Matthew Stafford Religion: Is He Jewish Or Christian? Family Ethnicity

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The Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford follows Christianity as his religion. The Stafford family has always taken the festival period as a way of giving back to the community. 

Since, joining the NFL, and even before it, Matthew Stafford has made sure to make Christmas a memorable time for families. In the past, Matthew and his wife, Kelly, have adopted families. 

Though it looks like Matthew is a Christian, he has never outright talked about his faith. The NFL player is also one of those who has always been vocal about social-political issues. 

The Rams QB Matthew Stafford Greets The Fans After The Game Against Seahawks
The Rams QB Matthew Stafford Greets The Fans After The Game Against Seahawks (Source: Instagram)

The Super Bowl LVI Champion, Matthew Stafford, spent the first 12 years of his NFL career at Detroit Lions. And he won his first Super Bowl title the very season he was traded.

Last week against the Saints, Matthew created history, becoming the first Rams quarterback to throw for at least two touchdowns with no interceptions in four consecutive games. After the contest, Matthew said they earned the opportunity to be at this point.

Matthew Stafford Religion: Is He Jewish Or Christian?

The Rams QB Matthew Stafford is believed to be a follower of Christianity religion. His wife, Kelly Stafford, has recently shared several pictures of them getting into the festive spirits of Christmas.

A man who has kept himself away from social media in this day and age, many describe Matthew as a very private person. An article from ESPN in 2016 stated that the NFL player has a curious mind. 

ESPN shared that Matthew read books on different religions and loves to expand his point of view. When Matthew reads a book, and if he likes it, he will recommend it to his close friends. 

Matthew Stafford Pictured With His Family Supporting The Angel City FC
Matthew Stafford Pictured With His Family Supporting The Angel City FC (Source: Instagram)

Matthew’s wife, Kelly, has previously shared several pictures of the family celebrating festivals like Christmas. This year, the Stafford family started their Christmas celebration early with a scavenger hunt. 

Previously, the Stafford family has made sure to make the festive time a way of giving back to the people. For several years, Matthew and his wife have been adopting families during Christmas.

In 2018, they celebrated their Christmas with three families going through a difficult time. They took time to visit a lady working at an elementary school. Another family consisted of a dad and three boys who had lost their mom to cancer in October. 

Giving back to the community was something Matthew and Kelly learned from their families at a young age. As a kid, Matthew’s family would celebrate Thanksgiving by delivering Meals on Wheels. 

Matthew Stafford On Social Issues 

Matthew has also been one of the vocal players in the NFL to speak up on racism and police brutality. In 2020, he wrote an article in The Players Tribune titled, “We Can’t Just Stick to Football.”

Stafford wrote that deep down inside, no matter what political party people support or what we do for a living, we know that police brutality, white privilege, and racism are all real. 

He further wrote it was time for people to stop pretending, defending, or closing their eyes on what was happening.

When many players and celebrities shy away from speaking up on social-political topics by saying they aren’t educated enough, the Rams player has used his platform for the greater good. 

Matthew Stafford Family: His Father Is A Former Athlete  

The Super Bowl champion Matthew Stafford comes from a Caucasian family. Stafford was born in Tampa, Florida, but grew up in Highland Park, Texas.

Matthew and John Stafford’s youngest child, Matthew, has an older sister named Page Stafford. The Rams leading man got his athletic genes from his father, John Stafford.

A former swimmer, John swam at Florida State University and was later a graduate assistant coach at the University of Georgia. 

Matthew Stafford Pictured With His Parents, John, And Margaret Stafford Earlier This Year In April
Matthew Stafford Pictured With His Parents, John And Margaret Stafford, Earlier This Year In April (Source: Instagram)

He then became head coach at Bolles from 1972 to 1976 and head coach at Florida State from 1977 to 1983. But later in life, John left coaching to start an insurance business in Florida. 

Earlier this year, in April, John won the national championship in the 1000 freestyle. He also participated in the 500 freestyle, with Matthew serving as his counter. 

John’s return to swimming began in 2021, but he had a setback after suffering from a minor heart attack. But the doctors gave him the green light to continue his passion. 

Matthew Stafford Married Life With Wife Kelly 

Matthew Stafford met the love of his life while at the University of Georgia. Their love life wasn’t always rosy, with Kelly explaining they went back and forth there for a little bit with the love-hate.

During an interview, Kelly even revealed that she dated Matthew’s back-up to get his attention. But the messy start to their relationship turned into a lifelong partnership as they tied the knot in 2015. 

Today, the couple is parent to four kids, including twins. Matthew and Kelly welcomed twins Sawyer and Chandler in 2017. A year later, they welcomed their third child, Hunter, and in 2020, their fourth child, Tyler.

The football couple Matthew and Kelly have been each other’s rock during challenging times. In 2019, Kelly was diagnosed with a brain tumor, which was surgically removed that same year.

The Rams QB Matthew Stafford Pictured With Wife, Kelly, And Their Four Daughters
The Rams QB Matthew Stafford Pictured With Wife, Kelly, And Their Four Daughters (Source: Instagram)

Earlier this year, Kelly had to take to social media to clarify she wasn’t suffering from cancer. Kelly had discussed her health issues in her podcast, but a few journalists spun her words and wrote a controversial headline.

All and all, the Stafford family is one of the cutest families in the league who have used their platform to give back to the community and spread joy in others’ lives. 

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