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Maria Taylor is one such Journalist who currently works for NBC Sports and previously worked with ESPN as well as the SEC Network. She is an African-American-origin woman breaking ground in journalism. Following in the passage forged by the ones before her.

Being a woman is an arduous task. Moreover, what women face on a day-to-day basis is something men don’t and really never will.

Add a woman of color, and the story is even more adverse. The situation seems to change drastically in recent years.

Maria Taylor
Maria Taylor (Source: Pinterest)

With more and more diversity emerging in every field in the present times, journalism is one such occupation that is teeming with diversity and is flourishing well.

Likewise, Maria Taylor, a young sideline reporter, is someone to look out for in the coming times. Indeed, this article discusses the life of the reporter hailing from Georgia (U.S.).

Added to that, we will dive into her early years, body measurements, career, net worth, and current relationship status. So stick around and enjoy the read!

Quick Facts| Maria Taylor

Full Name Suzette Maria Taylor
Birth Date May 12, 1987 
Birth Place Alpharetta, Georgia, U.S.
Nick Name Maria
Religion Undefined
Nationality American
Ethnicity Black
Education Centennial High School; University of Georgia
Horoscope Taurus
Father’s Name Steve Taylor
Mother’s Name Suzette Taylor
Siblings None
Age 37 Years Old
Height 6’2″ (1.88 m)
Weight 60 kg (132 lbs)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Body Measurement 36-24-36 inches
Married Yes
Husband Rodney Blackstock
Children None
Profession Sports Analyst, Host
Net Worth $2 million
Salary $87,885
Affiliations ESPN, SEC Network
Active Since 2009
Social Media Instagram, Twitter
Merch Mic
Last Update June, 2024

Maria Taylor Wiki-Bio | Early Life, Education & Parents

Suzette Maria Taylor, professionally Maria Taylor, is a native of Alpharetta, Georgia (U.S.), and was born to Suzette Taylor and Steve Taylor.

Moreover, she was born on May 12, 1987, and is supposedly the only child born in the Taylor household.

Also, it is obvious that the analyst is an American citizen and is a proud woman of African-American descent.

Further, Taylor attended Centennial High School and has been an avid sports lover since she was a wee child.

Early Life
A young Maria Taylor during a high school volleyball match (Source: Wikipedia)

With her admission to Centennial, Maria made sure to pursue what she was fond of and was quite successful along the way.

In like manner, the African-American has a collection of accolades and recognitions to attest that she was a crackerjack at it.

For instance, Taylor is the recipient of the Atlanta Tip-Off Team of the Year, a Fulton County Scholar-Athlete of the Year, and a three-time All-Region selection.

Additionally, she received Offensive MVP recognition in high school and an All-State during her senior year.

Due to her commendable sporting successes, USA Volleyball Junior National A2 Team named Maria one of its members in 2004.

Eventually, these accomplishments helped her land a graduate opportunity at the University of Georgia on an athletic scholarship.

Maria Taylor, Education
Maria Taylor’s alma mater (Source: Gettyimages)

In like manner, the Alpharetta native gave continuation to basketball and volleyball and went on to be a member of All-SEC volleyball throughout her stay at the University.

While at the university, Taylor maintained her participation in the US Volleyball Junior A2 team.

Similarly, as her college career neared its end, Maria landed fourth place in the number of careers kills by 1729 and total points by 2020.

Despite not opting for a professional career, her passion for sports transitioned into being an analyst, and that’s probably the reason why the Georgian is so concise and articulated as a reporter.

Maria Taylor | Age, Height, & Body Measurements

Born in 1987 makes, her 37 years old at present.

Frankly, 37 is considered the prime age for any journalist as they come with relevant experience in the field through internship and collegiate opportunities.

At the prime age, the reporter has the ability, motive, drive, and hunger to prove and cement their place in the network or lay the groundwork for potential employers. It is all dependent on one’s passion and communication skills.

Body Measurements
Maria Taylor, After A Quick Jog. (Source: Instagram)

Moving on, Maria is a rather tall lady standing at the height of 6’2″ (1.88 m), easily towering over her colleagues.

No wonder she was in college volleyball and basketball, totally attributed to her incredible stature.

Similarly, the sports analyst weighs a proper 60 kg (132 lb).

Maria Taylor | Career: Sports Analyst

Before she landed a big gig, Maria worked as a reporter for IMG College while still in her college years.

In the meantime, the soon-to-be sportscaster made several guest spots on SEC Men’s Basketball Tonight, Sports Nite, and Dawg Report.

Likewise, Taylor covered Saturday-night primetime college football telecast for ESPN2 as well as the Orange Bowl, reporting the same two years in a row.

Besides, the Alpharetta native was an analyst for NCAA Women’s Basketball Shows and Tournaments.

Subsequently, after handling everything dealt to her, Maria rose in popularity, and many broadcasting companies were eyeing to sign her.

Further, SEC Network earned her services in 2014 and appointed her as a college football reporter.

Alongside Brent Musburger and Jesse Palmer, Taylor fulfilled her hosting duties with utmost elegance.

After which, she had an opportunity to fill in as an analyst in other segments, most notably women’s volleyball and basketball.

Maria Taylor, Career
Maria Taylor Sideline Reporting (Source: Wikipedia)

On the contrary, in 2014, the Georgia-based sportscaster agreed to join as a reporter and host for ESPN’s College Gameday segment, filling instead of Samantha Ponder.

At the same time, Taylor covered the playoffs between Georgia and Oklahoma Universities.

In 2018, the network also assigned her the hosting duties for College Football Playoff National Championship between Alabama and Georgia Universities.

Apart from these, Taylor enjoys time at ABC network as a sideline reporter covering the Saturday Night football matches and the assistance of Chris Fowler and Kirk Herbstreit.

Why is Maria Taylor a Professional?

Being a sportscaster is not an easy job, and seriously, Maria Taylor makes it seem quite easy. When I say that, it’s crystal clear through the 2018 Nick Saban, Maria Taylor interview. 

To illustrate, while Maria covered Alabama’s 51-14 win over Louisville, she had taken an interview with coach Nick Saban.

As the interview progressed, Maria questioned Saban about his quarterbacks, Jalen Hurts and Tua Tagovailoa.

However, Saban had a heated response that dropped awkwardness on television.

Even though Taylor showed her elegance and moved to the other questions swiftly and happily, that moment, a few minutes of talk sprouted, bought disgust for Nick Saban

Eventually, the news outbroke and gave criticism to Nick. 

Altogether, Nick Saban did apologize for his behavior towards Taylor. Apparently, when Taylor was on “The Paul Finebaum Show,” she also stated she was fine with it.

“I’ve been yelled at by coaches since I was 12 years old playing AAU basketball. Do you know what I mean? I’ve been called everything under the sun, and by any coach, you can imagine. So it didn’t really affect me in that way. I understand that coaches get heated at times, and there are things they don’t really want to talk about. As a sideline reporter, you’re in the line of fire, and I just got lit up once. And that’s fine. And I received a call from Saban even before I got to the highway leaving the stadium. That’s how passionate he was about getting the apology out. And I’m so thankful, and I respect him for making that call.”
-Maria Taylor

Maria Taylor Net Worth | Salary & Income

In particular, Maria has been working as a reporter for over a decade and, in this period and surprisingly, amassed a stunning $2 million net worth.

During her career, the African-American sportscaster worked for ESPN, so she likely earned a significant sum.

Accordingly, sources reported that Taylor pockets about $87,885 as an annual average salary.

Further, upon contract renewal, there was a considerable upgrade to her wages, so assumably her net worth will be on the rise in a few years.

Net Worth
Maria Taylor, During One Of Her Vacations. (Source: Instagram)

Additionally, As a result of her coverage of women’s sports and various other channels, her income could increase.

Likewise, a deal with ESPN reportedly sees Maria walk away with a whopping $100k per year for serving as a sideline reporter.

Most importantly, the Georgian is living an exquisite lifestyle, which is given because of her mouth-watering income.

Nonetheless, Maria is as giving as anyone can be. In other words, the sportscaster indulges in several humanitarian works from time to time.

For instance, The Winning Edge Leadership Academy is one of the social service organizations Taylor actively endorses.

The organization aims to uplift women by inculcating leadership qualities, specifically those belonging to the minority.

Maria Taylor Relationship Status | Husband & Wedding

Indeed, an African-American sportscaster is a married woman. The man who managed to steal the beautiful Journalist’s heart is none other than Rodney Blackstock.

In the same way, the two first met while enjoying the game against Charlotte Hornets back in 2014. Also, Rodney made an effort to have a conversation.

Simultaneously, the two exchanged numbers and texted each other often. None were aware that love was blooming between them.

Maria Taylor, Wedding
Maria Taylor Exchanging Vows With Rodney Blackstock (Source: Pinterest)

At one point, Taylor remarked that she felt weak in the knees when she first laid eyes on him and had a “that’s the one” feeling.

Thereafter, Rodney and Maria started dating, and eight months later, the former popped the question. It came as a no-brainer to the sportscaster.

They were to be wedded couples in June 2016, although both agreed that things were moving too soon, and wedding bells had to wait for some time to ring.

During a hike somewhere in L.A., Rodney planned a special proposal with a flower-embellished halo ring. This time she said yes and was ready to take a step towards a happily married life.

Eventually, on May 5, 2019, the couple was bound in holy matrimony in a romantic venue at the Hilton Sandestin located in Destin, Florida, that overlooked the ocean.

Likewise, Maria donned a lovely gown by Eve of Milady for an all-white-themed wedding.

Some FAQs:

Did Maria Taylor leave ESPN?

As our sources say, after working there for some time, yes, Maria Taylor left ESPN after failing to reach a contract extension. 

Where is Maria Taylor working now?

According to the current information we have, Maria Taylor is currently working for NBC Sports.

What’s between Maria Taylor and comedian Rickey Smiley?

Maria Taylor and comedian Rickey Smiley are good friends, and back about their 2015 stuff, Maria was seen promoting his show, “Rickey Smiley For Real.” In the meantime, they were also rumored to be dating. However, it is all discussed in that show’s episode. 

Why does Maria Taylor always wear sneakers?

As explained by Maria Taylor herself, sneakers are like her trademark, and as she is already 6 feet 2 inches, that makes her more confident. 

What did Rachel Nichols say about Maria Taylor?

Rachel Nichols passed racial comments about Maria Taylor’s NBA Finals hosting duties. She said that Maria Taylor was promoted because she is black.

Later, Nichols was removed from NBA coverage on  ESPN, and her show “The Jump” was also canceled.

Whose picture was mistaken for Maria Taylor by NPR?

NPR mistakenly used a photo of ESPN reporter Kimberley Martin in their article while reporting about Maria Taylor.

What did Jalen Rose’s daughter say about Maria and Rachel controversy?

Jalen Rose‘s daughter Mariah Rose claimed that Rachel Nichols got her job at ESPN through nepotism. Likewise, she also said that Rachel should have shown her anger at ESPN rather than Maria Taylor.

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