Michael Fassbender Sister: Who Is Catherine Fassbender?

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Michael Fassbender, a renowned actor and motorsport enthusiast, has an elder sister, Catherine Fassbender. 

In contrast to his career, Catherine has made a name for herself in Neuropsychology. She is an accomplished neuropsychologist with a Ph.D.

The professional actor has time and again credited his elder sister for empowering him. He is also grateful for every other woman’s impact on his life.

Michael Fassbender Posing With A LV Sweater
Michael Fassbender Posing With A LV Sweater (Source: The New York Times Style Magazine)

Michael Fassbender is a renowned Irish-German actor and racing driver born on April 2, 1977. He is predominantly known as an actor.

When he was cast in a play at the age of 17, he realized his dream of becoming an actor. He later left his home at the age of 19 to join the Drama Centre London.

The multitalented actor started his journey in acting with a television miniseries in 2001. But Michael made his remarkable mark through his acting in 2008 with his role as IRA volunteer Bobby Sands.

Overall, the renowned actor has four BAFTA Awards, three Golden Globes and was nominated for Academy Awards twice.

Besides, he has also a keen interest in motorsport. The actor started racing in May 2017 in the Ferrari Challenge’s Coppa Shell.

Apart from his acting career, Michael has also maintained an impressive career in motorsport.

Michael Fassbender Sister: Who Is Catherine Fassbender?

Josef and Adele Fassbender had two children, including Michael Fassbender. Michael grew up with his elder sister, Catherine Fassbender.

Despite being born in Heidelberg, Germany, the brother-sister duo was moved and raised in County Kerry, Ireland, in 1979.

Michael Fassbender Neuropsychologist Sister
Michael Fassbender Neuropsychologist Sister (Source: Facebook)

His sister, Catherine, is four years older than him. Therefore, she played a crucial role in shaping his future as he looked up to his elder sister.

The versatile actor still credits his elder sister for teaching him about empowering and respecting women. He expressed his sister was the one who nurtured him and made him look at women through a new perspective from an early age.

After these many years, the brother and sister still share a close connection. As mentioned by Michael, his sister still occasionally organizes surprise birthday parties for her brother.

Additionally, he was seen with his elder sister Catherine on the Golden Globes as his partner.

Who Is Catherine Fassbender?

Like every other parent, their parents also wanted them to have a degree and a respectable job. However, Michael had a different plan and followed his dreams of becoming an actor.

On the other hand, his elder sister finished her BA in Psychology from University College Dublin in 1999 and became a distinguished neuropsychologist.

Michael Fassbender Sister
Michael Fassbender Sister (Source: DCU School of Psychology)

Catherine Fassbender is a single mother. She has two sons and currently works as an Assistant professor in Psychology at the School of Psychology, Dublin City University.

Moreover, she is also a member of the DCU Anti-Bullying Centre.

All of his elder sister’s accomplishments have always motivated and inspired Michael to never give up on anything.

Apart from his elder sister, Michael is also grateful to every other woman, including his grandmother, mother, and wife, for shaping his life.

Michael Fassbender: Domestic Abuse Allegations

Despite being Michael’s first film after 2019, many people have not received the teaser trailer of the upcoming movie “The Killer” with a positive response.

Instead, it has become an opportunity for people to talk about disturbing abuse allegations faced by Michael in 2010.

These allegations were filed by his ex-girlfriend, Sunawin, in March 2010. However, Michael has no comments about the accusations to date.

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