Ludovic Giuly Parents: Father Dominique And Mother- Origin & Ethnicity

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Ludovic Giuly is inspired by his parents, who raised him to become a soccer player from the early age of four and a half. The former soccer player has a unique ethnic background with mixed culture.

His father, Dominique Giuly, is a Corsican former goalkeeper, whereas his mother originally hails from Oran, a port city in northwest Algeria.

However, Giuly considers himself lucky to be a part of a mixed ethnicity. He often visits his mother’s birthplace despite enjoying his professional life as a French citizen.

Ludovic Giuly With UEFA Pro License in 2019
Ludovic Giuly With UEFA Pro Licesce in 2019 (Source: Instagram)

The French former professional soccer player is currently working as an assistant manager of Olympique Lyonnais in Ligue 1.

Giuly followed his father’s footsteps and immersed himself in the soccer world, making his early debut with MDA Chasselay, where his father spent most of his playing career.

The former attacking midfielder then started his senior career with Lyon in 1994. Later, he played for Monaco, FC Barcelona, Roma, PSG, and Lorient.

However, his significant moment came with Barcelona, where he helped the team win the UEFA Champions League in the 2005-06 season against English club Arsenal.

Moreover, Giuly competed for his country on the international stage, earning 17 caps during a five-year span. There he led France to the 2003 FIFA Confederations Cup, playing alongside his teammate Thierry Henry.

Who Are Ludovic Giuly Parents?

Ludovic Giuly thinks highly of his parents, who have been his inspiration and motivation from his early days.

Ludovic’s father, Dominique Giuly, was born in the village of Zalana in Corsica on November 1, 1953.

Guily, a former goalkeeper, briefly played professional soccer for Sporting Club Bastiais before pursuing an amateur career until the age of 32 with various clubs in the suburbs of Lyon.

Dominique, however, started his managerial career at the age of 59 with MDA Chasselay in French National 2-D Division. He also remained there as Vice-President and Director of Football from 2015 to 2020.

Ludovic Giuly With His Father Dominique Giuly And Son Enzo
Ludovic Giuly With His Father Dominique Giuly And Son Enzo (Source:

After spending 41 years at the club and setting himself as a very important figure in Mont d’Or Anse Foot, Giuly then joined the recruitment unit of Lyon La Duchère in 2020.

Currently, he is on a scout team for Football Bourg-en-Bresse Péronnas 01 in French National Division.

Moreover, the information regarding his mother is not available as the soccer star, with his father, is seemingly private about his personal life.

Ludovic Giuly Origin & Ethnicity

The former soccer player comes from a unique ethnic background that combines various cultures.

Giuly was born in Lyon, France, and spent the majority of his professional playing career in France.

Ludovic’s mother is originally from Oran, a port city in northwest Algeria known as the birthplace of rai folk music.

However, his father hails from Zalana, a French commune located in the departmental district of Haute-Corse and the territory of the collectivity of Corsica.

Ludovic Giuly With His Mother
Ludovic Giuly With His Mother (Source: Facebook)

Ludovic also played a segment of his international career with non-FIFA affiliated side Corsica.

Even though they come from diverse backgrounds and ethnicities, the Giuly family values each other’s cultural traditions greatly.

In 2018, the soccer star visited Oran with his mother and family and posted a photo on Facebook with the caption “Back to the roots.”

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