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Marshall Plumlee is an NBA G League superstar who later left his career as a basketball player to join the army. Indeed, Marshall is a champ and an inspiration to many as he chose a path that made Americans proud of him.

Do you know why Marshall Plumlee is considered a true patriarch, a hero? If not, stick with us until this article ends to see the answer.

Currently, Marshall serves as an active Army Ranger in the United States.

Marshall Plumlee in Duke.
Marshall Plumlee. (Source: NBA News)

He became famous for Duke Blue Devils’ Men’s basketball team. After completing his education, he got the chance to be part NBA.

 Today, we dive deep into the life of Marshall; here, we discuss his personal and professional life without excluding anything worth mentioning.

Let’s get started with the quick facts.

Quick Facts

Full name Marshal Harrison Plumlee
Known as Marshall Plumlee
Birthplace July 14, 1992
Birthdate West Lafayette, Indiana, United States
Nationality American
Sun Sign Cancer
Age 31
Father’s Name Millard Perky Plumlee
Mother’s Name Leslie Plumlee
Siblings Madeleine Plumlee (Sister)
Miles Plumlee (Brother)
Mason Plumlee (Brother)
Education Christ School 
Duke University
Marital status Unmarried
Relationship status Single
Height 7 feet (213 cm)
Weight 113 kg (250 lbs.)
Body type Athletic
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Profession United States Army Ranger-Qualified infantry office
Basketball player
Position  Center
Affiliation  National Basketball Association (NBA)
Debut 2016
Last appearance in NBA 2018
NBA Draft 2016  / Undrafted
Currently Working as Army
Net worth $1 million
Achievements 2015 NCAA champion 
Social Media  Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter
Merch  Trading Card
Last Update May, 2024

Marshall Plumlee: Early Life 

On July 14, 1992, Marshall Plumlee was born in West Lafayette, Indiana, in the United States.

He was born to proud Millard Perky Plumlee (father) and Leslie Plumlee (mother). He has two famous elder brothers named Miles Plumlee and Mason Plumlee.

Similarly, he has a sister named Madeleine Plumlee. She also follows in his brother’s footsteps and is active in sports.

Madeleine is playing volleyball at the University of Notre Dame, Indiana.

About Marshall’s family, his father was a former basketball player. He was a player at the Tennessee Technological University.

Similarly, his mom is no less, and she was a basketball player who played basketball in the women’s division, a team of NCAA Division I and Big 10 Conference.

Marshall Plumlee in National Team.
Marshall Plumlee, In The National Team. (Source: NBA News)

Besides, his mother had even set the school rebound record, scoring 25 in a single game.

Both his parents met each other at a basketball camp in 1979. Growing up in a basketball family, they automatically developed an interest in basketball. So, basketball is in the gene of the whole family. 

Marshall had a fantastic childhood as he belonged to a well-off family. His parents were always supportive and provided him with everything he wanted.

They were Marshall’s pillars as they permitted him to do whatever he wanted and stood by his side no matter what.


Marshall’s parents and his grandfather Albert Bud Schultz was also basketball player at Michigan Technological University in 1944.

Likewise, his uncles, William Schultz and Chad Schultz were basketball players at Wisconsin-Eau Claire. Indeed, the whole family is full of basketball players.

Marshall Plumlee: High School Career

Marshall played basketball in Christ School in Arden, North Carolina, for four years.

While representing his school, he even won four state championships. Out of his two brothers, he was the only brother to do so.

Marshall’s per-game record was 2.1 in his first year in Christ School.

Plumlee completed his first year with a 34–2 record. He also had a 50–41 win over Greensboro Day in the North Carolina state championship game.

After gaining three inches in height during the summer, his basketball career gave him more chances and more playing time.

Besides, he averaged 3.4 points, 3.1 rebounds, and 1.3 blocks per game in his senior year.

Plumlee led his team to second place in the North Carolina basketball state championship.

Marshall’s school won the NCISAA Private School state championship game against Ravenscroft.

Marshall ended the season at 37–2 with a victory over Charlotte Christian. After that, his school won the NCISAA Private School state championship thrice.

At that time, he became everyone’s favorite and started getting more attention in college.

Marshall and his team finished the season at 32–5, again winning against Charlotte Christian.

In 2011, Marshall also participated in the 2011 McDonald’s All-American Game. He has even won Gatorade Player of the Year.

Marshall Plumlee: Duke University

Marshall’s elder brother went to Duke University, and he is the disciplined brother who followed his brother’s steps and joined Duke University.

As he belonged to one renowned family in sports, joining Duke made many headlines. Most sports websites regarded this decision positively. ESPN even ranked him #36th in the entire country.

Marshall Plumlee as army.
Marshall Plumlee Dressed As An Army Bidding A Final Goodbye To His Basketball Career. (Source: Duke Basketball Report)

Art Chansky also referred to Marshall as a borderline top 50 prospect in Duke. In 2011. He was one of the participants in a five-player recruiting class.

Marshall debuted in 2012; at that time, his brother was also on the same team. However, he could not play his first season due to a fracture in his foot.

Marshall played for only 8.5 minutes per game in 30 matches in his first year. As he was a junior, he was given limited playtime.

In his senior year, Marshall changed his game plan and became a steady defender. Plumlee performed well throughout his career; in the final year, he was made team captain.

Band Of Brothers: Mason, Miles, And Marshall Plumlee Make NBA History

For NBA fans, Warsaw is perhaps the most important as it is home to the Plumlee brothers.
Portland Plumlee hasn’t stopped playing since the Trail Blazers visited the New York Knicks at 4:30 pm. In many ways, Tuesday concludes an unlikely journey that began years ago on this Warsaw doorstep. Mason (Blazers), Miles (Milwaukee Bucks), and Marshall (Knicks) are the first trio of brothers to play together in the NBA since John, Brent, and Drew Barry in 1997-2000.

“It’s different,” Mason said. “You see a lot of twins, a lot of brothers in the league. But it’s crazy to have both my brothers here, to have all three of us playing simultaneously. It’s a lot of fun.”

Marshall lagged behind his older brothers due to the age gap and was a late bloomer, but by middle school, he had developed into a respectable player.

Mason and Miles are still active players, and Marshall is the only one pursuing a different path in life with a different perspective.

Marshall Plumlee: Professional Career

Every player dreams of being a part of the NBA, and Marshall was no exception, but unfortunately, he went undrafted in the 2016 NBA draft.

But, he did not lose hope, and he joined the New York Knicks for the NBA Summer League.

On July 8, 2016, Marshall was signed by New York Kinks. He was assigned to NBA Development League many times during his rookie season.

Finally, Marshall’s dream came true, and in the 2016 winter, he debuted in the NBA against the Atlanta Hawks.

In his first match with the Knicks, he scored a rebound he committed a foul in five minutes of his game. A year later, in 2017, Marshall was waived by Knicks.

However, that break was not for a long time, as two months after being waived, the Los Angeles Clippers signed him on September 27, 2017.

But he could not perform much there, so they waived him after one month of hiring. He appeared in four games, and that too preseason.

Likewise, in 2018 Milwaukee Bucks and Marshall got into a two-way contract. Throughout the season, he distributed his time between the Milwaukee Bucks and their NBA G League affiliate, the Wisconsin Herd.

National Team

Marshall had been a college basketball player or NBA G League Player; he had also been a national team player and represented his country.

Moreover, during the 2017 FIBA America Cup, he was on the American team and successfully booked a gold medal in the game.

From Basketball Player To Army

Marshall was doing good; he was young and could have done better in the future. But that was not satisfying Marshall, and he wanted to do more. He wanted to become a platoon leader.

So, he decided to join the army. However, it was a tough call as he convinced his family. Anyone would consider it foolish to leave a flying career and join something in which you have no expertise.

But his family did not fuss about his decision and supported him.

While Marshall was young, history classes and war movies were his favorite. So, those were what inspired him to be in the army. Mike Krzyzewski, aka Robert Brown, was a mentor or Marshall.

He had not given up his career as a basketball player until that time, but after eight games for the Milwaukee Bucks, he finally decided he was leaving basketball.

Marshall Plumlee on the court
Marshall Plumlee On The Court (Source: Pinterest)

Marshall finally clinched the satisfaction after he served in the army. Serving the nation never felt like work to him. Finally, in 2019, he signed up in Ranger School at Fort Benning, Georgia.

Joining the world’s uncompromising military service was not easy for him, but he was determined to do whatever it took to be a part of it.

After two months of immense hardworking Marshall got a place in the military.

The training was not only about running; exercise is comprised of direct-fire battles, dangerous missions, and engaging in close combat.

Ranger School gave him a different world perception and showed him the mirror. He then learned what he could do and what he was capable of doing.


Even though he was in training, he had not left basketball. After the training, he got involved in another eight games for the Milwaukee Bucks and finally decided to quit basketball.

While serving as a military officer, Marshall never felt like it was a burden to him. He felt like he was made for it. Marshall switched to the army because he was made for it.

It is not that he is not appreciative of what he got from NBA; he got his name and fame from it, and it is close to his heart. But the military is something that gave him happiness.

Currently, Marshall is working as an active on-duty Army Ranger-Qualified infantry officer for the United States.

Marshall Plumlee: Net Worth 

It is expected that Marshall has earned a net worth of $1 million.

Besides, if he hadn’t left NBA, there were chances he would have earned more than what he is making now.

Marshall Plumlee, family.
The Plumlee Family. (Source: Instagram)

But what is essential is Marshall’s happiness, which is in serving the nation rather than earning more money.

Latest Update Of 2024

Marshall Plumlee is 7 feet tall and stands out in the formation. It also helps that he played in his NBA and was in the 75th Ranger Regiment, and now he has his school at Harvard on the list.

This professional basketball player-turned-Army Ranger is now going to Harvard (Source: Instagram)
This Professional Basketball Player-Turned-Army Ranger Is Now Going To Harvard (Source: Instagram)

Social Media Presence

Marshall is young and very much into social media and loves sharing his daily life there.

He is active on  Instagram and has around 58.9k followers. He shares his training videos, gymming videos, and family pictures there.

About Twitter, he has around 40.4k followers there.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is Marshall Plumlee doing these days?

After working as an Army Ranger-Qualified infantry officer in the United States Army, Marshall is now at Harvard University in 2024.

Is Marshall tallest among the Plumlee brothers?

Yes, Marshall is the tallest. He stands at 7 feet while his brothers Miles and Mason stand at 6 feet 11 inches.

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