Lou Williams Kids: Syx, Jada And Zoey- Daughter Emotion Retirement Video

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Lou Williams shares three kids, Jada, Zoey, and Syx, with Ashley Henderson and Rece Mitchell. The former Clippers player announced his retirement from NBA in a video narrated by his daughter.

The three-time Sixth Man of The Year winner, Lou Williams, is hanging up his cleats after 17 years in the business. He won his first Six Man of The Year Award in 2015 when he was the Raptors, where he shared the stage with DeMar DeRozan and Kyle Lowry.

Lou Williams Pictured With His Three Kids, Syx, Jada(Right back), And Zoey In 2022
Lou Williams Pictured With His Three Kids, Syx, Jada(Right back), And Zoey In 2022 (Source: Instagram)

The other two times, Williams was with the franchise Los Angeles Clippers under the management of Doc Rivers. The Tennessee native, Williams, is recognized as one of the best players off the bench and in 2019, even broke Dell Curry’s for most games played off the bench in the NBA history. 

The point guard announced his retirement on June 18 and shared an emotional video, bringing down the curtains on his successful NBA career. 

Lou Williams Kids: Syx, Jada, And Zoey

Lou Williams shares three kids with two different women. At one point, the NBA star was famous for his polyamorous relationship.

Lou’s two oldest daughters, Jada and Zoey, are with his former girlfriend, Ashley Henderson. His youngest child, his son, Syx, is with Rece Mitchell. 

His Oldest Daugther Narrated His Retirement Video

Lou Williams’ oldest daughter, Jada Williams, narrated his retirement video, which was shared by his fans on Twitter. 

The video shows Jada, the oldest child of Lou Williams, writing a letter to her father. She began the video by stating she was happy her father had finally been able to decide on his retirement.

The video shows Lou’s basketball journey from college level to winning the Sixth Man of the Year award three times.  

Lou Williams Pictured With His Two Daughters, Jada(L), And Zoey On The Sidelines Of An NBA Game In 2022
Lou Williams Pictured With His Two Daughters, Jada(L), And Zoey, On The Sidelines Of An NBA Game In 2022 (Source: Instagram)

Jada was born in 2011 and is currently 12 years old. Previously, in a video, Lou said his daughter was interested in wrestling and also in basketball. 

Earlier this year, the former NBA player shared a video that depicted Jada’s progress. The first clip shows him training his daughter, and the second video shows Jada dunking on her opponents. 

The basketball star also has another daughter, Zoey Williams. She was born on March 12, 2014, and shared a photo of the moment Jada met Zoey on his Instagram. 

The basketball player has previously stated his two girls have two different personalities, with the younger sister, Zoey, having more of a bubbly personality. 

Lou Williams Named His Son After His Achievement 

Lou Williams’ son, Syx Williams, born on December 31, 2019, takes his name from his dad’s on-court achievements. 

The former Toronto Raptors player Williams won the Sixth Man of the Year award three times in 2015, 2018m and 2019, making him one of the most successful players in NBA history off the bench. 

Lou Williams Pictured With His Son, Syx In 2022
Like Father, Like Son: Lou Williams Pictured With His Son, Syx, In 2022 (Source: Instagram)

Speaking to the Associated Press after the birth of his son, Williams said he just wanted to do something different when questioned about the name.

His baby mama, Rece Mitchell, launched a fitness apparel brand named after her son called Syx Athletics last year in March. 

Lou Williams Has Two Baby Mamas 

Lou Williams hasn’t tied the knot, but at one point was dating two girls at once. Many seemed baffled at how he pulled it off, but Williams said he demands respect for both women. 

His first baby mama, Ashley Henderson, gained fame through her fitness videos on Instagram, but for the past few years, has stayed away from the limelight.

During her relationship with Lou, she was famously labeled as “Blonde” and was in a polyamorous relationship with Lou when he began dating Rece Mitchell in 2014, whom he referred to as “Brown.”

Rece Mitchell, The Baby Mama of Lou Williams, Pictured With Her Son, Syx, For Halloween 2022
Rece Mitchell, The Baby Mama of Lou Williams, Pictured With Her Son, Syx, For Halloween 2022 (Source: Instagram)

Lou previously talked about his relationship with both women in an interview with Taylor Rooks of Bleacher Report. The point guard expressed frustration with the media and fans giving him unwarranted criticism and judgment. 

He said both the women aren’t any random companions but are mothers of his kids.

His second baby mama, Rece Mitchell, is very much active on Instagram. She has gained a following of 205k and attracted attention in the first place through her modeling career. 

She has a twin sister, Daria Maria, with whom she launched a hair weave story 2Glamorous. As said previously, Rece launched the apparel fitness company Syx Athletics, named after her son. 

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