Louis Rees Zammit Parents Maxine and Joe Are Supportive Of His NFL Decision

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After Louis Rees Zammit declared to take a step back from his professional rugby career, his parents, Maxine and Joe, appeared supportive of his NFL decision.

The 23-year-old promising rugby player Louis Rees Zammit, whom fans thought had a bright future in that sport, has decided to pursue an NFL career.

Louis Rees Zammit Announced About His Decision On Instagram
Louis Rees Zammit Announced About His Decision On Instagram (Source: Instagram)

On January 16, 2024, Louis announced his decision via Instagram, revealing that he was quitting rugby to be part of American football.

This news broke just minutes before Wales unveiled their squad for the upcoming Six Nations Championship, which Louis would typically be a part of.

Well, this announcement came as a shock to many, especially to his fans, fellow team members, and coaches.

Moreover, with the intent to secure a spot, Louis plans to join the NFL International Player Pathway program. Upon completing the 10-week program, he may become eligible for the 2024 NFL Draft.

However, Louis claimed that the move did not necessarily mean he was retiring from rugby, but he has no plans to return in the short term.

Do Louis Rees Zammit Parents Supports His Decision

The former rugby winger has recently taken a significant step in his career, choosing to pursue a career in the NFL.

With this, the player expressed his gratitude towards his fans and looks forward to having their support in this journey.

However, his decision to opt for a change has evoked a mix of positive and critical responses.

The Player Along With His Father And Brother
The Player Along With His Father And Brother (Source: Instagram)

Apart from all this, as Louis prepares to embark on this journey, his parents, Maxine and Joe, seem fully supportive.

As former athletes, they believe that a player must explore his ability and skill set and strive for new experiences.

Interestingly, it was Louis’s father who first introduced him to the world of football.

His father, who played American football for Cardiff Bay Tigers, raised him to love the sport.

Further, when asked about his reason for pursuing an NFL career, Louis mentioned,

“I want to continue my father’s legacy and make him proud.”

Given this, Louis’s parents are undoubtedly waiting to watch their son make it into the NFL.

Moreover, although his fellow teammates and coaches feel sad about his leaving, they appear excited for his future.

Wales coach Warren Gatland mentioned that he is a bit shocked but happy for what the future unfolds for him.

A Look Into His Professional Career

A former rugby player, Louis Rees Zammit, played for Gloucester in the English Premiership and for Wales national team.

Starting his career with Cardiff Blues, he joined the Gloucester senior team in 2019 as the club’s youngest-ever Premiership player.

The youngster made an early impression, making history as the youngest European player and try scorer.

Louis Rees Zammit To Transition Into An NFL Player
Louis Rees Zammit To Transition Into An NFL Player (Source: Instagram)

Likewise, in 2020, Louis signed his first professional contract and simultaneously clinched Gloucester’s Young Player of the Year title.

Further, during his time in Gloucester, he consistently excelled, amassing an impressive total of 190 points in just 69 appearances for the team. 

Besides, the player has also represented the Wales national rugby union team at the 2020 and 2021 Six Nations Championship. 

However, despite such a glorious career, the young champ recently announced to quit rugby to chase an NFL career. 

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