weight seem to be kept away from the general public.

Moving on, the North Carolina native belongs to Leo when it comes to horoscope. The reason being, he was born on the 4th day of August.

Moreover, Leos relish when their inclusive and charismatic personalities get to shine.

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10 Year Challenge

As we all know, Hamilton looks way, and we mean way younger than his actual age of 71. Consequently, everyone wants to know the secret to his youth. Well, does the man have a real fountain of youth?

Obviously, the answer is no. But during an interview, Hamilton did let everyone in on his secret. Leonard said that he does not smoke or drink and tries to eat well.

He also noted that mentoring young basketball players make him feel young, making him look like he’s still south of 50.

How much is Leonard Hamilton Salary? Net Worth & Contract

The Florida State head coach is one of the best in the college basketball scene at the moment. Hence, Leonard takes home a massive salary of $2.25 million, which is simply incredible.

As a result, it should come as no surprise when we tell you that Hamilton has a high net worth of $15 million.

Incredibly, Leonard has been involved in coaching for nearly a half-century.

Leonard Hamilton: Contract

As per the deals agreed during the 2017 contract extension with Florida State University, Leonard will be taking home a $2.25 million base salary.

But wait! There’s more because massive bonuses could take his earnings to more than $3 million.

Firstly, the 71-year-old will receive $225,000 if they manage to qualify for the NCAA tournament’s Sweet 16.

After that, he will take home $250,000 for an Elite Eight showing and likewise for a Final Four appearance.

Furthermore, Leonard will earn $150,000 if he manages to reach the final and another half a million should the Florida State Seminoles win the NCAA Championship.

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Leonard Hamilton: Wife & Kids

When it comes to his love life, Leonard unsurprisingly belongs to the married club. The 71-year-old has been happily married to his wife, Claudette Hamilton, for a long time.

Leonard hamilton with his wife
Leonard hamilton with his wife

Furthermore, the couple has been blessed with one daughter, Allison Janae Hamilton, and another unknown child. Unfortunately, the name of the second child remains a mystery at this point.
On the other hand, Leonard’s daughter works as a visual artist in photography, installation, sculpture, and taxidermy.

Thus, the 71-year-old must be one proud father to have a successful daughter like her.

Likewise, many might not know this but Hamilton, the former player and current coach, is also a co-founder of gospel music label. He even has a small record label called 5ive Oceans to pursue his hobby. 

Leonard Hamilton suffers from a ruptured Achilles

During the first half of 2021, the successful coach underwent surgery for his ruptured Achilles tendon. But the stunt is still not over as Hamilton had to begin strengthening and rehabilitation exercises for his left leg. 

Likewise, the doctors and physicians are optimistic about the speedy recovery. 

The Florida State coach suffered from the injury on March 14, a day after the ACC Tournament. 

Leonard Hamilton and Dana Jacobson

Back in 2018, Leonard Hamilton was criticized for being rude or grumpy to the reporter Dana Jacobson. However, the Tuner Sports’ reporter, Dana, quickly pointed out that was not the case. 

To clarify, Hamilton gave the interview right after their emotional loss to Michigan. Dana then followed by saying how emotional the moment was for the FSU team and their coach, Hamilton. 

Leonard Hamilton and Dana Jacobson
Dana Jacobson’s tweet about Hamilton

Leonard Hamilton and Juwan Howard 

After playing under Leonard Hamilton as his coach, Juwan Howard is set to face him as a rival. Deemed as “the ultimate professional” by Hamilton, former forward star, Juwan is on his way to become a star coach as well. 

Similarly, last year, Howard led the Wolverines to a 19-12 record. Not to mention, Hamilton, his former coach is also proud of Juwan accomplishments. 

“He’s one of my favorite person in the business because I know what he stands for as a person.” 

Social Media Presence

Twitter: 19.6k followers

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Leonard Hamilton leave Miami?

Back in 2000, the star coach, Leonard left the Miami program, in order to grab the opportunity to coach, Michael Jordan and the Washington Wizards. 

How many wins does Leonard Hamilton have? 

The legendary coach, Leonard Hamilton has 378 wins under his name. 

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