Michael Jordan Kids: Everything About Them

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A page illustration would not be justified on one of the most decorated players in NBA history, Michael Jordan. The star basketballer of the ’90s is a perfect combination of an artist and an athlete.

Michael Jordan remains a ‘homebody’ and fun dad for his five kids despite the fame. The basketball legend does not shy away from boasting his babies’ achievements but always manages to remain discreet. 

Nevertheless, we fans are very curious to know where his kids are. Therefore, here is everything you need to know about MJ’s kids and their respective career choices. 

Michael Jordan's son Jeffrey Jordan
Michael Jordan with both of his sons

Father of Five Kids 

As mentioned earlier, Michael Jordan has always been private regarding his personal life. Well, you might question what secrets when he is already an apple to many eyes, a treasured idol achieving the unachievable. 

However, the giant athlete is indeed a secretive father of five kids. He welcomed his first three little ones Jasmine, Jeffrey, and Marcus, with his first wife, and later had twin babies Victoria and Ysabel Jordan with his second wife.

Although MJ is famous as an athlete and a successful businessman, he’s just a dad and homebody for his kids. Thus, let’s look more into their lives. 

First Child From First Marriage, Jeffrey Michael 

Among Michael Jordan’s kids, born first to Jordan and his first wife, Juanita Vanoy, on November 18, 1988, Jeffrey Michael enjoyed a fun childhood. 

Although his parents were divorced, they had shared custody of him and his two younger siblings, Marcus and Jasmine Jordan.

Furthermore, Jeffrey Michael became national media attention after three of his high school games were shown nationally on ESPN in 2007. 

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Jeffrey later graduated from Loyola Academy, receiving a scholarship. He was also enrolled as a preferred walk-on by Penn State, University of Illinois, and enrolled at Loyola as a psychology major with an academic scholarship. 

Jeffrey eldest son later received a full athletic scholarship but left the University of Illinois’ basketball team to focus on school. 

Jeffrey Jordan And Basketball 

When Michael Jordan’s first wife, Vanoy, was pregnant with their first child, he didn’t believe he was his son and confirmed paternity within a few months. 

Besides the trust factor, MJ’s son, Jeffery, proved to be his son, not once but many times, through his NBA career as well as philanthropic acts.

Aforementioned, Jeffery played basketball with his University team but withdrew from his team to focus on his career besides basketball. 

However, Jeffrey resumed his basketball journey but decided not to pursue it as his career. His dad, Michael, would occasionally show up to games and give him advice.

Jeffrey not only shares basketball genes with his dad but also inherited his competitive nature. 

Basketball became an integral part of the Jordan family, and his mother had to ban the Jordan siblings from playing one-on-one.

Jeffrey, Co-founder of “Heir Jordan”

The former American basketball player Jeffrey is the co-founder of Heir Jordan, a philanthropic foundation alongside his younger brother, Marcus Jordan. The foundation focuses on investment and philanthropy. 

Jeffrey works for the Jordan brand at Nike, where he leads the brand’s digital innovation.

While talking with Forbes, Air Jordan’s eldest son revealed that his role is to conceptualize and test new technologies, trends, and platforms to enhance their campaigns’ marketing power and cohesiveness. 

The oldest Jordan further clarified that his job answers the “How-to” questions and uses exciting digital trends to tell brand stories.” 

Likewise, Jeffrey also aids in continuing the Jordan legacy as a co-founder of Jordan Avakian Group, a mentoring and investing with sports/entertainment startups. 

Besides conquering careerwise, Jeffrey is a married man and tied knot with Radina Aneva in 2019. Although Jeffery’s Instagram looks like a complete ode to his father, he occasionally shares pictures of his beloved wife. 

A screengrab from Radina's Instagram account
A screengrab from Radina’s Instagram account

Jeffrey Jordan’s net worth is pretty substantial through business, a Jordan heir, and several philanthropic ventures. 

Well, Jeffery Jordan is very close to his father and has a strong bond with his siblings.

MJ’s Second Child, Marcus Jordan

Marcus Jordan, born on December 24, 1990, is an American former college basketball star for UCF Knights men’s basketball team. 

The second oldest kid of the retired Hall of fame basketball star, Marcus, followed his father’s footsteps in college like his older brother. However, the internet never stopped comparing and made an argument, “Marcus is a better player than Jordan.”   

Marcus played basketball at the University of Central Florida in Florida. He was in the final year of a five-year contract with Adidas during his freshman year at UCF but insisted on wearing Nike Air Jordan out of loyalty to his father. 

Similar to Marcus’ brother, Jeffrey, he departed the team in January 2010. He continued his studies at the college for a career away from NBA after that. 

Marcus was Described as “Very Animated and Uncooperative” 

There is always more than hoops in the Jordan family; why would anyone expect anything else? But with Marcus Jordan, there was much more than just hoops but loyalty to his father. 

As mentioned earlier, Marcus Jordan joined the UCF basketball team; however, during the UCF exhibition, he refused to change his Nike Air Jordan to show his loyalty to Nike. 

Consequently, Adidas got concerned and ended the sponsorship contract with UCF. Furthermore, according to Bleacher Report, the termination of the contract cost the school its $3 million deal. 

Thanks to Marcus, UCF still managed to bag multiple victories and successes despite the massive loss. However, Marcus had trouble with his university and was arrested in Omaha due to a ‘disturbance outside a downtown.’ 

Michael Jordan's son Marcus Jordan
 Marcus Jordan played basketball during his college years like his older brother. Hence, the comparison became inevitable.

Furthermore, the authorities described the young Jordan as ‘very animated, intoxicated, and uncooperative.” Also, it appears it took more than one police officer to handcuff him, and he was booked for resisting arrest, obstructing, and disorderly conduct. 

Well, Marcus has now ended his college basketball career and started his venture. 

Marcus, CEO of Trophy Room 

Marcus’ LinkedIn reveals he graduated with a hospitality administration/management degree from the University of Central Florida in 2013. 

He serves as the founder and CEO of Trophy Room, a Jordan-inspired sneakers boutique.

Well, the initiation of the boutique was not frown-immune, which translates to his father, Michael Jordan’s ‘NO.’ Originally located in Orlando’s Disneyland, the shop has since moved online. 

Marcus Jordan’s Trophy Room’s web presence showers some idea of what will be an offer, i.e., vintage sneakers, accessories, and designer T-shirts featuring circa 2010. 

Furthermore, the former UCF Knights basketball player recently planned to open a retail shrine to his father in downtown Orlando.

He is relocating the Trophy Room to the Modera Central apartment building at East Pine Street and South Rosalind Avenue. 

Jasmine Mickael Jordan Did Not Believe Her Father Was Famous 

The feeling of being tricked when you’re a legend’s kid always remains fresh.

Likewise is the story of Michael Jordan’s oldest daughter, Jasmine Jordan, who did not understand the scope of her father’s career INITIALLY. 

While talking to InStyle in 2018, Jasmine said, ‘he was ‘dad.’ and that was it. It wasn’t until her pre-teen at about 12 or 13 years old that she clinched onto Youtube and searched “Michael Jordan” just to discover why everyone was so obsessed.

Michael Jordan's daughter Jasmine Mickael Jordan
Jasmine did not believe her father was famous until she was a teen.

Jasmine further added, being told, “You’re so lucky to have Michael Jordan as a dad” by her classmates. She recalls being questioned, “what it was like,” and answering,” he’s my dad.”

“Jasmine questioned her father, “why do you think you’re the greatest?” and he’d laugh. 

When talking about her father, Jasmine revealed that she and her dad are very much alike, homebodies and private people.

She further added that her father just so happened to choose a profession made for the public eye. She further nudged the people won’t catch him in NYC or LA unless it is for business. Jasmine states FACTS. 

Jasmine also revealed that she is a combination of her brothers, Jeffrey, a homebody, and Marcus, who doesn’t mind showing up to a party or doing interviews. 

As of now, the confused little girl has grown up into a beautiful woman and has started her career. 

Exceptionally Down-to-earth, Jasmine Mickael Jordan 

Born to Michael Jordan and Juanita Vanoy on December 7, 1992, Jasmine Michael Jordan grew up modestly. As anyone would guess, her life would be flashy, but to everyone’s surprise, she’s kept a low profile. 

Jasmine attended public school in Chicago and attended Syracuse University to attain a degree in sports management.

As of now, she works as a field representative for the Nike Jordan brand. She helped with the design, colorways, and direction of the Jordan Heiress collection, which dropped back in 2017.

Furthermore, when Jasmine is not at Nike’s headquarters, she works with the Hornets, Michael Jordan’s NBA team. 

While in an interview with InStyle, Jasmine talked about working as a basketball operations coordinator for the Charlotte Hornets for four seasons. 

However, she currently represents some of the Hornet Jordan players, Kemba Walker, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Dwayne Bacon, to name a few. 

Being Michael Jordan’s daughter comes with many people’s assumptions, but Jasmine is very down-to-earth. So naturally, therefore, she believes she is her father’s daughter and, undeniably, is a person of her own.

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Jasmine M. Jordan, Married to Rakeem Christmas

Jasmine excelled in her career and landed in a very healthy relationship with NBA player Rakeem Christmas. 

The couple announced their engagement with Jasmine flaunting her beautiful diamond ring and enthusiastic post via Twitter in 2018. Both Jordan and Christmas attended Syracuse and graduated with a degree in sports management. 

Thus, after years of knowing one another, the pair finally got engaged in 2018 and welcomed a baby boy in 2019.

Jasmine Jordan's boyfriend Rakeem Christmas
Jasmine Jordan got engaged to her long-time boyfriend, Rakeem Christmas, in 2019.

Moreover, Jasmine recently celebrated a lavish bridal shower after expressing her wish to marry. However, the wish was crushed by the widespread pandemic. Nevertheless, NBA fans could witness another royal wedding soon. 

Motherhood Looks Great on Jasmine. 

As aforementioned, Jasmine M. Jordan got engaged to her long-time partner, Rakeem Christmas, and then she flaunted her diamond ring, the BEST. 

Likewise, Jasmine announced her pregnancy not long after her engagement and made papa Jordan the happiest. Jasmine and her fiance, a former Syracuse basketball star, gave birth to their son, Rakeem Michael, on Christmas in May 2019. 

The power duo announced their baby’s arrival via Instagram. Jordan shared a picture flaunting her tattooed finger and holding her newborn’s hand.

The new mama captioned, “Just In Time, I love you so,” followed by a hashtag, 1stMothersDay. 

A Screeshot from Jasmine's Instagram Handle
A Screenshot from Jasmine’s Instagram Handle

On the other hand, Jasmine Jordan’s partner, Christmas, confirmed the news in a “Family Guy” style, a cartoon of himself, Jasmine, and their baby wearing a No. 25 Syracuse basketball jersey. 

The proud mama also writes  “Mother” in her bio, and it seems like motherhood has shined brighter on her.

Rakeem and Jasmine announced their pregnancy on Christmas Day. Not to mention, Michael Jordan’s grandson had an excellent baby shower before his arrival. 

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Michael Jordan’s Twin Babies With Wife Yvette Prieto 

The NBA goliath shared his youngest kids, too, twins with his current wife, Yvette Prieto. The pair got married in 2013 in the presence of his oldest kids. 

Despite his prolific career, Michael notoriously keeps his life private. However, a few pieces of news cannot be secret. 

Michael Jordan’s twin daughters were born on February 9, 2020. According to People, Yvette gave birth to identical twin daughters, Victoria and Ysabel Jordan, on Sunday in West Palm Beach, Fla. 

Spokeswoman Estee Portnoy confirmed that Yvette and the babies were doing well, and the Jordan family was overwhelmed at their arrival. 

Michael and Yvette Jordan had announced the pregnancy in November, although they never revealed that they were expecting twins. 

The 14-time All-Star and five-time league MVP, Michael Jordan, is widely known as a secretive person who refrains from sharing any of his twin daughters’ pictures. But, understandably enough, he might want his babies to have a normal lifestyle. 

Nevertheless, Michael Jordan’s kids are very tightly packed, and the sibling bond is way more alluring.

Besides Jordan’s young twins, all three of his babies are determined to continue the Jordan legacy and are working hands-in-hands.

Furthermore, Michael Jordan’s kids have learned to perfectly compartmentalize their personal and professional lives.  

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